PermaCultural Consciousness of Light

Some of us first heard about Ego
from Freud,
and have continued hearing various attributes
more recently outlined by Andrew Cohen

“…the only reason I take ego so seriously
is that the path and practice of Evolutionary Enlightenment
is dedicated to creating a new world
in the territory that lies beyond it.”

This territory that lies beyond Ego,
let’s call this Eco’s Exterior Landscape,
where Eco has two aspects,
–interior, embryonic Earth
–exterior TransParent nutritional compost Universe,
as Earth’s Exterior Landscape and Pre- and ProGenitor,
mythically iconized as Sun and solar-power,
light and warm incubation.

Now, one more step toward Bicameral Mapping.
Ego is Interior Landscape Left MindBody deductive,
Yang-reductive (without dipolar-relational Yin),
and languaged,
while Eco is Exterior Landscape Right MindBody inductive,
Yin-squared empathic of Yang
as double-negatives generate space
for the positive bicameral,
and ecological,
articulation of time.

With this lexicon as prelude,
Eco gives voice through Ego
to this TransMillennial Generation:

Enslavement to, for, by, as
mere Ego-commodified and culturally domesticated wealth deposits
is a poorly humane substitute for,
suboptimization of,
Eco-optimizing health-therapy regeneration,
which is what every AnthroEgo truly wants and needs,
not really a Thneed,
more than any other possible,
or even imaginary, future.

so it appears
in my own Ego-Eco diapraxis,
as my/our language about a globally Beloved Community
feels reminiscent
resolving evolutionary
of a Tribal EcoSystemic historic Golden Age Mythos
as Heaven or Paradise,
creation of Allah,
garden of God,
primal balance of Tao
and Buddha BiCameral MindBodies.

Within this Great Transitional NotThis-NotThat Septum
of co-arising gravity and breath,
regenerative trend indicators
are seeds, genes, memes, paradigms, paths, carnations, embryonic
decomposed with cause-effect reverse-correlational deviance
and thereby noticed as Positive Deviant Elational Presence,
avoiding suboptimizing Business As Usual Win-Lose assumptions,
Ego’s prejudice about scarcity of quality time right now
as “Lose.”

EcoEarth Tribe Right MindBodies
are precessively, implicately, fore-shadowing, inviting,
mutually subsidiary,
associations with improved ectosymbiotic positive Yin intent,
not yet articulate-able
through Ego’s left mindbody deductive-only language
and full-willpower of Yang.

To Right Eco MindBody
positive health intent
suggests polycultural non-dissonant (confluent) effectiveness
and efficiency of reiterative redundancy
and resonance;
what Game Theorists define as Win-Win
universal gestalt assumption.

Humane natural systems, then,
become co-arisingly (bionically nondual) projected
back to DNA/RNA Interior and Exterior Landscapes
doing their confluent best to avoid endosymbiotic dissonance
to optimize regenerative species and EarthTribe
ecotherapeutic outcomes,
empowered by permacultural design
as Left-Right
Win-Win ecopolitical
wu-wei bicameral Tipping Point
Wisdom trending health-care networks.

To paraphrase Andrew Cohen,
Ego speaks a more serious BusinessAsUsual deductive path
and price toward Revolutionary ReGeneration,
co-arising dipolar with Eco
dedicated together to recreating
an old world mythic logos
in Eco’s Exterior Landscape
that lies before and beyond Ego’s
left mindbody PreMillennial dominance.

Note: Julian Jaynes, rooting around in early split-brain research, developed an evolutionary theory of left-brain dominance concomitant with the development of language, and therefore cultural evolution of knowledge and history and Earth’s ecosystems, especially human biosystems. This bicameral theory of human nature’s cognitive and emotive development remains controversial, although it appears to have interesting explanatory power for why the more technology-mechanistic behavioral and dialectical versions of Positive Psychology appear to produce robust health outcomes. Of particular interest is positivedeviance.org, on Positive Deviance. And, for those who are looking for the cooperative and polycultural optimization trends of history, projected over the next 100 years, the tellus.org is a rich field for those who would co-mentor and -facilitate this Great Climatic Transition.




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