Singing Dance for Public/Private Health

What I care about
and what I am working
and even playing hard with
is better understanding what and how
we and Earth
communicate to and with each other,
regenerating mindbody health sometimes,
and yet degenerating pathological climates and subclimates,
ecopolitical chemistry puzzles and games,
systemic syndromes articulating wu wei
Tipping Points of MultiCultural ReGenerate Enthymemes.

Only up to half of effective human communication,
whether you talk or listen,
write or read,
or sing or dance or draw or sculpt or design or recreate,
or preferably all of the above,
is about word choice and language,
dialectal articulation
and successful transfer of accurately informing verbal messages
from a voice source to one or more ecosystemic receptors,
ears to linguistically and culturally hear
health v pathology of climatic autonomic feelings,
hopes and fears,
loves and angry-paranoid hates
and all complexities in-between these dipolarities of thinking/feeling.

The other half, or more, of communication and all that ecopolitical jazz
of dance and song,
is all about non-verbal context,
or/and natural climate,
or/and academic climate,
or/and political climate,
or/and economic climate,
or/and ecologically healthy historic-cultural climate,
or/and environment,
or/and medium of nature’s most regenerate messages
as positive over double-negative
double-binding eco-cosmological

In communications theory,
we often focus on sight,
on what we can see of speakers speaking
and listeners listening and watching and feeling and caring, or not;
smiles and frowns
ups and downs,
happy-health and pathological down messages,
positives and negatives,
and even humors of oxymoronic double-binding not-nots
within time’s naturally unfolding logic
with analogical ego’s aesthetic mindbody live-function/evil-dysfunction,

Evilive is when light-filled healthy
and dualdark equipoise equivalently balance co-arising Tipping Points
of bicamerally balanced ecoconsciousness
transforming into a deeper, more resonate, climate potential
of and for rich-dense-harmonic-octaved positives,
as physical/metaphysical long-term trending regenerate multicultural health.

Yet communication,
as Thich Nhat Hanh observes,
is a function of nutrition and health,
and/or malnourishment and pathology,
so optimized messages
are not only redundantly heard and seen,
but also sometimes smelled and tasted and remembered
and touched
and felt
ecoconsciously and/or autonomically,
intuitively in reverse-deductive time’s enthymematic reweaving deja vu,
back to matriarchal loving womb’s non-paranoid DNA-inspired compost,
as portentious of good and bad to follow,
especially lensed-framed-calculated-climatized-hypnotized-actively hopeful for future anthro-bicameral
polypathic regenerations of peaceful multiculturing love.

As Earth’s clouds of unknowing
predict rains of water and light’s fertile nurturance,
predict trees with organically networking ecopolitical health-development roots,
predict an anthrocentric world of paper
predicting Earth cloud’s most viral DNA-sympathetic, non-paranoid, messages,
predicting more loving health
and less hating pathologically trending climates of devolving change,
through lack of full-enthymematic octave-optimized timelessly classic communication on our Golden Rule Tribe’s part,
especially as song and tribal 4-step danced
and hopefully as analogical/ecologically balanced nutritional poetry.

I so hope
you can and will write and sing and dance this enlightenment poem
back to me
in any polypathic dialect
we could all ecologically comprehend
as another great rich message out to fellow Earth Tribes,
We know we made this mess,
and feel really really bad about it,
but we sing and dance and ecopoliticize cooperatively
and hope to get better with this Golden Rule
of light’s regenerative fertility
through stronger yet more flexible harmonic co-arising balance.

How do you follow your ecopolitical light,
and learn from our dualdark TippingPoint shadows?




Fuller Wattage Please!

Alan as Buckminster
delivers Fuller Watts.

Left-Brain partisans of deductive “prickles”
and Right-Brain partisans of inductive “goo”
have reduced their mutually antagonistic arguments
into something resembling a pile of boorish poo.

Prickly Republicans are tough-minded,
rigorous competitors,
precise calculators of economic wealth priorities.

Gooey Democrats are tender-minded romanticists
loving wide generalizations
and grand syntheses,
like this one,
so I guess we all know my enculturation history
and gooey ecological health proclivity.

Robert Norton
commends optimizing communication
between Prickly and Gooey,
and all the GooeyPricklies in between,
commence with Zero-Soul enthymemes
of nondual co-arising consciousness.

C. G. Jung
commends optimizing Great Transitional Revolutions
through historical-cultural enantiodromia,
the Tipping Point of co-arising cultural gravitation,
attaining our extreme Left-Brain dominant moment,
points where we begin to turn into its own deduced Midway,
of Left-Right co-arising bilateral consciousness,
that nomials are relational verbs,
coherently binomial
Convexly Yangish Prickle
with Concavely YinYin Goo.

Co-gravitating consciousness is positive polynomial
consciousness of nature’s intelligent in-formation,
confluent awareness,
including comprehension of cognitive/emotive dissonance
as emotional obscuration
is everything else we might know
as eco-identified Prime Zero-Relational
square-rooted fractal Soul.

Co-arising coincidence of experience and knowledge
redeems interdependent purpose-meaning assumptions
as reiteratively enthymematic enantiodromio dipolar syntax
evolves cooperatively confluent eco-normic in-formation forward,
as synergetics predicts and optimizes
coincidental Universal Intelligence outcomes
of inclusive diverse natures,
including PrickleGoo
as Yang/Yin bilaterally balancing space-time,
co-gravitationally comprehensive consciousness.

Relationship says Yes! positive
as double-binding mutual immunity
murmurs not-not yet…

PrickleGoo Co-Arise our Polycultural Revolution,
love your mutual antagonism as mutual self-immunity,
complete our universal unitarian speciating identity
of nature’s zero-soul prime ecto/endo symbiosis.

Ecotherapy is to ecological health
as Ego’s Co-PrickleGoo Balance is to eco-normic wealth.


Dr. A Wattson’s EC(O)-Arising Response

Double-binding Win-Win
nondual manifest destiny of health
as wealth of eco-consciousness,
like double-transparency of ecologic’s Yang,
with eco-normic YinYin-square-rooted
c-squared = e-squared = Language-squared,
Positive OVER AND WITH double-negative
subjective/objective Time’s decomposing binomials.

“Instead of giving our children
clear and explicit explanations
of the game-rules of the community,
we befuddle them hopelessly
because we–as adults–were once
so befuddled, and,
remaining so,
do not understand the [Win-Lose] game
we are playing.”
(Alan Watts)

“It is an attitude of [win-lose] scarcity,
not of [win-win] abundance,
that has led to the depletion of our natural commons.
Competition and the accumulation of more than one needs
are the natural response
to a perceived scarcity of resources.
The obscene overcomsumption and waste
of our society
arise from our poverty:
the deficit of being that afflicts
the discrete and separate self,
the scarcity of money
in an interest-based system,
the poverty of relationship
that comes from the severance
of our ties to community
and to nature,
the relentless pressure to do anything,
anything at all,
to make a living.”
(Charles Eisenstein)

A double-bind game
is a game with self-contradictory
win-win rules,
a game destined toward perpetual self transcen-dance–
like trying to invent
a perpetual-motion machine
in terms of Fullerian Synergetics.

The social double-bind game
can be phrased in several ways:

The first rule of this game
is it is not not a game.

Everyone must not not play.

You must not not love us.

You must go on not not polyculturally self-optimizing.

Be yourself, but play a deductively consistent
and inductively acceptable role.

Mentor your eco-self and be not unnatural.

Do not try to be not sincere.

Essentially, this game is a demand
for spontaneous behavior of certain “must”s.
being natural or sincere–
all these require a degree of balancing spontaneous forms
of co-operation, behavior:
they happen “of themselves”
like digesting food or growing hair.
As soon as they are not forced
they acquire that natural,
and “truth” atmosphere
which everyone explores–
strong and healthy
like flowers
and nutritious
like mature vine ripened wine
of wisdom.

Life and love generate effort,
but effort will not generate them.

in life,
in other people,
in Earth’s abundance,
as in oneself–
is the attitude of allowing the spontaneous
to be spontaneous,
in its own way
and in its own time.

Faith is always a gamble
because life itself is a win-win gambling game
with what must appear,
in the losing aspect of our game,
to be colossal stakes.
But to take the gamble
out of the game,
to try to make winning a sustained certainty,
is to achieve a certainty
which is indeed co-arising/decomposing life.

From this bicameral win-win double-binding view
of Project ReGenesis
as balanced harmonic-optimizing organic econsciousness,
imperative for death-through-life memory maintenance,
healthy sustenance
and identity fulfillment,
rather than lose-lose playing out
across an oppositional spectrum,
with appositional polarities of confluence
struggling with cognitive-deductive dissonance,
generically analogical,
both ecologically and economically,
more primally than secondary spaciated Language,
enculturing an oppositional spectrum
as Good v. eviL
mirroring ReGenetic Tree RightSideDown Root Systems
of Health/Wealth Live reversing Die.


Eisenstein quote is from p. 247, “Sacred Economics”, 2011, Evolver Editions.

The large majority of this piece reverses Alan Watts’ description of double-bind enculturation. The quote is from p. 73, “The Book On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are,” 1966, Vintage Books–1989 edition. The double-bind game rules and description are largely direct quotes (pp. 73-4) but in “reverse voice.” That is, I have reversed Watts’ description of Win-Lose ecological and cosmological assumptions, into Win-Win permacultural optimization principles, basically changing Watts’ positives into double-negatives, to reconvey his negative dissonance descriptors as a more neutrally Left-Right balancing experience of healthy systemic potential for confluence within dissonance. The end result seems to be appositionally confluent with Watts’ socioeconomic and cultural concern, while simultaneously unveiling the win-win potential hidden within lose-lose economic and cultural praxis, as so grimly outlined by Eisenstein (which is basically a solution-focused exposition, not to be missed by those looking for positive macroeconomic alternatives to Business As Usual)..


Earth’s Breath

Ego hears SuperEco’s universal exhalation,

natural explication.


Id-entity actively self-purges with each inhalation,

even through dissonant death’s hypothermic double-hinged boundary,

then emerges from inhaling information

to exhaling decomposition,

death and dissonance transcendent

polycultural Beloved Community Regenesis,

iconically liturgical within each human natured breath.


We are wise to be afraid of fear;

fear steals breath and kills as surely as evil is the absence of good.

Transforming fear of fear into human natured humor

heals crippling cultures of dismay.

Joy and laughter breathe more easily,

more gratefully,

more gracefully.


Love, absence of fear, measured time in breaths

and calculated historic space and cultural place by pace of race

long before human nature divorced Earth’s nature,

before bicamerally evolving brains divorced Left-Ego Self

from SuperEco Earth’s natural midway (0)-summed balance,

economic ecological function,

flowing information trends

and tipping points of grateful notice.


What we absorb from light and heat and breath,

from Einstein and Fuller and Bohm and de Chardin and Jaynes and Kuhn and Polanyi and Norton and Euler and Perelman and Thurston,

from Taoism and Panentheism and Cosmic-Mystic-Wisdom Christianity and Boddhisatvas,

is ours to share.

No more my property or yours

than I could ever own you

or you me.

We are coincidentally mutual mentors

or nature/spirit polycultural systems,

redeeming our cooperative investments in Beloved Climax Communities

and days and paradigms and breaths and fully diastatic heart-beats,

while also reaping karmic rewards for over-investing in Win-Lose

value-commodified competition

and extraction of SuperEco’s time-invested resources.


Whether totalitarian monocultural weedpatch socioeconomic culture

is what I breath in or out

or, more likely, some of both,

whether cognitive and emotional monopolistic dissonance

is my own

or my family’s or my neighbor’s,

whether decay and dismay and death-life-death cycles are personally identified

of comprehended as inclusively DNA/RNA-rooted back through regenerative time

to Elder species cousins and trees and sea and stardust plasmatic folds unfolding,

when I comprehend coincidental breathing

as EcoTherapeutic Praxis,

then I can feel and see and know and love and be with Earth as mutual mentor

unfolding, breathing in each moment I breath out,

we mentor with and as and through each other,

coincidental id-entity.


We are learning to organically compost our cultural flowers with our weeds,

ignoring our violent autocrats

by noticing our peace-filling absence of fear,

refusing to compete for their malignant attention

and maintenance of power,

inviting them to shared discernment silence,

echoing across our tribes and nations,

networked binary mirrors,

interdependent bicameral reiterations

of decomposing analysis

building permaculture designed Memory Trees of Reverse-Hierarchy,

mutual subsidiarity merging toward inclusive Win-Win outcomes,

Synergetic Root Systems for Climax Forests

optimally sustaining and maintaining life’s full-octaved harmony.


Explication, or universal exhalation, is Buckminster Fuller’s precession, dynamically, but also his more statically conceived convex fractal-crystal metaphysical (0) Core Vector. This Prime Vector, influenced by Euler’s math-as-relationship-function, is 4-prime equivalent spacetime, dynamically revolving torus-internal, concave-face, when optimally P=NP balanced.

Exhalation, precession toward diastatic fullness, is also analogically confluent with David Bohm’s Explicate Ordered sense-able, and therefore language-code-able Physical Universe.


Decomposition, or inhalation, is culturally centered in, and historically originates from:

Fuller’s TrimTab, tipping point, discernment and design process toward our sustainable diastatic synergetic harmony,

and Teilhard de Chardin’s Omega Point,

Bohm’s Implicate Order as Dark Prime Relationship Metasystemic String (0) soul Vortex Theorem of information and language development,

Julian Jaynes’ balanced bicameral deductive Left-hemisphere ethologically emerging from inductive Right-hemispheric information old-brain processing, ecologically evolving, human HereYangSpatial/NowYinTemporal-Aptic nature.


P = Positive Polynomial = +1 eletromagnetic QBit radiant e-function

NP = (-)(-) Polynomial = +/-(0)-Core Vector/Vortex QBit self-binding gravitational,

regeneratively binomial,

thermodynamically balancing

Implicate Universal Order of P=NP.


Man/Sha Legends

Earth Tribal Declaration of Interdependence

Dr. Owl, from the Treeology Department, drafted the Declaration of Interdependence, borrowing heavily from the nature-spirit traditions and Regenerative Systems Theory. Some cultural historians attribute the outbreak of the Green Revolution to the promulgation of her draft to the Assembly of Biospecies.


Green Revolution Declaration of Universal Grace Ecology, Economy, Treeology, etc., etc., etc.

Regenerative Systems Development Theorem

[Reverse Corollary of Cognitive Dissonance Theory and the Positive Deviance Conjecture that Polynomial Time = Non-Polynomial Information Codex -1 (C-Yin) = +0 (U-Yang)]

 We seem to die to regenerate toward flying together, like the stardust from which we emerged, and Gaia’s root systems rewoven within, reflecting what our bicameral minds have discovered evolving without; and not flying apart into disharmonious chaos and entropy and irrationality quite so awfully much.

We are a stardust Earth Tribe, of, by, and for sustaining all living systems and species.

We refuse to confine our lives within benighted and arbitrary death sentences and even whole paragraphs and paradigms.

After all, a creature’s a person,

no matter how small,

no matter how yet unborn or ancient,

no matter how marginal,

or insane,

or deviant,

or violent and suffering.

We are becoming aware that the opposite of life is chaos, dismay, decay, dissonance, entropy.

We are becoming aware the opposite of the absence of relationship,



is equity, beauty, dance, song,



merging toward, and from, a primally balanced relationship,

between Pre-Genetar Earth and Re-Genetive organic systems,

between God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Omega Point, Universal Intelligence, Original Intent and

Re-Connective Design Bicameral Processors,

between Earth’s Original Intent and meaning and

Future’s Universally Intelligent purpose,

between functioning effectively, and thermodynamically balanced energy frequencies, and growing awareness of natural polycultural form development,

between informing as Implicate Order and unraveling as Bohm’s Explicate Order,

or vice-versa, or all the above, depending on which end of the polar, elliptically and fractally revolving string you imagine standing on,

between air and water and fire,

between space and the flow of time,

balanced induction and deduction,

balanced concave and convex,

balanced feminine and masculine,

balancing our within and without,

our positive and negative,

our polynomial and non-polynomial information

in any binomial/binary metric system,

with 4-prime equi-dimensional fractaling/fusing/folding metric frequencies and rhythms,

inductive and deductive Janus-faced,

[+/-4QBit Implicated Octave = +/- (0) Soul Universal Prime Relationship Treeological String Theory],

Infinity Assumption of Balanced Tao.

Now, where was I, oh yes, coming back and in toward this Eternal Transition Moment, at the beginning of the 3rd Millennium,

We are a narrative encultured information-string metaphysically stretching back to the origins of RNA; Original Intent Coded for symbiotically regenerating life along a Positive Purposive Predication (or Golden Rule Ratio Assumption, if you prefer) of greatest diastatic full-breathed development through minimal competitive stress disorders, by exhaling negative air and values,

potential nutrients lost,

resources gone awry.

We are a Bicameral ReGenesis Project sowing seeds of permacultural cooperative, profoundly inclusive, balanced polycultures,

especially where we have created burgeoning monocultural messes and monopolies.

We are incubating our most long-sustained fertility in centered peaceful compost

between Left and Right hemispheres,

balancing away from Left-brained, deductive dominance,

balancing toward feminist power and masculine flexibility and nurturance,

balancing a long-term risk avoidant economy and a cost-effective preservation of Gaia’s ecosystems, well-seasoned optimization of Earth’s natural cycles,

like sap rising toward our branches in early spring, followed, in late fall, by the reverse rain of self-regenerative seeds scattered on the polycultured compost of mindful remembering and diversely inclusive compassion.

We are Earth’s Tree of Systemic Life, a Commons, held within our deepest (0)-sum ecology of gratitude,

especially for the winter’s of implicating, brewing, fermenting, precessive stillness,

predicating summer’s positive, actively incarnating production of leaves and flowers and fertile seeds.

We are developing naturally grown patterns and frequencies,

producing thriving, balanced interior and exterior landscapes,

minds with bodies,

and bodies with mindful communication systems and skills,

positive treeological practice and intent,

balancing East to West to East double-helixed Yin/Yang/Yin spacetime fractally-sequencing information revolutions.

We are watering and harvesting our flowers, worrying not so much about those dissonant weeds over there,

somewhere, anywhere, everywhere.

We are dancing in ever richer circles,

with less marching in ever-shrinking effractive markets.

We are a recycling fractal Human-Natured Tribe

deeply learning our emergent polycultured, bicameral, breathing EarthSelf Identity.

We remember, re-ligion, who we already are,

we reincarnate Eternal Moment’s meaning and purpose

(teleological conjecture of panentheism),

we are a YangCommons-balanced informing string stretching back, and in, and out,

to our Prime PreGenetive (0)-sum feminist YinVortex

discovering Yang Polynomial Time by uncovering Yin’s Not-Polynomial reversed/negative temporal, implicated primal order

(or the affective-temporal aptic stricture of pre-bicameral awareness, see Julian Jaynes on the ethological evolution of bicameral consciousness and iconic language).

We are a Bicameral Tribe with a shamanic conjecture:

Earth reveals, temporally uncovers, our Without,

Earth’s spacetime Original Intent awareness,

to teach us equity, peace, grace, and justice Within,

Bucky Fuller’s Universal Intelligence as a positively-trending information string,

our exegetical metaphysically encultured string theory of deductive development,

such as Bloom’s Taxonomy of sustained learning cycles,

and Robert Norton’s reiterating developmental cycles of enthymematic communication,

or both Eastern and Western alchemy

or octave harmony structures and stages of evolution,

or Tao as the water-nutrient system of the Tree of Life.

Awareness of Earth’s spacetime optimization of living systems

predicates therapeutic global redesign of natural systems,

paradised eternal moment projections Without,

as Earth revels with, and embraces, our human-natured Within:

EarthTribe’s slowly evolving manifest destiny,

now in our Great Turning,

declare our positive practice and Original Intention toward

(0)-summed, balanced, abundantly Win-Win regenerative system

for optimizing each peace-filled paradise-predicated moment,















What grows YangUp

to flower,

must also grow YinDown

to root

toward optimized permacultured compost,

positive nutrients and values

to design,


maintain and mature,



and re-seed

this ethology of paradise polyculturally revolving,

each season predicating the next,

reiterating our positive Original Intent

back, back to the (0)-seed vortexical beginning of spaciated time.

Man/Sha Legends

Dr. Taowl Delivers Commencement Reverie

Our children learn to deserve the parents they get, which is why parents deserve the children they raise.

We need each other less when we love each other more, for who we are now, of course, but also for who we are potentially, in the future. Not one or the other; both.

Because, whether we do, or do not, love our children, or anyone, regardless of species, whether currently alive or not yet, or already gone into their optimal potential, they will trust our actions and passivities regarding their potential value to us, and to themselves, while discarding our words on this subject, which primarily stimulate cognitive dissonance for any child; when not delivered with compassionate mindfulness.

A bit of wisdom from the elders has traditionally gone a a long way toward what is typically the end of a very short attention span.

What Taoists, and maybe other current and ancient spiritual/religious traditions, metrically and nominally presume is a Positive Teleological Faith, and its corollary, that we are intrinsically interdependent in a profoundly evolutionary way toward an Omega Point that strongly suggests, implies, predicts that we will arrive in the future back with our Original Intent. This has an intergenerational cyclic dynamic, our kids treating us with some echoing disdain, “I’m too busy trying to scheme my way toward a more leisurely, and preferably more richly abundant, future than I am about your future right this minute, so please go play amongst yourselves,” that came their way when they were maybe about the ages of 3 to 12, when we finally notice that they are going to be leaving us in a minute and our relationship habit-culture holes are already entrenched. Each generation wrestling to optimize our story by minimizing dissonant relationships, especially primal relationships, like

mother-child, as benign Mother Earth and benignly developing parasites

father-child, extended family,

oldest v. youngest child, middle child ,

intrinsic genetic traits such as regularity of heart beat and lung capacity

strength of eyesight, and foresight, more generally

affective responses to sensory input such as touch



smell, taste,

pain-suffering, mutual caress,

restraint, embrace

aptic sense of positive mutual confluence (especially pre-sight/sound) older-brained, pre-bicameral;

information default functions as +0 OVER (-)1.00% QBit dissonance, chaos, Implicate Order (D. Bohm),

unraveling RNA-strictured (or enthymematic, see Robert Norton and David Brenders “Communication & Consequences”) information string self-reproducing, regenetic becoming-pattern of in-forming.

If we assume bicameral information processors are binomially optimally self-organizing, then Polynomial information (P) equals Not-Polynomial information (NP) as Bohm’s Explicating Physical Order reverse balances our Dark Relationship “Black Hole” Implicately Disrelationshiping backdrop of balanced functional/dysfunctional reverse relationship; the negative face of Yin e-functional relationship in our 4-equidimensional Universe. Just imagine an audio-video file of your life in reverse, including those earliest seconds–OK, now that’s cognitive dissonance so maybe we don’t really want to go there–try staying within your DNA’s Interior Landscape–not imagining your parents naked. That’s just yucky.

(-)Not-Polynomial (NP) ex(information) = -1QBit NP/Yin = +0 QBit bi(polynomial +P)/Yang; these two prime QBits are reverse-elliptical (concave/convex–like the Yang/Yin icon).

Assuming 4-equidimensionally balanced spacetime +/- e-function: magnetic-dynamically balanced polar, or appositional, (+/-)0-souled [G. Perelman, W. Thurston, et. al. Group Theory] Prime Relationship. Defined as:

+.50% e-function Yang = -.50% e-dysfunctionally unraveling, reverse-revolving, Implied Sub-Prime Chaos with Harmonic Octaved e-frequency primal strictured Yin intuitive fractally regenetic hierarchical structure of 8-QBits/1 Q/Byte:

(-) 000     (+) 111

(-) 001     (+) 110

(-) 010     (+) 101

(-) 011     (+) 100

After all, thinking back on it, I can see how the messes I get into with my kids have played an Original Intent Teacher role to TrimTab my dissonant excesses and absences in my parental relationships,and how these predict our current issues arriving at an Omega Launching Point into an optimized sustainable global and personal future for my kids, our kids.

Did I say “my kids” out loud?


Well, good, maybe they will hear that as an apology and peace offering; as well as a congratulations and my gratitude for being such patient teachers. May they learn more than they have taught me. They will be wise in deed, and perhaps even wiser in their words. Although this is, of course, most difficult to imagine.


Taoist Commons of Perma-Passioned Design

Mindful justice and compassion emerge together, not necessarily compassion from justice, or justice from compassion–both evolve together in each culture, like a culture growing across time.

Both justice and compassion emerge from essential human relationships of equity and balanced power with Other, anchored in the universal (0) soul we share, in the same sense that we share RNA across all living cells. Compassion and justice are most abundantly incarnated when they remain balanced between confluence and diversity. Too much confluence breeds totalitarianism; too much dissonance brings a level of individualistic human entitlement enculturation that results in our marginal comfort/discomfort controversies about power deposits, inequities, “power-over” intentions, and concentrated marginalization, and growing inequities, concerns about the future and “hidden” agendas of competitive, exclusionary intent, slowly emerging from their closets.

By way of contrast with this cacophony, our diverse and healthy “Commons” permaculture leans toward cooperative solidarity and inclusiveness when planning, and designing, and using, and harvesting, and planting, and maintaining ecosystems. Abundant healthy “private” culture leans toward self-challenging, stretching solidarity, a type of interdependent diastasis within an encultured spacetime-string. Solidarity and team-building are normative for the Permaculture Generation when planning our messages, homes, and vocations. Our Formative Principle of Polycultural Complementarity includes the functional optimization process beginning with mindful awareness (noticing), yielding facilitation, yielding mentoring, yielding replication, yielding positive-cooperative subordination to the Commons we regenerate together.

In PermaCultural Design, aboriginal cultures, metaphysics, teleology and theology, there is this question, or expectation, usually implied, of Original Intent. This question is more primordial, assumed, enthymematic to the question of life’s meaning or purpose. Original Intent goes back to mindfully discerning the infrastructure of meaning and the purposes we practice, and learned prior to our bicameral capacity for ethical intelligence.

Dr. Robert Norton (Communication & Consequences: Laws of Interaction) refers to the communication of our own Original Intent as enthymematic communication; it is richly, even optimally, effective and nutritious for building and maintaining relationships. Enthymematic means before the syllogism, or meme, or language. It is positively and integrally predicated without having historical explanatory (deductive) support. Without it, no hope for positive relationship emerges. This enthymematic Original Intent  diastatically embraces/embues a word, a message, with efficacy–the power of potentiated relationship. The projected right message for the right person at the right moment balances hope for future confluent response with positive teleological faith in a (0)-centric +SelfIdentity = (-)OtherIndividuation dipolar complementarity (see Julian Jaynes on the ethological and evolutionary function of symbol and language development; also David Abram, The Spell of the Sensuous).

Analogically conflating these diverse paradigms, they each suggest that the Original Intent of information and creation is gratitude as the essential response to the possibility, the hope, the grace the karma of positive/confluent relationship, connection, having a new power with Other. The opposite of gratitude can be non-violent intent, but lead to dissonance, dismay, and even violence within spacetime practice.  Violence and gratitude are mutually defining appositionals, as are confluence and dissonance, Yang and Yin, justice and compassion. Enthymematic communication is rooted in active hope and peace toward confluent power with another. Rich dialogical encultured strings of communication are positively expressed; radiating minimal  negative implications, assumptions, reaction, or intent. They tend to inclusively sweep in their analogical value family–similar models, metric systems of measurement and calculation, design elements, gestalts, coincidental scientific paradigms, and arts and humanities paradigms, into a re-ligioning constellation of Permacultural Enthymematic Awareness, graced ecologies of compassion underlie ecological economies of justice, yield further graced ecologies of positive hope, then faith, then love, then global positive teleological comprehension of what our shared vocation has always been; what was originally intended.

Our positive ethical value system is rooted in the hope of mutual gratitude; active abstinence averse to dissonant violence, emerging from aptic non-violence [kind of a precameral positive-neutral-withdrawn position; the opposite of synaptic–see Julian Jaynes on the evolution of self-awareness out of an original undifferentiated aptic awareness, emotively and integrally (0)-value-centric  +/- neutral.] While non-violent communication is an important step toward inclusive effectiveness, recognizing its more explicated, positive, expression as active-peace (rooted in mutually prehensive grace) brings hope that my flowers are “Other’s” eisegetical flowers and “Other’s” weeds are exegetically known, mutually understood, as “my/our weeds.” We do our best when we all see our mess as doing the best we can to leave the mess behind.

Original Intent in human terms is gratitude. Original Intent in physical regenerative, creative, terminology is increasing harmony, or confluence, or therapy; which also decreases disease, dissonance, toxins, pathology, irrational anomaly, Left-brained dominance, but only to the point where the values of harmony and inclusive diversity are equally expressed as the bond of compassionate fairness, the best we can do within the relative imbalance of currently informed (+) Binomial RealTime, within (0)-soul Vector/Vortex Universal Magnetic Balanced SpaceTime. This is our positive teleological pilgrimage toward ecological and economic equity, where all polynomial information (P) equals implicated reverse-appositional predicated, but currently impossible to RealTime incarnate due to analogical irrationality, lack of confluent temporal-affective Codex  (NP).  We exegetically share these NP weeds and watering them is what we call insanity.

My family is stressed by the constant in-my-face neediness, in-my-ears loudness, in-my-heart oppositional expression of the Fetal Alcohol communication system with whom we live. The house shakes as she bounces hour after hour.

On the other hand, we also have the contrary grace of Angelman’s syndrome in our youngest son’s special practice of living in the present, not judging, but accepting with gratitude the presence of his family as a primal source of nurturing within his aptic nest of non-linguistic awareness. He is our resident guru of gratitude, nurturance, and well-being. When our daughter’s Fetal Alcohol is too much, we do well to spend extra time with my son’s ever-confluent presence, and do as he does.

Even so, too much internalizing of Yin-son’s aptic awareness could lead to an entropic state of hibernation, to affective withdrawal rather than the continual oscillation between the graced positive ecology of awareness and our genetic learning toward a re-balanced fair Commons of active tribal and globally-speciated peace. Learning to fly together, rather than fall, apart.





Man/Sha Legends

Professors Beaver and Peacock’s Sex Talk

Dr. Beaver: So, I am curious, what do Peacocks, over in the Philosophy Department, do for a good time?

Dr. Peacock: Not in that tone of voice. Too shrill.

Beaver: Sorry, didn’t mean to ask at you.

Peacock: That’s right. Deeper, down in your chest.

Beaver: What, are you an M.D. now?

Alright then, from my heart to your ears, what do you do for fun, if you don’t mind my asking such a bridge-building question.

P: Not at all, but I’m surprised you don’t already prehend that Peacocks lay graceggs, which is how the party gets started. But, the real fun begins as we regeneratively incubate them.

B: Oh yes, I can imagine you can become wickedly emphatic and synaptic with all that grand plotting going on.

In the Communications Department we have string building parties. Well, OK, occasionally producing an orgy of sustainable delight, but I’m not comfortable talking RNA, and all that.

P: Well I wish you were, we use those fertile string-forms in our graceggs for compost. But you guys never invested enough attention in regenerative string and graceggs, as I recall.

To bad, and ironic too, because we couldn’t hatch an egg in Philosophy if you guys hadn’t produced the book on Consonant Balance Principles of Interaction. Dr. Norton’s influence is enormous, for Peacocks, especially with the newer EcoMetaphysician strain.

B: Yes, well, we produce our most resilient strings on the more engineering and design side of Communications. Those Wellbeing Polydoctors are a little off their egg, or so it is eisegetically postulated by the Bridge Builders Guild.

P: Not to protect my own nest, but I think if they would remember that the best strings will someday be fertilizing our most abundantly organic graceggs, AND it is our graceggs that inspire their next generation of string polyculture, then maybe they would finally get it that it takes two to sustainably tango, if I may speak of dance and motion, graceful cooperation of pace and place.

B: I notice that rhetorical move into rhythm. What’s that about? Are you making deeper moves toward me?

P: I most urgently and widely hope so.