Morning Gospel

I love my solitary matins,
morning excursions and incursions
toward simply divine places,
reading to hear voices from my past
Interior Landscape prophesy
Occupy BeComing BeLoved COMMunity futures.

In this sacred space
we sing full RealTime ReSolutions
eco-therapeutic gospel by day
and dream this good-healthy news’ ReMix by night,
regenerating each dawn’s richly choired
polycultural anthem
climaxing just as SunGod
kisses EarthMother’s rich-soiled face
of graceful embrace for all Her Tribes.

I then love quiet endings
for this global namaste psalm,
when each eremetical ego
enters a private sacred school
deeply co-mentoring lessons,
as Ego proposes what we learned
from last night’s dreamy discern,
and Eco inductively disposes why we taught
contentiously dissonant stragglers
with a gentle karmic decompositional reminder,
We Must Overcome, Together,
preferably in four-harmonic therapy.

I love my not so solitary eco-morning Presence
breathing in Yang positive,
breathing out YinYin double-negatives,
appositional dipolarities,
reverse co-relational analogies,
positive polycultural love
as not not negative angry-fear of monocultural hate,
singing co-passionate diaprax-raves
in regenerative 4/4-timed octaves
smooth as brown-skinned silk.


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