Harvesting What We Plant

We have grown accustomed
to Business As Usual
Yang dominant ways
to teach kids
to live egocentrically apart.

We also have Old School
Yin recessive ways
to listen to children
teach each Sacred Other
how to love ecocentrically

Yang alone
is about WinLose
Either/Or evolution
competing against
other competitors.

While Yang with Yin
is WinWin
Both/And revolution
for cooperative evolution
with GoldenRule Others.

We have transporting systems
and communication metasystems
as we have memories of past
meeting imaginations for futures
together, yet apart.

We have musings, amusements, and musical
Left with Right transport systems
and beloved, loved, and eco-dancing lived
DNA eco-light and ego-dualdark
RightBrain restorative resonant systems,
Tipping Points
bilaterally co-arising ZeroZones.

Transporting ZeroZone resilience
is our long-term communication
WinWin undertaking
overtaking competing WinLose governance
of ego- and eco-centers.

Cooperatively transporting
restorative justice projects
invites new health-care communications,
feedback systems
about more resilient purposes
communicating Left-Right
Ego-Eco nuanced
WinWin stretching approaches
building better health care governance.

We might prefer governments
transporting and mentoring trust
creating PositivEnergy Democracy
communication systems
eco-inclusive co-investments
in neighborhood cooperative projects
empowering family health-coinvestments
empowering WinWin transporting communications.

We have BusinessAsUsual
Yang governing ways
to malform Left-and-Right mindbody balancing kids
to live LeftBrain dominantly apart.

We also have OldSchool natural-spiritual cooperative
Yin recessive transporting ways
to listen to WinWin imaginations
teach each secularLeft-sacredRight
resiliently co-investing Other
how to love ecosystemically
aMusively Left with Right


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