Designing Healthier Spaces

I would offer an interior
and exterior landscaping contract
to facilitate multicultural designs
for restoring Mother Earth’s ecotherapeutic justice,
within each and every ZeroZone of space
and HereNow time,
dear voiceless
and effluently timeless Yin,

But I doubt you will hear this as our optimal WinWin relationship,
given your current repressed lack of status
as Earth’s polycultural peace and justice loser
in ZeroSum economies
of Yin must lose commitments to non-violent integrity
for my left brain dominant Yang to ego-win,
and for the foreseeable threatening
toxic future.

Hearing no positive deviant psychological response,
I would offer to facilitate your WinWin property healthing climate game,
but I doubt you would become ego-absorbed
in game integrity theories
or non-recursive absence
of reiterative excommunicating theses,

Although, perhaps we share a still small impassioned light
for compassion’s ecstasies of experience
remembered from our dual dark nonsectarian space
EarthWomb’s original matriarchal yin-flow environmental place
filled with integral nurturing strings
and streams of DNA umbilical wave-linear structures,

Strictures inviting phenomenally wealthy WinWin neural experience,
where left brain consciousness will eventually speak
compassion’s right brain interdependent neural perception networks
bi-lateral Yang inhaling with Yin exhalation
as healthy ego predicts internal wealthy eco-climates
through ancient maternal therapeutic designing memories
of when Yin has progenitor been
more Yang universal out
multiculturally landscaped
than unitarian
polyculturally enriched within.


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