Prayer to EcoGravity

Forgive me
for sleeping while you weep,
for breathing while you wilt,
for beating strong and true
without you,
foregiven free.

Challenge us
to never swim or fly without you
to dream in Win to Win rich blues
for love’s lusty heroic trust.

Redeem me
for winning
on backs aching with loss,
disharmonic dross,
children drifting out to sea,
sons and daughters with no sure home
save hunger to live free.

Gratitude me
with my up-front deposit
in a rich-nurtured wombing sea,
each choice specific to how I might me,
a fairly well-fed lottery ticket
avoiding large drafts of violence,
balistic anger and fear
seasoned with sorrow
for a tomorrow
without reasonable hope
of better than today
or last,
a chronic path of overpopulated messages
that black and brown and red
and unhealthy victims,
both oppressed and oppressors,
do not matter,
stealthy violent understory
of how we eat our young
before they can learn to fly together
in deep ecology.

Know me,
your nature’s genetic parasite
afraid of my own absorption
within your wild regenetic forest time of loss and decay
where I sleep
to the beat
of a defenseless child
born too soon for time’s welcoming embrace,
born without a culturally significant face
that splatters through our dull history’s consciousness,
no matter
if some grow fatter
while flowers wilt
and next year’s seeds cease speaking
to our trees.

Free me,
from our relentless injustice,
for placing lack of empathy
where surplus of decadent antipathy for you,
for us, together,
breathed and smoldered more addictively,
relentlessly burning out warrior children’s hearts
born in empathic infant love with EcoWe
rebirthing through full-passionate integrity
as covered by EgoMe,
free from investing in slow ego-death silo
of quietly unmindful mediocrity
free to build Earth’s Beloved incubator nest
dreaming-webbing life as RealTime’s space to be,
letting go of life alone at sea
to disinvest from fear of death as EarthTribal We,
reconnecting EgoMe to echo Earth’s harmonic frequency,
to dance as solar WeSelf-optimizing light of cosmic freedom
with full live-power to feel each EcoYou
within EcoWe.


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