I Say You Say

I say black
You say white.
I say day
You say…

I say red
You say green.
I say dead
You say…
unscene unpathic unpassionate

I say delusional
You say illusional
I say too judgmental
You say…
left-brain regimental
in-between demented and cemented

I sing integrity
You dance…
I hope eternally
You faith…
empathically expathologically unpathed
Win/Win Lose/Lose Win/Lose

I march
in Business As Usual
You fly
between Health And WealthUnUsual.


Advent of Climate Depression

After required Thanksgiving Day
and depressing night
I awoke surprised
by release into ego-homelessness.

What could sad night despairs mean?
Reiterating loss of identity
mysteriously appearing on this habitat’s coldly absent roof
of sacred grace

Why would capital depression,
RightBrain suppression
and historic patriarchal suppression
suddenly gang up more gracefully,
less threateningly,
on ZeroZone ego-homelessness
freely chosen
before rudely thrown out
for lack of paternal place.

RightBrain fullness of soul
remains ZeroZen timeless re-identification
one empty homeless side without exterior shelter.
But, for how long could eternity reweave
temporary housed DNA souls
becoming Earth’s healthy resilient lifeline?

Advent invites homeless nurturing adventures
into matriarchal kindness, silent advances
into wildly blind blizzards
binding sun’s enchanting rainbow promise
of watery return to Earth’s temporary spring sanctuary
refueling DNA’s homeless
yet robust
absence of living boundaries

Toward, rather than against, Earth’s healthy wealth
future identity transgenerating
transubstantiating temporary sanctuary
in humane health-identity space,
Earth’s co-arising sacred time
of ego’s secular summer
for ecology’s climate climax.

Mutually homeless failing falling theology pilgrims,
EgoYang and EcoYin polypathic souls
by Earth’s great green sanctuary assigned
to re-study timeless regenetic root systems
playing WinWin ZeroSoul revolutionary games
for homeless trusted identity, sheltering
from wildly wounded wandering
within chronic asylum anxiety,

Lost in lonely inside forests
outside breaking,
patriarchal fake-sanctuary voices
inside cooperative matriarchal wombing choices.

A lot of cold windy Dad talk
in each infant WinWin womb
by Mom’s resolute inside nutritional walk.

Homeless ego child
re-connecting this eco-womb,
preparing to journey home again
each sacred light of wintry advent’s dawn

After thanksgiving days
and depressing night
re-awakening surprise
of ego’s wandering
adventurous soul
revolution dawning in darkest brights.


Timely Universes

The Universe is the only self-referential reality
in the phenomenal world.
It is the only text
without context.
Thomas Berry

And yet
could no the same
be said of time
as text
without spatial context?

And could this universality of time as text
also become our co-gravitating unity
through co-arising diversity
of spaciating polypathic context?

Octavia Butler
defined God
as Change.

Time changes
or is eternally timeless;
a dead vacuous universal text
swelling and contracting
changes within timeless time
through eternally imaginable context.

If this Universe is God’s text
without further context,
then this co-emerging race through time’s distinctions
prefacing Earth’s voiceless extinctions
proves time’s full infinite eternity
contextualizes nothing more or less complete
than timeless here
as now,

Remembering time’s near completion
without date
or finite ego-measurement;
lacking too-reductive calculations,
deductive text within-
without inductive sacred context
for God’s Left and Right
YangForm through YinFunction

Universe as Sacred Change
EcoPolitical NonDual DiPolar Karma
Restorative Yang EcoJustice with YinYin-WinWin Peace.


Here As Now

Yang is polypathic health-strength Here,
ego-convexly witnessed,
while Yin revolves Earth’s Four thermodynamic spiraling seasons,
together Zero-tempered wu-wei Sacred Now
within Earth’s cooperative natured Here.

As Positive Polynomial (1)
is to dualdark (not,not) Polypathic-Polyphonic [-,-=(+,-)] fractal bilateral) 0
WinWin ReGenerative-CoOperative EcoPolitics,
TitHere for/of/with/over/under co-arising nondual TatNow.

This primal relationship,
within each 0-sum moment,
within MotherEarth’s sacred ecology
projects both back through Elder RightBrain interdependence
and LeftBrain’s secular-agnostic mistrust
of futures not yet hoped for,
of pasts now underground
with worms and RNA root systems
in a cognitive-affective dissonant understoried world
where only above ground anthro-centered lives matter,
while below, as above, grows fading pathological climates
of dualdark clouds and dusts and rusts
while we remain both secular Left
and Sacred Right
talking past each other,
rather than speaking through
Prime PolyCulturing EcoTones,
anthro-salient as sacred bicameral Earth,
as above,
so below,
as past,
so shall we become
and notnot become future EcoHarmonic.




FireGod’s Rings of Silence

Speaking Peer2Peer,

I belong within syntax
speaking summer’s sappy silence;
ringing resonant rising revolutions,
enthymematic resolutions with round revolving reach,
risk relaxing
full-octave riot,
quiet content consonance,
storming streams of deeply primal systems,
sentient strings of formation
adventing SuperEco’s
TransIt Regenerating Story,
advent’s stealthy camouflage adventure
deep despair diving to undive again,
diastolic drifting back and up
and out beyond sonorous super-surfing seasons
sweeping flight to gather night’s global might,
speaking starlight slyly depth dreaming
down steaming volcanoed channels
reaching vortex roots of echo-listening,
(0) superational

Truly and Justly shout diastatic enchantment
beloving contention churning
charring future’s compost toward evolution’s content-ment,
informating reasoned interdependent seasons
fine and far purposed meanings
boiling trim prime channel tipping
turning spinning dissonant waves
spilling bipolar surf of Tao balancing Yang/Yin iconic looping octaves
revolving temperamental PrimeTransParent
dipolar examinations and bicameral analysis
strategies and games
prime bionic-balance correlating
ecologically cooperative economy.

Straining Yang TransIt from West toward East
reversing Yin SuperEcho sweeps back
eco-ing East through West,
RightMindBody thru LeftLens Dialects of Bilaterally Light (+)/Dark(-,-)Normed
like longing lingering eternal binomial entity
loitering leisurely languish within alpha-belonging,
becoming being,
TransIt’s SuperEco,
Yin’s right spins left-absent
good’s eviL entropy
wrestling Live organic voices
murmuring co-intelligence
pulsing resystemorphing,
messaging massaging rhythm’s blood flows
flying nutrient prime nucleic frequencies
echoing past IdEntities
of stormy still-dancing
through memory’s operatic veins
and rivers swan swollen,
Spring’s raucous
raw-cussing roaring
songs singing
silent ringing.

TransIt ring belongs
spoken diastasive,
Balance Beloving SuperEcoOctave.

Binomial Balancing
Being (0) Tao


Two Wrongs Win a Right

Today, our first “All About Me” History class begins
when we comprehend every day and night
co-arises with “All About We”
bicamerally encultured
and regenetically reiterated
in and through,
by and for,
before and after,
each moment of Earth Tribe’s timeless surfing times.

If your story
and history
or history,
is wrong,

If wrong is negative,
If right is positive,

When do two historic
two cultural
two personal
two political
two familial
two species’
wrongs make it right,
just as a double negative polynomial equals a polynomial positive?

Perhaps when this double-negative shy yinyin,
playing the role of wu wei,
issue develops linear appositional polarity
as negative correlational and co-arising
Tipping Point
of co-gravittationally balancing outcome indicators
of optimizing Continuous Quality Improvement
embracing permacultural health
and defensive eco/egojustice with contenting peace
and economic
and environmental outcome indicators.

When the Industrial Age WRONG trend
toward oppressing yin feminist intuitive,
inductive information processing
and Wisdom Languaged systems
the coincidentally nondual co-arising Information Systemic TransMillenniial Stage
of Left-brain dominant language
competitionOVERcooperation reverse-equity WRONG (about evolution, anyway)
deductive-reductive STEM monocultural norms for rational information v. analogical/ecological-temporal-spaciated-sequential-revolving-seasonal-reasonal-health-wealth information,
anthrocentric enculturation,
digital-quantified, commodified, domesticated,
wrongly over-weighted
as of more evolutionary scientific nutritional value
than analogical/ecosystemic
lexical dialectic,
racialcultural dialect diversity,
gender balance in political and economic systems
as Yang/Yin bicameral Left/Right balance comprehended

When hubris WRONG
of overly competitive commodified domesticated information
political wealth


WRONG undervalue
for cooperative gift-it-forward
Zero-EgoBalanced Interest
Organic EcoSystem Interior and Exterior Consciousness Landscapes,
deep nurturing ecology of health optimization
for all binomially normative Earthcentric biosystemic,
all co-arising with co-falling economies
all infolding with outfolding fractal-holonic functional forms,
all inhaling with exhaling RIGHT Earth Tribes.

When the WRONG
most over-heated, wilting,
political-economic competitive Win-Lose Game
early health and wealth losers
begin to notice,
then listen,
to comprehend ecoconsciousness,
why life’s, nature’s Earth’s
cooperatively co-gravitational
and thermodynamically permaculturally balanced
health as wealth standard ecocultures,
eco-normists for political/financial ego-cooperative AND ecosymbiotic
struggling-with (not struggling-against)
wu wei tipping points
shyly lurking in mythos engaging logos,
Wisdom Language,
nondual co-arising ReGenesis
of full-life


polyculturally climaxing
Love-Beloved Community.

Let our polycultural cooperative
emergent composting party
Our egg is fertile,
our Time is PostMillennially
culturally ripe
with bicameral dipolar decompositors, analyzers, programmers, policy discernment facilitators,
of political and familial and personal ecosystemic rights
of freedom toward balanced ecological healthy wealth,
with mutually subsidiary double-binding boundaries
excluding ego/eco imbalanced relationships and transactions.

Positive Polynomial Zero
is informationally equivalent
to double-negative Polynomial Zero.

“Yin” is Lao-tse’s “non-being”
as metaphysical as not-now Special Case
except for NOW
as organically-systemically articulating
with full
or near-full trending Yang/Yin
co-arising dialectical diastatic ecobalance
in Special Case physical-natural Universe,
surfing timelessly through Time’s 3-dimensional spaciating
co-gravitational linear-implicate TransParently balanced progenitive relationship
with space.

Primal issues
wear two faces:

Yang asks,
How do we cooperatively intend and practice optimizing
our cultural environment
to acilitateevolve
healthy individuals,
including ourselves,
with co-resonant respect for our most diastatically
inclusively imaginable voices,

While Yin asks,
How do we/I not lose sight of,
how do I/we defend,
my/our ego-self’s healthy esteem
by optimizing my/our individual/communal
freedom to fully articulate
our most deeply held sense of “ego/Yang” = “eco/yinyou(+/-)yinother”
bicamerally balanced identity?

How do we hang onto our most polyculturally,
yet intimately,
held Positive-Esteem Cooperative Psychology,
as individuals (Interior Landscape of ego-boundary identity)
and as a species (Exterior Landscape of eco-freedom boundary identity)?

These two Landscapes bicamerally reside within each human mindbody
of co-arising evolutionary RNA/DNA-syntaxed balance,
DNA dialected for thermodynamic balance,
fractal-temporal-neural syntax normed
at (0)-soul point of political and economic equi-optimizing interest intent
toward PolyCultural EcoConscienceness.

All About Me days
All About We life,
relational/transactional integrative integrity of love.

Positive Life is only the cooperative integrity of each bicameral moment’s
potential for co-arising revolutions of love,
Beloved Community is our polycultural love revolution.

Spread nutrients around,
they’re catching
what we organically pitch.

Please send in your questions.
Class dispersed for our further evolution.


Gaia and Fr. Time Are Lovers: True InFormating Scandal

Gaia’s love first embraces Earth’s tribes
who then embrace Her back
through Gaia’s co-redeemer enculturation gift,
pay-it-forward grace of permacultured history,
karma of EarthTribe’s economy,
mutually-parasitic subsidiarity
embracing universally regenerate Host
in political-through-personal empowering solidarity
of EarthTribe’s Eco-Passionate Universal Rights.

She paid the health assurance rent
we’ve been redeeming ever since.

And so it is
that Ego’s love invites EcoEarth’s co-passion,
mutually held holy compassion,
synergy of with for Earth’s co-redemptive Rights
embracing Gaia’s Universal Nest.

Not sure where this climatic
and over-heated story
of bicamerally diastatic love
as balance harmonic octaves
because love is timeless
in this sense
that it can go forward
only as it has emerged from past
except in bicameral systems,
where love,
as synergetically dynamic time of presence
is perceived and comprehended
as bilaterally unfolding.

For example,
bicameral lungs
autonomically know the difference and sameness
of Yang inhalation formation
and Yin exhalation flowing out frequencies.

As bicameral hearts
autonomically feel the difference and dipolar symmetry
of inflation toward diastatic Yang power
and recession away deep flat-line trending
toward static Yin-aptic Basic Attendance.

As bicameral mind-bodies comprehend
this balancing and permaculturing love story
of Universal Earth
and bilateral Fr. Time 0’Mega Science.

Once upon bilateral time,
Earth Day dawned her Birth of Passion Story,
co-passion story,
passion story,
reading with passive purgative passion
Her co-redemptive narrative
of cooperative
mutual subsidiarity
co-arising messianism.

Asked Earth of her ScienceSun,
“Can you truly love a rock,
or any of those static, sometimes dissonant, objects,
like egocentrism
or a steel-grey slate wall?”

love is co-relational,
different than unilateral basic appreciation,
Basic Attendance
emerges love as positive enthymeme.

“How can we attend to love’s co-passion
in absence of its expressed return?
I fear I fade
my climate wilts
for lack of co-redemptive love
within my rightful seasons
of cooperative power
and ecological flow.”

“Your neutral economic science investments
display our true ecological incubator, and not, laboratory vestments.”

Universe’s comprehensive co-gravitating love
emerges now
enthymematic photosynthetic evolutionary compassion,
co-arising co-passion,
of Ego’s quintessentially ubiquitous
bicamerally balancing
sensory timelessness within metaphysicality.

“My children co-redeem.
PassionYang, child for deductively reducing suffering,
PeaceYinYin, instinctive child of kindness,
together, twins of bipolar contention,
dipolar contentment.”

unlike those returning wealth for health value,
receive a healthy/therapeutic advance
for services to be rendered later,
like paying one’s rent on the first of each day,
and month,
then redeeming that gifting-it-forward investment.
unlike a coincidental exchange,
co-arises a return
for a WinWin pay-it-forward investment.
Yang brings forth political power
for Yin’s ecological economic optimization flow,
Yin brings forth full EarthRights logical double-binding co-redemptive flow,
for Yang’s more inclusive political form of wealth: eco-therapeutic health.

Co-passionate peace
dipolar bicamerally harmonizing
with Earth’s full octave fractal form and function,
eternally regenerates
Fr. Time’s spatially econtented informational telus-dance
teleodance of co-intelligence
gazing through 4 equidimensional eco-consciousness seasons.

Gaia and Fr. Time’s permacultural affair
looms their co-redemptive weave
throughout TransMillennial PolyCultural Power.

Note: Provoked by an internal dialogue with Andrew Cohen’s “Evolutionary Enlightenment”, p. 183 (SelectBooks, 2011): “When you literally begin to feel the telos, or [Yang-in and Yin-ex] directionality, of the entire process moving in and through your own nervous system, that is when you directly experience that movement as a [4-dimensional spacetime] vertical impulse in your own [eco]consciousness. You see that where we are headed is never static or predetermined [nor diastatically redetermined]. You awaken to what I sometimes call the ‘radical indeterminacy’ of the [timeless NOW eco-echo] life-process itself. As conditioned and mechanical as much of it might seem, the fact is that in every moment there is the possibility for [organically emergent] novelty. In every moment there is the potential for something new [revolving from something old]. In every moment, there is room for [evolutionary] emergence. That’s the miracle of [positive] evolution [as interior-landscaped, synergetic integrative, unitarian, Beloved revolution with universal outcome of bicameral-balanced eco-consciousness].”  Some readers may see my Buckminster Fuller influence in comprehending positively dynamic evolution as synergetic (special case-subset) and love (metaphysical universal-Group Theory of co-arising zero-bilateral-elliptics).


Redeeming Time’s Investment

He took his morning seat
to hear the Sage’s sonnet,
“On Punishment”:

“The people are not afraid of death;
Why threaten them with death?
Supposing that the people are afraid of death,
and we can seize and kill the unruly,
Who would dare to do so?
Often it happens that the executioner is killed.
and to take the place of the executioner
Is like handling the hatchet for the master carpenter.
He who handles the hatchet for the master carpenter
Seldom escapes injury to his hands.”
(“The Wisdom of Laotse”, Lin Yutang (ed.), 1948, Modern Library, p. 300)

He drifted off and on and in and out
as gathering dusk redreamed:
Enlightening people are not afraid of losing time;
Why threaten them with loss?
Supposing they learn fear of untimely death,
And would seize and kill unruly incarnations,
Who would be wise enough to do so?

Often it happens that prophets are killed
to take the place of omniscient justice.
Redemption of another’s investment
is like handling the wu-wei hatchet for the master carpenter,
He who handles the master carpenter’s trimming points
pruning just discernment and balancing design
Seldom escapes injury to crucified hands.

Jesus was a master carpenter?
Teaching wu-wei design
and fishermanic skills
in a school of fishy men.
His self-optimizing teaching was redemptively mentored,
as is ours,
graduating from dominating executioners of time’s incarnate investments,
to commence mutual-mentoring global cooperative design.

We take each morning’s messianic seat
to invest our wise redemption.


DiaLiturgical Dance of Time

We dance with the dreams of grandfather Sun,
we dream with the dreams of our grandmothers.

Spiritual practice shapes liturgical rites and steps of day,
Creative natural intent shapes linguistic flow and function of night,
invested with Elders emerging
from DNA’s RNA EarthTribal Codex Memory fields,
and atmospheric sea of swimming time.

Dreaming death without sting,
seeing creative system structures and forms
within and without
evolving and revolving.
Grasping recreating function,
reconnecting yet longing to hear recreating frequencies,
fearing dissonant force,
competitive Win-Lose shallow economic ecologies,
hoping and faithing and loving ReGenesis each new day of opportunity
and risk,
coincidentally karmic cause-effectiveness,
mentoring cooperative co-regeneration,
from when we each emerged,
back to densely nutritious diastatic Beloved Community
organic seeds of time’s eternal bi-directional unfolding
of appositively relational informating space.

ReGenesis does not speak before acting;
Genes only speak without knowing time.
Fill up Solar System’s silent apertures,
Close Grandmother Moon’s open systemic doors,
Dull Her smooth-structured double-boundaries
and limned edges,
Untie Her double-knotted tangles of power,
Soften Her polyculturally bleaching light,
Decompose, submerg Her dissonantly contentious periods of turmoil,
–This is compassionate Mystic Unitarian Seasonal Universal Intelligence.

Then love and hatred cannot change ReGenesis dancers and dreamers.
Profit and loss cannot overwhelm Ecological Cooperative Economics.
Honor and disgrace cannot change ReGenetic Time’s pace.
Therefore ReGenesis Age and Time is the eternally sustained
powerfully self-optimizing regenerator of both worlds,
Positively Polynomial Physical Universe,
and Not-Not Poynomial Metaphysically Ecological Universe.

Paraphrasing Rumi,
Casting off disdain for death and cognitive dissonance
we see that purgation is not the end
but only camouflage
for a ReGenesis dense organic decomposing womb,
eternal diurnal time of Future mutually grateful
to at long last belovedly embrace our past potential integrity of grace
as race’s well-worn synergetic enculturation,
spiraling back through revolutions of Yang/Yin balancing diurnal
liturgical time and spatial dance.


Nature Valley’s Spirit

In “The Wisdom of Laotse,” Lin Yutang translates Laotse’s 6th poetic aphorism, probably rooted in ancient shamanic teachings about the nature of natural systems, with the title “The Spirit of the Valley.” This is curious to me (with no pretension of second-guessing Lin Yutang’s superb translation skills) because it seems like it is about “The Nature of Valleys.”

The Spirit of the Valley never dies.

It is called the Mystic Female.

    The Door of the Mystic Female

    Is the root of Heaven and Earth.


    Continuously, continuously,

    It seems to remain.

    Draw upon it

    And it serves you with ease.

(p. 64, Modern Library, 1948)


The Door/root toward Yin is reverseYang coincidental balance,

closure of a Tao event, word, nomial, meme, paradigm, icon, liturgy.

The nature of our rooted Valley is Balanced and Beloved

Tao Community.


This balance, harmony, or, in Buckminster Fuller’s metric vocabulary,

synergetic nature of Valley

regenerates the greatest quality of power

with the least amount of loss, dissonance, labor.

To draw upon natural Yang/Yin systemic balance

is to serve ourselves, each other, and Earth with ease,

with confluence

active peace with justice.


Taoism’s wu wei translates into laissez-faire

as proactive synergetic ecotherapeutic practice

of balancing full-throated and comprehended octaves

in energy and being and becoming full-color race and pace,

through longing toward belonging cooperatively together

interdependently economic communicators,


within a going-global Climax Community.


Within this ecotherapeutic balance

of natural systemic permacultural design,

we generate free will to abstain from grasping willfulness and ego-aversion to dissonance

and loss.

This mutually shared free eco-will sometimes becomes culturally confused

with freedom to choose to do or become anything

to anyone

with anyone

above and beyond anyone

that we monoculturally and monopolistically decide is best

for Ego-Self,

for Others,

for of by SuperEco-logic Earth Design and Development.


Yet, does anyone doubt,

when all is finally said and done about freedom’s pilgrimage toward active peace,

we are mutually nothing but integrity of coincidental potential?

This Nature of Balancing Valley

is nothing but mutually synergetic potential.

If synergy in natural systemic regenesis

evolves synonymous with love in human nature’s systemic redemption,

then we have total freedom only to choose full-living

active peace on Earth’s Beloved Community,

diastolic justice-rooted rooting Valley.


The EarthTribe that roots together

flowers and flies and swims synchronously,



without inordinately confusing fear and dissonance and loss,

growing nature-spirit systemic balance of Yang+Yin,

out and in coincident,

free to purge our egos of grasping monoculturalism

grows freedom from aversion to absorption into

Zero-centric polyculturalism.


Ecological coincidence evaporates

as Id and SuperEco comprehend global coincidence of Common-Being;

as economic quid-pro-quo becomes wu wei normative

when all transactions aspire to grow

equitable and inclusive quid-pro-quo cooperation.


Law of Prime Systemic Relationship:

Spirit is to Nature

as (-)(-)coincidently implied shy Yin

snuggles pregnantly inside +natured Yang.


When going for Win-Win Yes,

let go with co-passionate double-negative-binding Lose-Lose No.


I Am

that Eco-Is Not-Not,

We Are

what evolves Not-Eco-Not,

I Am

That Not-Not….