Catholic Daze

I recall
from Catholic seminal
seminary daze,

Frocked monastic gaze
vowed nerve-systemic chastity,
self-sacrificing poverty,
political obedience
to a Great StraightMale Master
of God’s paradise reclusive House
filled with sacred humane
Men’s Room Only vocations.

Yet I experienced these three
Green Commons commitments
in reverse Taoistic
NonZeroistic chronology
of sacramental EarthCentric interest:

Without fully embodying
sensory-neural obedience,
good faith
good humor
LeftBrain healthy secular Truth
as also
RightBrain safe sacred Beauty,

Then poverty of spirit
is a bitter
exploitive pill to
MonoCapitalistically swallow
before too many competitive weeks
and months pass anxiously by

Without neuro-sensory chastity
invoking my healthy regenerative compassion
only when informed
by universal climax wealth experience
of sacred
nature-spirited poverty
of co-invested
cooperatively creolizing Light
and Power;

Theologically ecological poverty
of StraightWhiteMale divinely-endowed
could best be re-invited
into WinWin cooperative co-investment
when transparently vulnerable
through healthy matriarchal prime Attachment,

Further reinforced
by post-pubescent
sensory-neural sacred climax
and praise,
silent awe
and verbalized
and verbalizing
and reverberating wonder,

Obedience to Taoistically balanced
ego-patrilinear LeftBrain verbalized
through nonviolently, multiculturally felt
healthy co-invested thrusts,

As also EcoWomanist
RightBrain sacred felt silence,
integral reception

Green cooperative unitarian communion

Deep listening for empowering
sacred information

Also enlightening
dusty secularized disobedience,
pathological need for win/lose subservience,
posturing as win/win obedient
Earth Healers,

Regenerative repairers
of active nonzeroistic healthy ego-hope
from EcoMotherly masters
vowing past
and present
and future
green/blue EarthWealth
revolving compassion.


SeedBearer Psalm

Holy EarthSpirit
is our seed bearer.

Our blue celestial universe
could lack nothing

In meadows of green sweetgrass
She enlightens repose.

Into living waters of recomposure
She bears then leads us;
There S/He revives Earth’s co-passioned soul.

She guides me
by polypaths of virtue
not forsaking Her sense-rooted story.

Though we pass through this gloom
doom river valley,
I fear no mountainous trauma;
Within me
your rooted integrity
and your well-seeded womb are here,
to hearten and enlighten us.

You prepare a wealth gardened table
between us
under the eyes of my predative
and hoarding enemies;

You anoint our capital driven values
with multicultural oil,
my catholic creolizing communion cup
brims cooperatively over.

Ah, how interfaith enlightenment
and empowerment pursue us,
every day and night of Earth’s living systems;

My home,
the recreation of ecowomanist
re-imaged Yahweh,

As long as Earth empowerment
revolves around Sun’s well-seeded Womb.


Dear Republican Disciples of God

Thanks for your letter
asking for a free Taoist consult
on how to bring God talk
and experience
back into our Monocultural Big Agri-MilitantIndustrialized Busyness Schools
and possibly our extended family lives,
on into our inside Holy of Holies,
our Climates of Polyphonic EarthSoul Health.

I do wish you had asked me
before giving Donald John the AntiChristian Evangelist
Anti-Trust of WinWin CoRedemptive Messianic Economies,
much less political cooperative-ownership empowerment
of a healthy-wealth Democracy Nation,
full CEO responsibilities
for bicamerally managing this important secular-sacred issue.

you seem to assume there is a constitutional legal issue
more than a psychological health-organizing question
but I’m not sure
it would be in your best interests
to continue with this assumption.

The first,
and really the only fundamentally healthy question,
for community, and family, organizers
looking for resilient long-term success
and resonantly inclusive spiritual depth

“What do these healthy folks,
their wealthiest plants,
their health-wealth place
in this sacred-secular time on Earth
What do we most want
to work on together–
more than anything else
we could love to imagine?”

So, it might be good to begin
with a smaller question for our students,
“Do you want to bring God back
into your school,
your family,
more than good health,
if you had to choose Win/Lose,
or maybe as Original WinWin Creator of GoodHealth?

Divine EarthSoul Producer and Consumer
of our deep learning environments,
our organic
and mutually holonic holy climates
of multiculturing discovery
creolizing co-empathic explorers,
disciples of God

WinWin planning and co-creating
regeneration and polypathic harvest
and polyphonically elegant performance outcomes
following and leading
with WinWin Golden Rules
and Ego/Eco Reiterating Ratios
Redundantly Resonant Resilience
of ZeroZone Permaculturing Design
for Restorative Global Ego/EcoJustice.

if your students are not on board
with this quest
as anyone who has parented a child
between ages of 2 and 200 knows,
we need not worry about any theoretical legal issues
when we have already lost our constituent opportunity to climatically succeed
because some wounded older students
are not yet predisposed toward gratitude for God
and/or good healthy pro-lifeline choices.

I suspect the large majority of students
and soldiers
especially in younger grade school years,
whether Christian or Agnostic,
Hindu or Atheist,
Buddhist or Taoist,
Zeroist or Zoroastrian,
Sufi or Rastafarian,
would probably find the idea of GodTalk
refreshingly the same as good healthy choices walks
liberating spirit-nature nondual experiences
co-arising talk with walk goodfaith aspirations
they still might have on a daily nondual EarthSoul internal basis,
whenever they take HolyMatrioticSpirit Time
to watch a sunrise reborn
or pray with setting vesper sun,
wherever young voiceless praise rises
invested in moon and starlight
or delight in surf sounds
of SisterWater surfing
sacred wind and holy warm rain,

These diurnal and seasonal ecology re-creation stories
can become excellent GoodNews theology
about natural and sacred health,
held together as Left-Right co-bilateral consciousness.

But, some will be scarred
and scared
by drawing attention to their GodTalk cognitive-affective differences,
felt in their unequal separations,
victims of predations,
wounded by don’t tell and don’t ask custody of creolizing curios eyes,
custody of naturally democratic-holonic polypathic ears.

For these,
in alliance with those already mentally healthy enough
for deep relearning NatureGodTalk
and EarthSoul co-arising experiences
in bicameral consciousness school
as in Sunday PositiveEnergy Democracy School
and Temple,
God and Allah and Brahman Sabbath,

You will find a consensus
in your favor,
bringing God back inside
our deep learning holy climate lives
Holy MatrioticSpirit innocent loves,
if we are each given the WinWin time and experiences we need
to discover what each student agrees
is what and/or whom they mean
when they use this phrase “ProLife God”.

For you,
God is Love
and you will probably not find any Win/Lose disagreement
across all monocultural belief systems
Except this might beg their question
for kids so damaged
they have not had sufficient experience
of nurturance
and nutrition,
ego and ecotherapeutic health,
internal knowing of just what exactly is love,
as have those more belovedly fortunate.

this may take older students
awhile to sort through
What we mean by
PositivEnergy Democracy words
like incarnating God
and re-incarnating Love.

Yet, if they listen back to their own voices
when in first grade,
and even younger,
before they even had LeftBrain words
for such warm wet Holy MatrioticSpirit,
perhaps they will remember God talked
polypathically shared
across ZeroZone consciousness
of EarthSoul Womb

Polyphonic Southern-Universal
SacredNorthern WiseElder RightMatriotic

in this holonic nature-Left
bicameral way,
we are made
in His/Her transubstantiating
healthy-wealth image.

For further details
on implementing Work That Reconnects Health with Sacred Wealth
in your schools
and families
and EarthSoul Dreams
therapeutic for patriarchal-fascist Climate Pathology nightmares,
Please visit your local PositivEnergy Democracy as CooperativeTrust
Psychology Department
avoiding monoculturing Left-dominant
cognitive-affective collectively paranoid dissonance,
chronic Left-South and Red v ElderRight-North and Green stress,
bipolar oppositional disorders
rather than dipolar appositional
nondual nature-spirit
WinWin relationships,
game theories,
system theories,
group bilateral experiential math
as spiral dynamic ribonucleic memories,


Gerald (O)Liver, Taoist PDC


DiaLiturgical Dance of Time

We dance with the dreams of grandfather Sun,
we dream with the dreams of our grandmothers.

Spiritual practice shapes liturgical rites and steps of day,
Creative natural intent shapes linguistic flow and function of night,
invested with Elders emerging
from DNA’s RNA EarthTribal Codex Memory fields,
and atmospheric sea of swimming time.

Dreaming death without sting,
seeing creative system structures and forms
within and without
evolving and revolving.
Grasping recreating function,
reconnecting yet longing to hear recreating frequencies,
fearing dissonant force,
competitive Win-Lose shallow economic ecologies,
hoping and faithing and loving ReGenesis each new day of opportunity
and risk,
coincidentally karmic cause-effectiveness,
mentoring cooperative co-regeneration,
from when we each emerged,
back to densely nutritious diastatic Beloved Community
organic seeds of time’s eternal bi-directional unfolding
of appositively relational informating space.

ReGenesis does not speak before acting;
Genes only speak without knowing time.
Fill up Solar System’s silent apertures,
Close Grandmother Moon’s open systemic doors,
Dull Her smooth-structured double-boundaries
and limned edges,
Untie Her double-knotted tangles of power,
Soften Her polyculturally bleaching light,
Decompose, submerg Her dissonantly contentious periods of turmoil,
–This is compassionate Mystic Unitarian Seasonal Universal Intelligence.

Then love and hatred cannot change ReGenesis dancers and dreamers.
Profit and loss cannot overwhelm Ecological Cooperative Economics.
Honor and disgrace cannot change ReGenetic Time’s pace.
Therefore ReGenesis Age and Time is the eternally sustained
powerfully self-optimizing regenerator of both worlds,
Positively Polynomial Physical Universe,
and Not-Not Poynomial Metaphysically Ecological Universe.

Paraphrasing Rumi,
Casting off disdain for death and cognitive dissonance
we see that purgation is not the end
but only camouflage
for a ReGenesis dense organic decomposing womb,
eternal diurnal time of Future mutually grateful
to at long last belovedly embrace our past potential integrity of grace
as race’s well-worn synergetic enculturation,
spiraling back through revolutions of Yang/Yin balancing diurnal
liturgical time and spatial dance.


Gummy B’s of Life

Love without Beloved,
Beloved without Love,
neither alternative could be
me without you
you within me
both equivalent would be We.

We without you,
or me,
this simply can not be,
we takes both equal ambivalently
Without me,
just you,
or me,
which We can not be.

I could not be me without you,
nor you without me,
as I, you see
we’re not at home in side-by-side
teleologically biological We.

If no MetaEcoSystem,
then no Me.
If no Me, then no exegetical
permaculturing Be.

If no Belonging,
then no longing.
If no longing, then no Belonging.
If no becoming, then not Being
en-double-lightening We.

If synapse
were not quite so closely haunted by relapse
deep learning might be as predictable
as gravity’s self-creational

When East and West learn to divest of Other culture’s absence,
as South and North learn to invest in Other culture’s partsense,
then Permaculture Design will co-redeem
sustainable We
polycultural Planet
polymorphic economics
polypathic ecologic
as PolyTao Therapy.

Messiah’s turn Left to Right
and Right to Left
and back again
to revolution Earth ethics upside down,
with SunGod’s cooperative rays on top
of Earth’s economic pie charts
and global graceful synergy spread wide
warm watery reception,
challenging bi-generic tree-ringed contractions
of grace,
karmic abundance,
a Bun Dance away from eisegetical ignorance,
Ego’s fancy prance,
of why when we each and all come together,
in love’s full climaxing binomial embrace
we turn our identities upside down
in this HereNow timely space.

We each come to redeeem our Ego investment
born of Earth’s long-lunged DNA regenerating narrative,
double negative binding Ids
creating SuperEco-Normic sticky bliss.