Health Systems Grow Relationships

like wind and respiration energy,
like climate and cultural integrity,
like social and economic co-invested synergy,
are not tangible individually identifiable
autonomously definable Things,

Systems are made of naturally wealthy,
and continue for spiritually healthy, Relationships,
whether win/lose or win/win,

And so, systems are not easily available
embraced for merely deductive
LeftBrain dominant processing,

Either truly healthy
Or falsely pathological

Of fertile evolving Both/And change
And more doubtful win/lose paralysis.

democratically healthy
and more PatriCapitalist
autocratically pathological,
are more resonantly nuanced
in-between medians,
double-boundary means
and narrow win/win ways
of and for
restoring indigenous EarthJust syntheses.

Resilient constellations
of win/win organic relationships
felt before heard,
wounded before healed,
blindly heard before seen

Including inter-reconnecting sacred communion
of Eastern bodhisattvas
and Western green cooperative messiahs

Before we were PatriCapitalist communities
longing to return
to co-passionate global Win/Win
golden rule communication

Empowering and enlightening
difficult dialogue
Cooperatively appositional
nonviolent miscommunicants
severating back in time
from forth
into Earth’s healthy revolving

Devolving nihilistic Lose/Lose
discommunicating chaos.

does not a complex binomial system
nondualistically make
naturally healthy
and spiritually wealthy
or re-indigenously wise.


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