ReGenerational Lament Psalm

Earth Time’s song and dance
through nonexisting space,
my song
our PolyCulturing Opera,
time’s co-passion story,
history and cultures of existing place as space.

Time’s Blacker premillennial face
haunts richer wisdom
but often fails to find just and righteous pace
for decomposing dominant Western straight-bent MaleLeft Dominance,
cultural addiction to mindbody meaning,
vocation to find and recognize

Elder Blacker’s wavey-linear timing rhythm
speaks best through Zero-bicameral heart,
perma-enculturing ubiquitously surfing time’s pregnant memory,
TransParently double-dark embedded co-gravitational Time

Emerging New PoliEconomics found discovery
through Yangish evolutionary cooperative light
most resonantly health and therapy resolved
through Time’s polyculturing brightest
rightest light-squared metrics
equal yin-squared double-bound regenerative logos,
Zero-SoulElational Universal Community.

Fear of dark-racing Time
begins within my own white-placed skin
accepting Time’s untimely dark embrace
within full-octave humanely timing race,
to see my wilt-paced face,
feel my failing bones and pace
drawing back into Time’s regeneratively souled embrace,
fading into light’s RNA ProGenitor
once more
dark never-enough-realtime through dark purgation’s
non-anthrocentric palaced rainbow door
toward Black Time’s timeless full-color rhapsodic
bicamerally co-arising
crystal-equivalent Benign Diastatic Presence.

Present NOW
knotted notched double-binding time
enrapturing this sacred place
gracefully crumbling time’s investment,
fore-given and co-redeeming last fall’s
mindbody bed of leafy wilting time remembered
succumbing to co-terminating time’s
benign metamorphosis of place as timeless pace
of logos back into time’s landed yet climatic
co-gravitational space,
impervious to Earth Tribal eyes noting Her change of climate
from OverlyConvexly Branching
MaleLeft dominance
to concave composts,
equivalent Left-Right bicameral
binary electromagnetic balance
as binomial zero-centric soul harmonic octaves
as bicameral TransParent co-gravitational,
polyculturally trending health and therapeutic regeneration.

Why is digital information
always languaged in binary syntax,
double-bound-fractal equals full-closed
octave frequency networking structure?

Because Time’s information process
assumes electromagnetic balance
as + = (-,-) dipolar equivalent Prime Relationship,
in a + OVER (-,-) = DoubleNegative Balanced appositional fractal ring,
PositivePolynomial TemporalForm = YinYin as N(NP)
and Win-Win EcoLogical ReGenerativity Theory.

Left MindBody = Yang
Right MindBody = Yin
Their ZeroZen-Center Prime DiPolar Optimization Relationship =
RealTime’s ReGenerate EcoLogic



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