DiaLiturgical Dance of Time

We dance with the dreams of grandfather Sun,
we dream with the dreams of our grandmothers.

Spiritual practice shapes liturgical rites and steps of day,
Creative natural intent shapes linguistic flow and function of night,
invested with Elders emerging
from DNA’s RNA EarthTribal Codex Memory fields,
and atmospheric sea of swimming time.

Dreaming death without sting,
seeing creative system structures and forms
within and without
evolving and revolving.
Grasping recreating function,
reconnecting yet longing to hear recreating frequencies,
fearing dissonant force,
competitive Win-Lose shallow economic ecologies,
hoping and faithing and loving ReGenesis each new day of opportunity
and risk,
coincidentally karmic cause-effectiveness,
mentoring cooperative co-regeneration,
from when we each emerged,
back to densely nutritious diastatic Beloved Community
organic seeds of time’s eternal bi-directional unfolding
of appositively relational informating space.

ReGenesis does not speak before acting;
Genes only speak without knowing time.
Fill up Solar System’s silent apertures,
Close Grandmother Moon’s open systemic doors,
Dull Her smooth-structured double-boundaries
and limned edges,
Untie Her double-knotted tangles of power,
Soften Her polyculturally bleaching light,
Decompose, submerg Her dissonantly contentious periods of turmoil,
–This is compassionate Mystic Unitarian Seasonal Universal Intelligence.

Then love and hatred cannot change ReGenesis dancers and dreamers.
Profit and loss cannot overwhelm Ecological Cooperative Economics.
Honor and disgrace cannot change ReGenetic Time’s pace.
Therefore ReGenesis Age and Time is the eternally sustained
powerfully self-optimizing regenerator of both worlds,
Positively Polynomial Physical Universe,
and Not-Not Poynomial Metaphysically Ecological Universe.

Paraphrasing Rumi,
Casting off disdain for death and cognitive dissonance
we see that purgation is not the end
but only camouflage
for a ReGenesis dense organic decomposing womb,
eternal diurnal time of Future mutually grateful
to at long last belovedly embrace our past potential integrity of grace
as race’s well-worn synergetic enculturation,
spiraling back through revolutions of Yang/Yin balancing diurnal
liturgical time and spatial dance.


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