Revolutionary Earth Balance

“I too dance the rhythm of this moving world.”

Ego too dances DNA revolving
spiraling rhythms
holistic silence
particular tones,

Confluent and dissonant,
comparative and contrasting,
cooperative and competitive,
economic and political
social and psychological

Empowering peaceful balance
within this moving
ecologically connected Earth
touched by Day and Night

Ego-centering co-invested light
dancing local
revolving global
Eco-systemic compassion might.

I too balance
tip-pointed rhythms
within and upon
this moving
revolutionary Earth Day.


Wisdom’s Healthy Passions

“We have an enemy within called the ego
who prevents us from using our mind intelligently.
It hides deep within our heart
and emerges with regularity
to challenge and consume our will.”
Rumi (M. Mafi, trans.)

We have a challenger wrestling within called our Ego
emerging with regularity
to confront and distort our deeper will
for more happy and healthy eco-normal,
ecological bi-hemispheric resilience.

Not one of us believes in optimizing incarnate power
within ourselves,
without any Other
to laugh
and cry
and talk therapy together,

A State
or Nation,
our Solar SystemicFueled Universe,
feel incompatible with a total vacuum of any power among,
without capacity for co-empowering exchange,
laughing with
and not against.

I find no faith in omnipotent power of love’s one-way intent,
without evidence of co-evolving
revolving peace-growing practice,
good humored
more than bad and sad maligned,

No omnipotent power of love
without all EarthTribe’s ecotherapeutic joyous practice.

While Earth evolves an orbiting planet
composed of diverse tribal species,
polyculturing forms,
healthy and eco-logical social functions,
rich octaved frequencies,

Earth is also one holistic cooperative
self-regenerating economy;
which rises and falls with surfing humor
surfacing analogical tipping point balance,
sad yet glad of ego-centric Yang’s smirking
with eco-flexic Yin’s prime double-binary quirking
binomial not not metric nomial
and/or symmetric polynomial
with logical equivalence.

Economics evolved from agrarian
and survival instinct origins
when our original transactional intent was to sustain
cooperative breath
and bicamerally balancing heartbeats
polyphonic memory of self as interdependently identified
from and with healthy and happy-balanced Other,
to culturally understand patient Self
as parasitic indwelling humor
within a sometimes benignly balanced,
normative four-seasoned,
cooperative DNA-encrypting
light/dark predative habitual Host,

Co-arousingly displayed
by good and bad humored ego/ecosystems
of nutrition transactional residency,
healthy body,
happy home,
hilarious family,
hot tribe,
humorous species,

redeeming values healing economic faltering extensions
of eco-political
warm-humoring development.

as What comes comedy/tragedy around, goes around,
as GoldenRules and irritating IrrationalRatios
non-zero sum
where half-root of two is always one,
as nomials predict binomial distinctions,
as half of 1 Ego
is (0)Soul eco-centric,
fully empowered
when not humorless zeroed out.

What are we health becoming,
that commerce
and markets
and sustainable new economics
pause with unholy terror
and awed stagnant, flat-line silence,
horrific wonder about our erratic change
of climate’s rhythms
and patterns
without harmonics?

Belonging good humored with joy
as this TransMillennial Regeneration’s internal healthy happy climate
predicts scorchingly manic
tragic competition
laughing against our own understory
in hypothermic silos
of homicidal and suicidal depression,
a too-polypathic absorption
into sadly dying EarthTribe identification.

What would we be
if we could justly restore
multicultural economics of ecotherapy
applied within our without synergetic
well-humored landscape,
and within our without ego-empty
not not eco-centric love?

Warnings against health interference
predict teachings for good-humored interdependence.

There are those who would conquer
everything and everyone.
Their Wins are our Losses

And make of us what they conceive
in unwise dishumored desire.

One cannot ultimately win
a win/lose tragic competition game
unless there are at least two comedic survivors
willing to finish-off
mean humored play
at war.

This Solar-Interdependent System
is Earth’s own ego-humored
normal eco-logical Vessel

S/he cannot be made whole by human nature’s
ignorant humorless interference,
stumbling about like trumpeting elephants
uprooting tender grass.

Those who commodify eco-happy value
spoil it.
Those who hoard this nutritious well-being wealth
lose it.

For: Some yangs go happy forward,
as some yins follow therapeutically humored behind,
like surf surging in,
then teasing back out,

Some breathe out too hot,
so some breathe in to cool off;

Some are too badly strong,
so some are goodness wilting;

Some species have madly broken,
so all species may sadly fall.

Hence Wisdom eschews human nature’s anthro-centric hubris,
evolving aversive
toward extravagant power overing
each transparently laughing Other
avoids egocentric pride,
dissonant with ecocentric
comprehensive comprehension
of Nature’s prime systemic wu wei humored consciousness

Of principal tipping point healthy balance
toward optimized
sustainable comedy/tragedy of all life
wherever it can be multiculturally planted,


Follow Earth’s Authoritative Light

Borrowing from David Holmgren, Permaculture Principles and Pathways Beyond [Win-Elite v Lose-NonElite] Sustainability, 2002, p. 1

Health ethics are Beloved Community normative principles
used to guide action toward good and light and right outcomes
and away from degeneratively bad and wrong outcomes,
darkly ego-pathic and monoculturing
rather than polypathically polyculturing.

Regenerative ethics constrain Ego’s Win/Lose (Either/Or) survival instincts
and other ecopolitical constructs of self-interest
competitively driving humane-enspirited-enlightening BothAnd behavior.

Enculturing ecosystemic ethics
evolve mechanisms for growing and extending co-enlightening self-interest,
a more ego/eco bilateral-centered inclusive view
of who and what constitutes “ego-plus-light/dark environment”
evolving a longer-term regenerative/degenerative understanding
of WinWin-good and LoseLose-bad monoculturing outcomes.

The greater the polypathically authoritative power of humane-divine civilization
(due to information/energy equitable accessibility and ownership)
and the greater our concentration and scale of ecosystemic light-power
within our ecopolitical praxis,
the more prescriptively critical ethics become
for ensuring long-term Beloved Community cultural,
and biological,
short-term survival through long-term light-authority thrival.

This ecological view of enculturing ethics
evolves regeneratively central
through the nutritional v toxic development of a post-millennial culture
in, of, and for post-mature climax of paid-out-forward
energy descent
without concomitant authoritative creolizing
ecologically composting
nutritional health-information descent.

Like polyculturing descriptive design principles,
cooperative pay-forward co-investment ethical principles
follow three broad enlightening (v endarkening) maxims
or ecologically polypathic principles:

1. Care of/for Earth; includes, but is not limited to
2. Care of/for people; includes, but is not exclusive of
3. Carefully set authority/responsibility maturing balance limits
to ego’s authoritative light consumption
as double-binding eco-other reproductive responsibiity
and eco-redemptive
redistributing surplus of light-nutrition;
also decelerating degenerative dark-toxic waste.

Health-wealth cooperative principles distill research of and for Beloved Community polyculturing ethics,
as adopted and creole-adapted by older nature-spirit nondual religious
and polypathically multiculturing cooperative groups.

The third principle
embryonically evolves out of the second principle
embryonically evolving out of the first principles of polypathic ecological Earth.

Luke (the HealthProfessional) 11:33-34

The lamp of the body is the eye.
If therefore your eye is polypathically healthy,
your whole body is illuminated;
but if your eye is pathologically ego-supremacist,
your whole body will be dark
[closed off to The Perfect Light, see also Rumi on nature-spirit light v dark].
If therefore the light in you is darkness,
how [monoculturally] great is that darkness!

Dale B. Martin, Biblical Truths: The Meaning of Scripture in The Twenty-First Century, 2017, pp 52-3

These verses are about the importance of [light/dark] perception;
we may say even [healthy] attitude.

If my faculty of observation,
whether of the world,
of other things,
of other people,
of one’s own situation
is bad or unhealthy,
I will myself be in a bad, unhealthy state.
Having good [polypathically mature] perception is necessary for having [and regeneratively retaining] good internal health.
This is not, therefore, just a statement of [descriptive] fact,
though it is that;
it is given as a moral [prescriptive] lesson:
we ourselves are morally responsible for how we perceive things
[light ecologically and dark ego-pathology].
Jesus is telling us to train our eyes to see [ego/eco-conscious enlightened] well,
not badly, not in an evil way.

But this also means we are not destined to only one way of seeing.
We can [re]learn to see [cooperative light v overly-competitive dark] properly.
We can train our eyes to see in a [humane-]godly and [active] loving manner.
And in fact, we [ecologically] have to [descriptively and prescriptively].
Seeing properly–
[humane-]godly [co-operative creolizing] perception,
correct [nondual co-arising light/dark] seeing–
is a learned and practiced [sensory-neural] skill….

Seeing the world around us in a positive [light and negative-dark],
accurate [polypathic ecological] way is a moral,
and social [ecopolitical authority with concomitant] responsibility
(naive optimism that denies the [deauthorizing reverse-authenticating ecopolitically dark competing] facts is no virtue either).

Thus, though [merely personal creolic ecological acclimation] empiricism cannot be an absolutely [exegetical] reliable means to [polypathically] correct knowledge,
we must learn to use it and use [enlightening authority and mutual endarkening responsibility] it well,
even [especially] when doing theology
[and teleology,
and ethology,
and economic and political regenerative purpose,
and meaning of humane-godly lives and deaths].


DiaLiturgical Dance of Time

We dance with the dreams of grandfather Sun,
we dream with the dreams of our grandmothers.

Spiritual practice shapes liturgical rites and steps of day,
Creative natural intent shapes linguistic flow and function of night,
invested with Elders emerging
from DNA’s RNA EarthTribal Codex Memory fields,
and atmospheric sea of swimming time.

Dreaming death without sting,
seeing creative system structures and forms
within and without
evolving and revolving.
Grasping recreating function,
reconnecting yet longing to hear recreating frequencies,
fearing dissonant force,
competitive Win-Lose shallow economic ecologies,
hoping and faithing and loving ReGenesis each new day of opportunity
and risk,
coincidentally karmic cause-effectiveness,
mentoring cooperative co-regeneration,
from when we each emerged,
back to densely nutritious diastatic Beloved Community
organic seeds of time’s eternal bi-directional unfolding
of appositively relational informating space.

ReGenesis does not speak before acting;
Genes only speak without knowing time.
Fill up Solar System’s silent apertures,
Close Grandmother Moon’s open systemic doors,
Dull Her smooth-structured double-boundaries
and limned edges,
Untie Her double-knotted tangles of power,
Soften Her polyculturally bleaching light,
Decompose, submerg Her dissonantly contentious periods of turmoil,
–This is compassionate Mystic Unitarian Seasonal Universal Intelligence.

Then love and hatred cannot change ReGenesis dancers and dreamers.
Profit and loss cannot overwhelm Ecological Cooperative Economics.
Honor and disgrace cannot change ReGenetic Time’s pace.
Therefore ReGenesis Age and Time is the eternally sustained
powerfully self-optimizing regenerator of both worlds,
Positively Polynomial Physical Universe,
and Not-Not Poynomial Metaphysically Ecological Universe.

Paraphrasing Rumi,
Casting off disdain for death and cognitive dissonance
we see that purgation is not the end
but only camouflage
for a ReGenesis dense organic decomposing womb,
eternal diurnal time of Future mutually grateful
to at long last belovedly embrace our past potential integrity of grace
as race’s well-worn synergetic enculturation,
spiraling back through revolutions of Yang/Yin balancing diurnal
liturgical time and spatial dance.


My Friend the Wise Doctor

Bucky Fuller Big Bang.

Bucky Fuller Fractal.

Bucky Fuller Big Brain

My Friend Bucky Fuller
came down to me today.
He said,
“Lao-tse’s Time
grows not-not binomial
radiates fore
and gravitates aft
Time and Space
Convex and Concave!”

My Friend Rumi Gloomy
said to me today,
“When you are perpetually yearning
and constantly searching for Spirit,
you will, in time, conquer all obstacles.”

Lao-tse responded,
“When you are perpetually yearning
and contentedly searching for Nature,
you will, in time,
conquer all unnaturally dissonant
and unbalanced issues,
suffering bicameral cognitive irrationality.”

My Friend Bucky Lao-tse,
enjoyed laughing to himself
about the racey quality of Time:

When the highest type of Nature hears Time,
Becoming evolves in confluence with it,
When mediocre Nature hears Time,
Being grows coincidentally aware and yet unaware of Becoming Time.
When bipolar Lose-Losers hear Time,
Decomposition breaks through double-negative ecological ambivalence–
If Time were not bi-humorously coincidental,
it could not revolve self-inevitably
with coincidental biometric
binary Time-linear strings of Languaged Permaculture.

Therefore we re-establish logos:
“Who understands Time seems dull of comprehending
Yang OVER Yin-Yin Balance;
Who is wiser with Time will seem to slip
while refining Tipping Point
wu-wei discernment, and dia-metrics
and bio-metrics as geo-metric primal;
Who redeems Time seems to travel
forward and backward across bi-linear
(0) Core Information Metric Webs
and Reverse-Hierarchical
Trees of Life.

Superior character appears like a hollow
Negative Yin function as
Sheer white appears bleached;
Great logic and justice appear insufficient
with (-),( );
Fractal RNA linear function appears (-),(-)
double-bound ambiguity entropic
Pure value appears like decompositional double-Yin-Yin.
Great space has no absence of Concave Yang;
Great virtue takes long to mature;
Yang Full-Left deductive,
swinging transmillennially revolutioning
back toward future Yang/Yin L/R Bicameral
Balancing Wisdom.

Great octave harmony can be faintly heard
when subtly, implicately played Win-Win ecologically;
Self-Optimizing and Sustaining Form has no contour;
because optimized diametric function
emerges fully contoured fractal
and dimensional as 4-Prime Linear;
And Time hides within a +Polynomial
dimensional name.
It is this Time that is adept at lending
both midway power and economic value
toward becoming primal fulfillment.

New elliptical rings of energy
evolve from inside out,
so inside fractal Bosonic ring of time
emerges square root fractally,
Zero-Core Strictured
Time can only push out concave,
4-dimensionally and seasonally smooth-structured,
coincident past with future rings of octave function.
Each prime ringing Eulerian function,
predicts and predicates,
enthymematically implicates
a dia-cycle earlier,
whether that be a moment
or a year,
or a day,
or some transactional prime relationship
objectively and naturally economized
in between;
Time’s prior seasonal “moment”
of bio-metrically calculable DNA-encoded time.

My friend the Wise Doctor
told me what to say,
Bucky said,
Time’s dimension emerges coincidentally,
both subjectively shy of consciousness
as virginal fertility,
objectively ecological potential information,
rationally and primally bilinear,
with (+) radiating
in forward-Yang perspective,
while (-),(-) bi-linearly mutually decomposes,
Bohm’s implicating reverse-temporal order,
and recomposes within each moment of spacetime,
as +/(-)0 = c-squared = Eulerian prime function
= Positive Polynomial binary information
= (-),(-)Polynomial bio-normic regenerative
double-elliptical smooth-structured
PositiveVector-Yang OVER NegativeVortex-Yin-Yin,
Constant Temporal Tao Twoness,
with square root of +/(-) Prime Fractal.

Please confirm this hypothetical as True,
that Hydrogen’s “1”
is also a fractally balanced
4-dimensional torus-shaping
dynamic of temporal self-perpetuating
Bosonic composite of Elements
just as RNA is composed
Midway balancing U+C+A+G.

In this way,
we might bring our Universal Atomic-ionic
and Thermodynamic-ergodic theories
of bi-linear Time with 3-dimensional Space
into a
c-squared + c-squared + c-squared
trinitarian synergy of equivalence to
and P = NP as +1/(-),(-)0binary Tao
Balancing this Tree of Life’s Uniting Wisdom Time.

Ecological Language strings our Win-Win Gaming
teleological strategy and song,
and Zero-Soul bicameral Theorem
using bio-metric DNA double-smooth structured
elliptical prime structure,
with Permaculture Design’s RNA-rooted
Climax Community.
All this, running on
to tell our Great Transitional Understory
of Religion and Natural Reason’s Beloved
Wise-Discernment Community.

wu-wei Big Bang…


Rumi Fuller-ionic Future

Your true self is intelligence

and the rest of you, only appearance,

don’t lose sight of your true self,

don’t waste your time chasing trivial

yet unobtainable goals.

Rumi (M Mafi, trans)


Physical is always special case.

Energy is physical

and always special case.

Information is always special case.

Energy is information:

information is energy.

Special case is always realized

by its energetic information.

Dimension is unique frequency information.

Time incrementation is special case information.

Concept is general:

information is quantitative

(special case).

Buckminster Fuller, 1979, 1075.12, p. 446.


No one of us

and all of us together,

believe in optimal intelligence, information, integrity within


our families,

our Earth,

our God,

with coincidental absence of any intelligence,





presence among, without,

in Special Case Physical Universe.


Warnings Against the Use of Force

predict Warnings Advocating the Use of Tao-Balance

as Active Peace Natural Special Case Information

Natural Systemic Integrity

Energy Ionic and Ergodic Balancing Intelligence.


Those investing Tao teleology to help deploy power

within Earth’s Tribes and Trees,

Oppose conquest by force of arms,

oppose violence as over-reactive conquest to control behavior,

generate sustainable compliance.

For violence is wont to rebound.

Where competitors organize, thorns and brambles,

chaotic entropic evils and sins grow their hubris-decadent flowers.

The raising of a great Win-Lose Gaming Strategy

Yin follows with a karmic balance of overly-satiated dearth,

depressing, oppressing, suppressing living dying,

not fully alive Special Case.


Therefore Wisdom, Intelligence, Information, Integrity

effect their harmonic eco-logical purpose,

then stop with Midway Balance.

Special Case Logicians dare not react with power-over arms;

Integrity effects synergetic meaning,

and does not over-knot EcoUnity;

Intelligence effects spacetime binomially general-Commons relationship,

negentropically prime balance as universally implied by double-negative,

by avoiding too labyrinthine esoterics,

mid-metamorphic polypathicism;

Information effects positive meaning

and bows humbly toward double-binding negentropic Yin

double-negative original intents and coincidental purposes.


Special Case Wisdom affects, effects,

causes, infects regrettably responsive defense,

without remainder.

End of sentence.

Followed by fore-givenness, forebearance,

reconcilitation, regeneration of prime confluent relationship

of active peace.


Eco-logic grows eco-centered ecojustice naturally cooperative systems,

so cannot love violence.

For Special Case Integrated Organic Systems age

age when over-extended past Primal (0) Tao Balance.


Egocentric EcoPOLYPATHOLOGY deductively-evolves

backward in time toward proactive competitive Win-Lose conquest;

the absolute spectral opposite of non-violent Win-Win orthopraxis,

where “Win” remains constant across each binomial appositional

logically-balancing position.

EcoPathology evolves violently against Special Case Information

Zero-Centric Taoism.


EcoPathologists mentor short-lived evolutionary strings

of dysfunctionally negative competitively hoarding

Left-brain dominant behavior.


If Universal Intelligent Intent is not yet commonplace understanding,

then our cooperative ecotherapeutic practice

cannot yet result in a sustained Beloved Special Case

Physical Universe.

Our lack of Universal Integrity and Wisdom practice

is our most efficient, tough-love, Teacher

of bicameral Right-Left hemispheric balanced Information Systems.




poorly-sited natural resources,

reverse-recited ecologic,

evolving backward toward spring,

then winter’s advent forward

from root toward branch

toward flowering seed

toward prime rootedness again;

discarding pretensions of ego and eco

as not eternally evolving MIDWAY interdependent Integrity,

TrimTab Tipping-Pointed Wu-Wei

Win-Win Tao’s Group (0)-soul Theorem.


Prehensile pain and dissonant loss and blindness

cause short-sighted,

all too frequently recited, rehearsed, retold

repeated suffering mini-death crying for new birth.


Wrestling against God,

abundantly yields great polypathic exercise,

but misses opportunities to wrestle with God,

to wrestle with wisdom within ourselves,

to wrestle with each Other,

with cooperative eco-centric Win-Win Original Intent,

to wrestle with God of Universal Wisdom.


Only violent assumptions wrestle against,

while double-negative balancing cooperative

ecosystemic assumptions wrestle with

commonly-held distortions,

side-by-side global EarthTribe solidarity,

each challenge shared toward Future’s

self-regenerative polyculturally dynamic information.


Physical Universal Wisdom

wrestling with dissonant frequencies

revolving contortions,

resolving contentions,

eco-justicing ecotherapy optimally responsible balance

and harmonic octave functions and frequencies

with prime-fractal forms of time and memory encoded

bi-nucleic acids.


Transitionally Shifting Regeneration

toward active-peaceful contentment,

a more democratically accessible absence of irrational confusion,

less suffering short-fall well-being outcomes of Universal Intelligence

–Just the Right amount of reconnected pain and ego-loss

for neither Right nor Left of (0) Tao Center

regenerative eco-redemptive birth of EarthTribe

comprehensive multisystemic bi-consciousness.


Physical is always special case.

Energy is physical

and always special case.

Information is always special case.

Physical energy is special case information:

disinformation is Not-Polynomial energy, and information.

Special case is always realized

by its energetic information.

Special case is always bicamerally realized

by its bi-energetic temporal-prime birth-through dying rebirth

ergodic, bionic, synergetic, negentropic energy.

Dimension is unique temporal-linear core (0) frequency information.

Time incrementation is special case information

and reverse-temporal unfolding decremental formation bi-functional.

Inductive concept is general with ecotherapeutically qualitative

Right-brain Yin-internal value:

information is quantitative-Yang Positive Polynomial

(special case).


Our well-discerned inclusive EarthTribe Truth is Wisdom

and the rest of anthro-centric Us, only appearance of human deducted nature,

not quite so much Special Optimized Case as we would all prefer.

Don’t lose sight of our Universal Permacultural Truth,

don’t waste time hunting trivial egocentric dissonance

with unsustainable sub-optimizing Win-Lose outcomes.


While this piece sites my intended conversation with Rumi and Buckminster Fuller, the majority of its structure borrows heavily from Laotse’s “Warning Against the Use of Force”, p. 166, Modern Library, Wisdom of Laotse, Lin Yutang, ed., 1948.




















Life’s Midway

Our body is only a cloak;

seek the one who has dressed you,

heed not the dress.

Midway means nothing to infinity.


When totally immersed in pursuits that you love,

illness and pain won’t distract you.

Midway means nothing to infinity.


I wonder why when a bird 

clearly sees the trap laid out for her,

she’s still drawn to fly straight in!

Midway means nothing to infinity.

Rumi (M Mafi translation)


Midway means nothing (0) to binomial time,

captured between a polynomial past and  not-so-unpredictably resolving,

resonantly revolutionary,

mutually redemptive future,

where science religions polycultural metrics of infinitely wise and lovely bodies

discovering Interior Landscape’s analogical ecology of evolution v. revolution,

diastatic compost mirroring and absorbing Earth’s nutrient streams and flows,

functions and (0)-core frequencies

of energy and life,

development and design,

decomposition and regenesis,

organically fertilized farming

Prime Relationships of loving peace-filled fairness

in Beloved Climax Communities.


Space means nothing to Time, as

Midway means nothing to Infinity,

as Midway equals Polynomial +Left-Deductive

reiteratively dancing with(-)(-)Polynomial (-)Right-Inductive,

as Yang-convex + Yin-concave = [(0)logic Tao]

balances Infinity’s Prime Relationship

between Here and Now  cooperative economic ecologic,

meeting Economic Design CQI,

Globally Synergetic Optimization,

Natural System Development Standards

of ecotherapeutic orthopraxis

thermodynamic balance

and electromagnetic 4-equivalent dimensional spacetime Commons function.


Adults grow from children

deep learning prime relationship

between isolating comedic ridicule

and mutually humored information

emerging from both self and other,

confluently sometimes,

while other times only through sustained cognitive dissonance,

hard birthing events,

yet both confluent Yang/Yin harmony

and dissonant Yang-dominance

unveil redemptive merit

for polyparadigmatic comprehension of other complex



discontented love relationships.


Shared joy and beauty and goodness and wisdom

multisystemically regenerate

when polyculturally analyzed and decomposed

discussed and discerned

remembered and reconnected and religioned

reflected and redeemed

with karmic grace intent,

grateful noticing as-is here and now,

cooperatively redemptive practice,

mutually mentoring synergetic design,

incarnating Boddhisatva Messiahs and Prophets,

Teachers who are first EcoTherapeutic Listeners,

thus permaculturing orthopractors.


Zero Space is Infinite Time

at Her best

wisely resonant Beauty

YangBeing what we are YinBecoming-Balanced

diastatically enculturing internal Climax Communities,

both YangJustStrength and YinOrganicBeauty EcoTherapists

enjoying our ride,

avoiding “I am Ego-Special” feelings

if only because catastrophic paranoia and megalomania both grow contagiously sad and angry,



returning to a self-regenerating dream of

Beloved Community Teleology and Orthopraxis

of active peace absorbing issues of lack-of-time fears

such as mortality and death and climatic survival

as something darker than a shadow chasing Infinite Light

and Midway as something other than this revolving ride between

our SuperEco One,

our Love,

our Contentment,

our being and belonging

where Here greets Now greets Here

eternal cooperative economic ecotherapeutic information

redundantly  and inclusively unfolding


binomial/binary un-double-knotting systemic QBit string

of prime fractal-telecometric Beloved Community.


Midway is nothing to Infinity

as (-)(-) balancing information-bits grow everytimely

ecotherapeutic (+) prime Eulerian relationship function,

(0) Core Vector/Vortex Fullerian crystal-fractal spacetime.


Id is nothing to SuperEco

as ego-centrism confluently optimizes resonance

with Right-brained eco-natural systemic encoded DNA/RNA

SuperEco Metric Regenerative Optimization Systems,

both thermodynamic and electromagnetic.


Here is nothing to Now

as Now is Comprehensive Coincident Intelligence

regenerating SuperEco Tao.


Fear is nothing to Love

as Love loses everything to Fear of Time’s Unresolved Absence,

as Absence of Fear enculturates Beloved Communities,

Exterior/Interior Prime (0)-sum Balancing Cooperative Landscapes.


Here means everything to Now

as Midway means nothing to Infinity

unfolding permaculturing past

enfolding polycultural future promise.









Earth Rights, and Lefts

Earth’s Solar Economy


The sun can bathe filth with its light

But the sunlight will never be tarnished

Rumi (trans. Margam Mafi, 2014)


Client: Earth


Evolutionary Project: Passive/Active Solar Economic Incubator


My Permaculture Design Certificate came from Shutesbury, MA, last year, with Kay Cafasso, hosted by Sirius Eco-Village, where, indeed, things can become serious, especially in January, when we started. Later last year, I was ordained as an EcoMinister, by the Order of Universal Interfaith (OUnI), to co-facilitate and mutually-mentor with my “client” Earth.


Now I realize how silly that sounds. I mean I don’t really think of Earth as my client, but I do think of her as my vocational, and residential, host. I like this better than client, for reasons that are transparent to anyone who has wrestled with our parasitic infestation of Earth’s warmly embracing natural economy. And, host reminds me of Renaissance artisan and design economies, when a wealthy sponsor would requisition a project for his (too occasionally her) habitat.


There is another problem up there in that first paragraph. I thought I was ordained, but then Rev. Miner (no, seriously, that’s his real name—I know, I can hear all those “mining for Earth’s ecological riches” metaphors going through your analogy-drenched consciousness) couldn’t host the ordination scheduled for a gorgeous early October Sunday afternoon, embedded in an 8-day Work That Reconnects training with Joanna Macy, in Rowe, MA. Although I have no OUnI credential, I still hold that time as when I stepped into this Permaculture Design and Development vocational stewardship with Earth.


The first step, as you all know better than I, is to visit the site and notice. If you have the leisure to string this noticing stage through all four seasons, so much the better. In that Earth happens to be my sit-spot, my cooperative intentional community, as well as my vocational host, I have been keeping my journal for a full year now.


As I understand it, which is a significant caveat, Earth chose me for this Solar Incubator project because of my commitment to cooperative economic development. So I am tailoring my sit-spot host interview questions toward what I notice about Earth’s ecological, and sometimes not quite so logical, economic system.


I turn to my Questions for Client Interviews and skip past the first section, Questions About Use, because the second section, Questions About the Client (aka Host) seems more urgent.


I see no question like “what is your gender” because I suppose that isn’t germane or, if it does matter, the answer will be self-evident. But, I’m new at this, so it takes me a minute to realize that the answer is either bisexual, or perhaps polysexual. I think there is some kind of virus or bacteria that has eight distinguishable sexes, which seems like a confusingly ambiguous way to procreate but apparently it’s working out for them, so who am I to judge, right?


Going through the questions, the first few don’t seem to apply to Earth. Or do they?


How many family members now, ages and interests. Future growth of family.


Earth has a dense polycultural diversity of species. Most act like family most of the time, except one, kind of adolescent, one might even say tantrum-prone toddler, species with precociously competitive, acquisitive, extractive, ego-centric interests.


Human economic systems have been a chronic risk to the future growth of Earth’s family since Left-brained dominance replaced LeftYang/RightYin hemispheric balance, maybe. Family history is not my strength. But, from an economic perspective, risk to future development seems to have started with the extraction-fuelled economy, ramped up later with our capital-drenched value enculturation, now becoming linguistically monopolistic over what once was solar multisystemic ecological consciousness, awareness, maybe even Buckminster Fuller’s Universal Intelligence.


Where did you grow up?


Earth evolved out of regenerative plasmatic stardust; kind of an immaculately informative co-receptive conception, like the regenerative fertility emerging from unions of sunlight and Earth. Solar radiant sperm gratefully received by Earth’s ribonucleic parasites, perceived as light and warmth and energy, magnetic waves and functional balance, dynamic yeast absorbing into Earth’s revolving polycultural skin, pores, ciliating succulent dynamic solidarity. Earth emerges as a reiteratively evolving, cooperatively regenerative home; and host, in this case.


What was your last home like?


Hmmm. OK, just move on, maybe that’s a question for our future generations. And I certainly hope they have a more generous answer than my adult kids have for that question.


How long do you plan to live here?


Well, the long-term strategy appears to continue regenerative system development as long as we have sufficient light and heat, and not too much light or heat.


What occupations?


Regenerative Multisystemic Designer, Developer, Processor, Facilitator, Host, Incubator, working within a subsidiary and primally dynamic solar economic system. In other words, Earth enjoys a revolving ecology that distributes light and dark energy with both electromagnetic and thermodynamic balance. This balancing vocation may be threatened by extracting weight from Earth’s core faster than it can be reabsorbed and by unbalancing the weight and/or speed of appositive polarities, like the North and South Poles.

Describe your neighbor relations.


Cordial. We all tend to stay in our own interdependent orbits around the sun, except our moon, of course, but that relationship is the exception that seems to prove the mutual subsidiary ecological rules within our planetary neighborhood.


Do you have any allergies?


Earth’s natural systems appear to be allergic to dissonance; defining dissonance as dysfunctional frequencies, flow disruption and turbulence, anomalous arrhythmic loss of pattern articulation and boundaries. These economically incarnate as deviations from a (0)-sum balanced Win-Win strategy, with small investment risk, sustained slow growth, ecological exchanges of time, language, energy, information, resources, nutrients, fuel, and, sure, capital too, why not?


Eating habits


Diverse polycultural form and function. More economically nutritious during light exposure, leaving plenty of time to digest deep dreams in more reflective, and redactive, moonlight frequencies. Prefer abundantly positive banquet style with a seat and place setting for everyone, all species, all generations including those no longer reconciliating and incarnating with the rest of us, and those who are with us only in more DNA/RNA encoded future form.


No one gets seconds until everybody has had a balanced sustainable intake of positive nutrients. No table is served twice until all tables on Earth have sustainably balanced nutrient delivery sufficient for all species at all tables.


Unfortunately this nutrient exchange economy has slipped away with the onslaught of TV dinners, and instant breakfasts.


How self-reliant do you want to be? In what ways?


Finally, an economic question. I was wondering if we would ever get to the nutritional investment and value exchange question.


Earth most certainly does NOT hope to ever become self-reliant, any more than she would deliberately choose to be an impoverished, orphaned, single-parent with way too many hungry moon dependents that she is doing her best to mentor in the ways of regenerative economic balance—all of which requires actively cooperative interdependence, or synergy.


If Earth did not have her moon to worry about, then the natural rhythms and patterns of her light and dark nutritional, fuel, and relational economies would be considerably less complex, sometimes even disturbing. That said, she seems to love Elder Moon, and the gravitational and luminary atmospheric anomalies need not detain us from our focus on Earth’s primary dynamic vocation, to interdependently continue, with her Solar Systemic Family, orbiting around the sun with gravitational polar and circumferential balanced frequencies and positive, clockwise, spin trajectory, to optimize Permacultural Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Ecological and Economic Standards.


This evolutionary project is not about self-reliance, Earth’s permacultural design vision is optimized cooperative, inclusive, life-sustaining abundance; all made possible because of her ongoing synergetic romance with Sun.


Pets livestock, wildlife enhancement?


Well, duh, yes! This is Earth we are talking about here. We’re all residents at the same Solar Systemic address. The Golden Rule of ethics applies globally. No way Earth wants to lose any of her DNA/RNA regenerative investment in life’s future.


So, OK, now I think maybe I should skip ahead to the Priorities questions, because I just have too many unanswered “sit-spot” questions remaining About Use of Property and maybe going to what stands out as the main patterns I noticed will help me sort out my own priorities.


Worst problems? Why?


Earth’s prime economic problem is the evolution of a competitive capital-dominant monopoly in human-nature’s economic value system. Why doesn’t human nature notice that Earth’s prime natural systemic economy is cooperatively nutrient-driven and polyculturally regenerative?


Solar energy grows Earth’s photosynthetic breath and warms her atmosphere, solids, liquids, atoms, molecules, cells, organs, communities, species, food, both prey and predators, subsidiary parasitic populations, and ecosystemic hosts. Any gardener knows this stuff.


Earth has passive and active solar energy. Active solar energy is designed and developed to serve the nutritional and other fuel needs of humaned nature. I don’t know, maybe its hu-maimed nature. Again, I get confused when I start thinking outside my “sit-spot” perspective, which is populated by deer and turkeys and hawks, an occasional eagle overhead, squirrels, sparrows, trees, grasses…but only occasionally by humans, and dogs.


Earth’s solar economy is renewable, I think, or hope so anyway. The sunlight falls on everybody, every form, creating the very possibility of information and a system, rather than chaotic absence of relationship. Earth is our economic Commons because Sun radiates light with pay-it-forward investment in the production of consumable nutrients, absorbable energy, breathable air, drinkable water, listenable octave sound and perceivable octave sight frequencies.


To date, Sun has not given Earth notice that transferring solar values within this cooperative organic economy will result in loss of light or solar energy, so the Commons economy is indefinitely regenerative, contingent upon Sun continuing to radiate frequency and functional values that synergetically balance Earth’s ecological design and development.


Earth’s primary economic development problem is human nature’s competitive, Left-brain dominant, and therefore ecologically imbalanced, blindness to our permaculturally dominant passive, and pacific, solar energy, nutrition and wellness economy. Radiant light grows natural systemic Basic Attendance. Solar energy develops Earth’s prime economic values and relationships, forms and functions, through her balancing natural frequencies.


Where on your site do you like the most? Why?


Earth’s solar economic sweet-spot is what a Game Theorist, blended with a Group Theorist, like Gregori Perelman and his 0-soul Theorem, might understand as a (0)-sum Win-Win inclusive cooperative gaming strategy. Earth does best being able to absorb all of Sun’s radiance, feeding and heating and regenerating her DNA/RNA value-cells, without any loss of balanced and harmonious atmosphere. Everybody’s end-game goal is to win together, or nobody ultimately wins. Every organic system’s ego goal is to end play with no more and no less than when play started, back with the egg and sperm event, speaking of DNA.


Some passive solar economic techniques to consider:


  • Reorient Earth’s human nature toward (0)-sum solar cooperative economics. Go full passive solar cooperative across all paradigms and value exchanges.


  • Select nutritional options for optimizing informational absorption, depth, density, thermal mass.


  • Reflect light’s reiterative and regenerative, and reflective, properties when developing inclusive polycultural value-optimization design. Cognitive dissonance theory, and a little too much experience, tells me that if I don’t mentor my own cooperative ecological hopes and dreams, if all I do is write in my sit-spot journal about them, then that is just not pay-it-forward enough for optimizing economic outcomes.


  • Design comprehensive spaces that naturally circulate ecologically balancing values, like information and energy and air.


  • Solar value absorption purifies, and pacifies, salves, conciliates what we feel without becoming ego-competitively contaminated.


As to the question of why Earth likes this (0) sum Win-Win strategic game best, as plain as the sun on my face, I suppose she really likes her unique Solar Systemic role as a passive solar revolutionary economic incubator, flawlessly spinning out Permacultural CQI Optimization Standards, except for that over-populating, extractive, Right-brain oppressing, human DNA species.


But, that’s OK, the problem is the solution. I learned that in my permaculture class.