Taoist Commons of Perma-Passioned Design

Mindful justice and compassion emerge together, not necessarily compassion from justice, or justice from compassion–both evolve together in each culture, like a culture growing across time.

Both justice and compassion emerge from essential human relationships of equity and balanced power with Other, anchored in the universal (0) soul we share, in the same sense that we share RNA across all living cells. Compassion and justice are most abundantly incarnated when they remain balanced between confluence and diversity. Too much confluence breeds totalitarianism; too much dissonance brings a level of individualistic human entitlement enculturation that results in our marginal comfort/discomfort controversies about power deposits, inequities, “power-over” intentions, and concentrated marginalization, and growing inequities, concerns about the future and “hidden” agendas of competitive, exclusionary intent, slowly emerging from their closets.

By way of contrast with this cacophony, our diverse and healthy “Commons” permaculture leans toward cooperative solidarity and inclusiveness when planning, and designing, and using, and harvesting, and planting, and maintaining ecosystems. Abundant healthy “private” culture leans toward self-challenging, stretching solidarity, a type of interdependent diastasis within an encultured spacetime-string. Solidarity and team-building are normative for the Permaculture Generation when planning our messages, homes, and vocations. Our Formative Principle of Polycultural Complementarity includes the functional optimization process beginning with mindful awareness (noticing), yielding facilitation, yielding mentoring, yielding replication, yielding positive-cooperative subordination to the Commons we regenerate together.

In PermaCultural Design, aboriginal cultures, metaphysics, teleology and theology, there is this question, or expectation, usually implied, of Original Intent. This question is more primordial, assumed, enthymematic to the question of life’s meaning or purpose. Original Intent goes back to mindfully discerning the infrastructure of meaning and the purposes we practice, and learned prior to our bicameral capacity for ethical intelligence.

Dr. Robert Norton (Communication & Consequences: Laws of Interaction) refers to the communication of our own Original Intent as enthymematic communication; it is richly, even optimally, effective and nutritious for building and maintaining relationships. Enthymematic means before the syllogism, or meme, or language. It is positively and integrally predicated without having historical explanatory (deductive) support. Without it, no hope for positive relationship emerges. This enthymematic Original Intent  diastatically embraces/embues a word, a message, with efficacy–the power of potentiated relationship. The projected right message for the right person at the right moment balances hope for future confluent response with positive teleological faith in a (0)-centric +SelfIdentity = (-)OtherIndividuation dipolar complementarity (see Julian Jaynes on the ethological and evolutionary function of symbol and language development; also David Abram, The Spell of the Sensuous).

Analogically conflating these diverse paradigms, they each suggest that the Original Intent of information and creation is gratitude as the essential response to the possibility, the hope, the grace the karma of positive/confluent relationship, connection, having a new power with Other. The opposite of gratitude can be non-violent intent, but lead to dissonance, dismay, and even violence within spacetime practice.  Violence and gratitude are mutually defining appositionals, as are confluence and dissonance, Yang and Yin, justice and compassion. Enthymematic communication is rooted in active hope and peace toward confluent power with another. Rich dialogical encultured strings of communication are positively expressed; radiating minimal  negative implications, assumptions, reaction, or intent. They tend to inclusively sweep in their analogical value family–similar models, metric systems of measurement and calculation, design elements, gestalts, coincidental scientific paradigms, and arts and humanities paradigms, into a re-ligioning constellation of Permacultural Enthymematic Awareness, graced ecologies of compassion underlie ecological economies of justice, yield further graced ecologies of positive hope, then faith, then love, then global positive teleological comprehension of what our shared vocation has always been; what was originally intended.

Our positive ethical value system is rooted in the hope of mutual gratitude; active abstinence averse to dissonant violence, emerging from aptic non-violence [kind of a precameral positive-neutral-withdrawn position; the opposite of synaptic–see Julian Jaynes on the evolution of self-awareness out of an original undifferentiated aptic awareness, emotively and integrally (0)-value-centric  +/- neutral.] While non-violent communication is an important step toward inclusive effectiveness, recognizing its more explicated, positive, expression as active-peace (rooted in mutually prehensive grace) brings hope that my flowers are “Other’s” eisegetical flowers and “Other’s” weeds are exegetically known, mutually understood, as “my/our weeds.” We do our best when we all see our mess as doing the best we can to leave the mess behind.

Original Intent in human terms is gratitude. Original Intent in physical regenerative, creative, terminology is increasing harmony, or confluence, or therapy; which also decreases disease, dissonance, toxins, pathology, irrational anomaly, Left-brained dominance, but only to the point where the values of harmony and inclusive diversity are equally expressed as the bond of compassionate fairness, the best we can do within the relative imbalance of currently informed (+) Binomial RealTime, within (0)-soul Vector/Vortex Universal Magnetic Balanced SpaceTime. This is our positive teleological pilgrimage toward ecological and economic equity, where all polynomial information (P) equals implicated reverse-appositional predicated, but currently impossible to RealTime incarnate due to analogical irrationality, lack of confluent temporal-affective Codex  (NP).  We exegetically share these NP weeds and watering them is what we call insanity.

My family is stressed by the constant in-my-face neediness, in-my-ears loudness, in-my-heart oppositional expression of the Fetal Alcohol communication system with whom we live. The house shakes as she bounces hour after hour.

On the other hand, we also have the contrary grace of Angelman’s syndrome in our youngest son’s special practice of living in the present, not judging, but accepting with gratitude the presence of his family as a primal source of nurturing within his aptic nest of non-linguistic awareness. He is our resident guru of gratitude, nurturance, and well-being. When our daughter’s Fetal Alcohol is too much, we do well to spend extra time with my son’s ever-confluent presence, and do as he does.

Even so, too much internalizing of Yin-son’s aptic awareness could lead to an entropic state of hibernation, to affective withdrawal rather than the continual oscillation between the graced positive ecology of awareness and our genetic learning toward a re-balanced fair Commons of active tribal and globally-speciated peace. Learning to fly together, rather than fall, apart.






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