It’s Hard to be Green

It’s hard to be Green
in a Red v Blue drama scene

Hard to be heard
and seen
when the Blues
say the Reds
are too mean
and the Reds
find the Blues
too liberally obscene

It’s hard to be Green
when political business
is about capital investment debate
and not how to ecosystemically abate
the invasion of our hate
amid failure of our late
climatic Anthropocene.

It’s hard to be Green
and seen
in a Red v Blue debate
about sharing our ballistic toys
with other militarized girls and boys
who believe we are safer to be mean
than to plant a spring garden
of polyculturally healthy cuisine.

It’s hard to be cooperatively Green
in a Win or Lose
Red or Blues debate
about who is most worthy
to trust
not to covertly lust
for powers bending the minds
and chilling the hearts
and killing the home
of our late Great Transitioning
unearthly mean
formerly Green

It’s hard to grow Green
humbly in-between
apartisan unseen.


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