Muse Practice

Music practice,
when I was a wounded child,
felt too redundantly mundane,
yet never merely quite ordinary,
especially within a band
or chorus learning environment

For restoring spiritual
natural health,
compassionately co-invested.

as an adult wounded child,
I repeated this same
redundantly mundane
Business As Not Quite Usual
multicultural community mediation practice
reassuring ritual

Especially within a sacred
nonviolent nature/spirit communication
health optimizing Win/Win integral remuneration
expanding EarthJustice progress
processes not win/lose patriarchal culture
please get it off my chest
still struggling with capitalist questions
How do multi-mediating clients
harmonically co-invest?

Musicians musing EarthHealth remediations
feel free to sing out loud
our EarthMuse restoring inclinations
recycling dipolar co-arising precipitations
by winning outside GoldenRules
for cooperative muse
outside music camp vacation
ecotherapeutic anticipations

Left credible

And Right awesomely

Together transubstantiating
integrity’s potential synchronizing
principles of indigenous reverse
spirited nature bi-harmonizing

Natural music’s symphony
enspiriting muse epiphany
extending back and forth
in and out
down and up
Left EarthPowers
and Right SkyLights
healing non-pathology

nondualistic co-winging
Thoughts of Muses
EarthSystemic Music.


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