Healthy EcoPolitics

“Diversity is to Unity
as Strength is to Power”
said Speaker Pelosi

To democratic LeftBrain economic Identity
investing a self-assured shout-out
to RightBrain’s ecosystemic political Integrity,
when most interactively stunning.

cacophonous money
overflows an overpowering partisan swamp
while climate health feminists
popcorn-style erupt
into MeToo personally victimized
testicular testimonials

About our neighborhood middle school’s
public health viral defense budget
supporting an integral bicameral curriculum
advocating for our most robust deep listening
wealthy democracy outcomes

co-investments in green ecopolitics,
and studiously self-managed ecosystems
embracing resilient,
regenerative wealth
of multicultural solidarity networks
by further expanding nonviolent communion

Of health and safe wealth
green eco-political systems
compassionately supporting
co-empathic win/win
deep learning skills

Gratefully anticipating
that LeftBrain dominant Identity
will now give more than a
“Bad partisan weather we’re divisively having”
a polite impersonal wave
to RightBrain’s sacred ecofeminist Integrity

Responsively hoping
for our strong economic health
actively greeting
Earth’s powerfully uniting political wealth

ReConnecting healthy voices

Social Identity embraces cultural Integrity
as Diversity speaks up for democratic Unity
as economic Strength
co-invests in Powerful political choices


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