Growing Organic Happiness

Mature and robust and resonant happiness,
like true wealth,
is made,
seldom simply found.

Happiness, spiritual gratitude,
unlike material wealth,
cannot be inherited by legal right.

like mental health,
and unlike cognitive-affective dissonance,
cannot be owned,
yet works best when shared,
cooperatively governed,
and can be as positively illusory and fleeting
as chronic stress can be negatively delusional,
like Robert Pirsig’s “gumption trap.”

Happiness is the currency of love,
as blossoms are to healthy
and trusting
and cooperative root systems.

Why is this as difficult to grasp
and hold onto,
this ultimate ecopolitical and psychological power
of healthy love,
spirit of cooperative gratitude
for Earth’s richly paid-forward Grace,
as it is easy to dwell on the fear and angry hated distrustful roots
of dissonance
and decay
and decadence
and decomposition?

Why would WinWin ecopolitics of happiness
grow any less dominant
than WinLose suboptimization
of integrity’s great and small transitional promise?

Why either LeftBrain successful outcomes
or RightBrain lovely happiness incomes?

Why Economic rationality
or EcoLogical sacred sanity?

Oh right,
I recall
here at last,
Mature and robust and resonant happiness,
like true wealth,
is cooperatively made,
seldom simply found.


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