Opposites of TooHot Climates

The opposite of warm is cold
but what lies in-between?

The opposite of friction is fusion
and Earth’s living systems evolve in-between.

The opposite of Capitalist Empire Building,
with military industrialized full-investment strength,
is Earth Cooperative Paradise,
flowing fusion of fertile fulfillments,
in-between ego competition monopoly games
and eco-centered global cooperative ownership,
where competitions of EitherOr economic deduction
revisit cooperations of BothAnd political seductions
to ecopolitically define love
as at best and most optimally present
within active cooperative ownership,
interdependent multicultural governance,
polypathic LeftYang-RightYin fusing climate within
as Left-Western Capitalism-Right Eastern Creolization
fusing economic and politically cooperative networks,
matriarchal/patriarchal balancing creation stories

The opposite of competition’s too-hot
is ice-fused cold paralysis,
but what and when and where and who and how to
flow nutritionally in-between?


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