Permacultural Koan

I love this koan from 1,000 years ago, or more.

“What is it? Medicine and sickness mutually correspond. The world is medicine. What is the Self?”
by10th c. Zen Master Yunmen

So, yes,
Self for me is Ego”sickness”,
deductively and reductively self-composed
of dipolar AngryPast and FutureFear,
trying to figure out a narrow path
toward healthy and hearty love
as cooperative life therapy
within this eternal now of Time and Love,
BiCamerally CoPresent.

Which brings us to the world as EcoEarth SpaceTime ReGenerative “Medicine”,
for balancing Ego’s narrowly anthrocentric WorldSick Pathological view,
with Eco-Right-MindBody’s RNA-centric
Universal Ecosystemic-Dialogical-Temporal-Linear-BiLateral-TimeFused-CoEmpathic CoRelational Exterior/Interior
DiPolar Landscape
Now=Love=CoArising.ReGenerate Health and Safety Outcomes,
or at least natural ecosystemic research toward such outcomes,

All species are PermaCulturally Designed to optimize nutritional sustainability
and well-being of global RNA residents,
each and all (0)Zen-Tao thermodynamically, electromagnetically, co-gravitationally, bicamerally neural-bilaterally balanced
dialectic harmonic primetime,
surrounded by cognitive dissonance.

Moving away from an analogical/ecological dialect
and turning toward digital as:
Binary Positive/Negative Correlation CoOperative WinWin Network
BiCameral and BiNomial 4D equivalency
for WinWin Outcome Design
of (0)Earth’s most regeneratively dense synergetic nutritionally rich bullseye.

Then to Permaculture Design
for InteriorEgo and ExteriorEco landscapes
for therapeutic function:
Of highest priority
on the PermaCulture Designer’s Map
of Love/Peace/Health growth trends,
facilitated by co-disinvestment in Anger and Fear-driven monocultural-trending pathology,
“sickness” gifting-forward our best issues of what to steer clear of,
and cut back on,
for a healthy cooperative/competitive EcoConscious
Ego-Anthro-Centric nondual co-arising/co-gravitational time of life
as synonymous with love and synergy and possibly empathy
and positive/negative dipolar elation.

Bicameral neural-dipolar “sickness” devolves double-binding negative dissonance, negative YinYin energy,
dialectic “Medicine” as love-power-positive
and peace-content-inductive-flow-function
of, from, for, toward regenerately healthy/robust RNA/DNA encrypted Time..

Where there is both peace and love,
there is no longer room or time for anger and/or fear
of lack of time for positive Healthy/Therapeutic CoRelation
within (0)-soul balancing EcoPresent NowConsciousness
of timeless co-arising times and seasons
within ecosystems with times and seasons
within language with dialectical timing
and seasoned DNA/RNA diafractal syntax.
for light and dark,
warm and cold,
positive and double-negative,
Medicine and sickness,
health and death,
polycultural fullness and monocultural empty-nest,
echoing bicameral silo Self co-arising
elating confluent-aptic CoPresent
medicinal eco-consciousness.


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