ReStoring OurSelves

“In restoring the land, I restore myself.”
Franz Dolp

We long ago started bilateral tree balancing information
for mind and land restoration structures.

We noticed trees in an old secular commodified above ground way
and also a new-old sacred below Earth
bicameral Way.

Trunk and competing ambidextrous branches
of economic and political multiculturing productions
produce industrious creolizing leaves,
breathing in yang light
to breathe out yin-fractal RNA energy
of, and yet also for,
root systemic regenerativity.

Bilateral hierarchical competitive
and yet also reverse-hierarchical cooperative
trees and shrubs and grasses
creating and recreating flowers and polyculturing seeds
with Earth’s water and humus
eco-rooting more than mere cheerleader omnipotent support.

We noticed matriarchally cooperative root systems
understand above ground care-receiving
from a cooperatively dominant care-giving
nurturing understory;
a more nutritional perspective.

Without us,
said cooperatively-owned and -managed on-line networkers
you patriarchal trunks and competing to WinWin cooperate branches
are ecopolitically nothing.
You come from RNA and newer DNA wombs
of embryonic matriarchal enrichment
into a World Without Walls promise
of Earth’s integrity.

And so
the most robust patriarchal flowers,
confronted by growing climates and cultures of pathology,
listened for their underground seedling children’s futures
to these root systemic
nurturing sisters
and feminist brothers
and the vast polyphonic voices in-between bilateral polarities,
and saw this Tree ReStoration must become
our sacred understory
of regenerative forest creation
within this,
our ecopolitically healthy,
Matriarchal Sacred Hypothesis-Right
and Patriarchal Secular Thesis-Left.

LeftBrain dominates language development
with Either/Or
Win/Lose scientific deductive hypotheses
as RightBrain cooperates healthy nurturance
for WinWin
BothAnd sacred ecosystemic optimization,
like a horizontal tree,
with branches and leaves strong LeftYang producers
and cooperative matriarchal Elder root DNA systems
mutual flowing bilateral YinYin Right consumers,
notnot polyphonic octaves of health
co-measuring polypathic values for wealth.

It started with an 800 year old Tree
of Industrial Goods and Evils,
to end with an 8,000 year old tree
of cooperative-competitive humanity
living together with
in Earth
as one of Her most grace-filled sacred Tribes
for 80,000 regenerating landscape restorations more,
integrity of bicameral mind’s PromiseTree.





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