Just Show Up

Basic Attendance,
listening deeply to the sounds
and functions
flows and forms of nature’s voices,
evolves from enthymematic roots
toward mutually repellent,
darkly transparent
nondual dark energy
as equivalently empowered identity
of not-yet fully synergetically integrated
diastatic Time,
equivocating spatially incarnated
multisystemic harmonic balance
between Yangstimuli and Yinresponse.

From this epicenter of Basic Attendance,
we begin noticing our over-commodified
cultural economy
habitually uses financial currency
as the measure of wealth,
while using nutritional currency
as our measure of health.

Hmmm. That happens. And?

When we must choose between health and thrival
or competitive individual and familial accumulation of wealth-survival objectives,
we are likely to return to healthy survival of Earth
and all species
as ultimate measure of a culture’s wealth
and we are each a DNA-informed culture.
At least,
that appears to be our routine positive behavior
after the tsunami
the tornado
the hurricane
the financial earthquake
the critical interruption of Business As Usual
vacates our normatively competitive economies
and ego identities.

So what?

and sexism
and class-ism, segregation-ism,
and elitism
and ageism
and capitalism,
is an evolutionary dead end tributary of evolution
that could only become an issue
emerging from an ego-centric Left-brain dominant species.
We invest in supremacist (and sometimes ballistic) elitism
when we assume human nature somehow evolves more elite
and privileged
and value-capital invested
than our anawim, our untouchables, our aliens, our enemies
without concomitant responsibility
and risk
and opportunity
to remember and remain within eco-centric ballast.

Western red skies
predict Trinitarian Yang/spatial In-Formation,
co-arising Eastern dawn of Basic Attendance nondual culture;
positively bilateral YinYin temporal-timeless function.

Basic Attendance meets Primal Dysfunction:
Our economic lifestyle and choices
either lean toward cooperating with Time’s unfolding wisdom,
sometimes called karmic flow of sacred grace,
or we can continue to over-invest in competing
to possess larger and larger responsibilities
for monopolizing quantities of life’s time.
Plan A is Win-Win eco-logic.
Plan B is Lose-Lose ego-dislodging competitive
collective insanity masking rich opportunities within
Basic Attendance to Time’s Polycultural Nature.


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