Hijacked Identity

I awake again with this left-brain thought
that an economic conservative
about balancing his ever expanding budget
looks at my mountainside forest of firs
as a green commodity
for potential exploitation.

Yet when this same conservative
resides in this same fir forest,
now threatened by a large lumbering corporation,
he sees these same trees,
like himself,
as prey
in a win/lose zero-sum value-retention game.

Then I have this right brain passion
that an ego/eco-logically harmonic nondualist,
all about right responsible relationships,
feels and acts with compassion toward these same trees
in this cooperative win/win forest
internally governed by WiseElder firs, regenerative,
from whom we learn
to nutritionally
spiritually climax
and recommence together, after loss,
in secular/sacred solidarity
of co-passioning seeds
structured to anticipate four-seasoned wealth givers
and receivers
of Earth’s forested pro-active health care,
robustly optimizing self/other value maintenance.

These reviewed landscapes are not mutually exclusive.
Yet only the last is cooperatively left and right
nondualistically inclusive,
like ethical truth with aesthetic beauty,
compassion spiritually foresting natural integrity.


The Slorax Speaks

The matriarchal deeper
and therefore slower growing Slorax
plants Truffula Trees,
restores justice to Her Earth’s unitarian community,
cooperatively owned and managed.

When excess harvests feed greed,
growing across monoculturing
less competitive
colonized fields
over-ruled by authorities to punish trees for non-compliance
with enslaving commercial needs
and commodified values of prison workers
measured in capital outgoing
against financial investments incoming per day,
per hour
per minute
per second of progress v loss of accumulated fiber value,

Then ecofeminist time has come
for unitarian yin reverse-hierarchies,
for cooperatively democratic
restorational healing,
for Earth-therapeutic
revolutionary Slorax to speak,
to cooperatively learn and educate,
to non-violently communicate,
to polyculturally plan
ecologically recreative,
economic outcomes for all residents.

The Slorax worships Truffula forests,
where LeftBrain/RightWing deductive western dominance
justly balances
RightBrain/LeftWing eastern inductive prominence

As Yang revolts
universally reweaves
toward yin’s warm-wombed unitarian compassion,

Then, as Now,
we embrace ancient nutritional Space
recreating bicameral Slorax WombTime,

As BreathFlow economizes nurturing Light
of and for thirsty Truffula forest hearts
and minds
and roots
toward future healthy multiculturing generations.


What Might Be Seen

greets sacred promise
for restoring peaceful justice.

Omnipresent predication
greets polypathic promise
for restoring love as grace-filling justice.

Omnipotently disintegrative powers
of HellFire prediction
too quickly settle for monoculturing retribution,
due to FallenNature’s past spiritual sins
in absence of paid-forward
gift economies
for notnot co-arising
Sacred Win-Win Grace.

This monoculturing
monotheistic Win-Lose path
is littered with remains,
fossils for patriarchal still-burning altars
and nuclear domestic ballistic economies
of traumatic retribution
rather than therapeutic salvation.

Even before nature-spirit polytheists emerged,
First RNA Nation Trees
within continental forests
held seasonal Earth renewal ceremonies,
water baptism healing circles,
cooperative nutrition networks.

Original forest societies
creolized healthy soil and air and water
rather than colonizing frontiers
with monoculturing missionary zeal
of empire-building vines and weeds
staging a violent strangling coupe
producing degenerative global outcomes.

Trees do not need,
or benefit from,
Fake-Messianic entitlements
to own appropriated property for a good public cause,
to enslave for a just war,
to exploit for a better financial return,
to colonize for greater nation-state empowerment,
to piratize the poor on behalf of the Pharisees,
to vanquish and destroy
Earth’s indigenous sacred wisdom.

A Nationalistic Manifest Destiny
not informed by natural-spiritual forest wisdom,
cannot be truthfully called
a Sacred Manifest Destiny
for all living residents.

Our continental
and trans-continental histories
of LeftBrain conquest
are also herstories
of RightBrain creolization,
of cooperative interrelationship understories,
of EarthCentric giving back integrity of ownership
to cooperatively invest
less in competitive EmpireBuilding,
Yang Triumphant Wealth
of YinForest sacred virgin oppression.

Nationalistic flags do not wave
for deep matriotic relationships
within and among forests.
Patriotic flags
are for naming and claiming,
for blaming and shaming Other’s flagging lack
of uniform patriotic competing relationships.

What Patriarchs
have claimed for HolyEmpire’s Manifest Destiny,
MatrioticForests resonate
with HolyPromised Land
already here
before RedCoats
lost to Blue and Grey UnCivil Commodification Coats
on our way toward military-industrialized camouflage
uniformly dissonant chaos
covering up fake-patriotic absence of integrity.

Purist WhiteHats and SupremacistCoats
waving flags of ownership
while killing native health
of older and wiser forests.

We renamed our sacred forest spirits
after mortal colonizers
with violently protected self-manifest destinies
giving themselves legal rights,
so remarkably generous!
to blow up natural-spiritual interdependence
in just a few degenerative decades,
denuding any sacred signs
of our humane-divine
extending family sacred interrelationships.

Green pastures and healthy waters
of supremacist patriotic destiny
are threatened by natural-spiritual deep relationship
now learning our humane-divine
left-right sacred balancing place.

Sensing LeftBrain entitlement
is no reasonable substitute
for RightBrain sacred authority,
to not degenerate Earth’s forests
and polluted oceans.

Democratic rights
and publicly agreed Constitutional wrongs
are on behalf of
cooperative sacred Welfare
of all enlightened resident Tribes and Species,
prohibiting rights to kill
as ballistic wrongs,
violently self-sadistic,

Far from actively seeking restorative EarthPeace
and True-Messiah CoRedemptive Justice.


Maker of Rich Women

A ballad for Franz Dolp

His exercise was forestry
His initiative was art.

He painted his forest in trees,
composing four seasons of song.

He searched his right balance of trees
revising rhythms for harmony’s poem,
Mothers of Deep Rich Women.

A writer of therapeutic forests
written in trees with good roots.

Franz was a poet
rebuilding with forests,
artisan trees
forming long-healing words.

Inspired by Robin Wall Kimmerer’s story of Franz Dolp’s 40 acre reforesting homestead with Western red cedar trees, which, if I remember correctly, have a First Nation name that translates something like “maker, or mother, or mother-maker of rich women” because of their unusual domestic commodity value when cooperatively harvested and planted.


Sacred Natives

Sacred native forests
remain enraptured in souls
shadowing mysterious nature’s silence.

Or when so deluged and brisk winded,
stormed to rage wild absence of restraint
overpowering more domesticated sounds of commodifying busyness,
diesel fueled 18-wheelers
carrying walky-talky caffeine flying drivers,
warning blares of commerce’s trains
for those without bodies and brains
to move away from rumbling dust river of busy tracks.

Native forests
speak sacred wilderness power through all five senses.
I cannot see a sacred forest
singing I Did It My Way,
or My Way Or The HighWay
appropriate anthems in their less bird-songed place, yes,
but not sacred lusty psalms of organic notes
for and from native forests,
where sacred sights
sound naturally right
and smell absent of stinky busy fright,
and taste and feel recycling peace.


Healthy Seeds Produce Wealthy Leaves

Mindbodies unfold from embryonic seed
toward full living-loving
sense-synthesizing leaf production,
full YangPower during warm light-drenched days of summer,
Earth’s rotation fuelling healthy growth,
yet weedy monopolizing tendencies as well.

Seed unfolding is our first longing half,
maturing toward healthy EarthTribe speciation,
in fullest life glory.

Our second half returns fading leaf powers
to regenerate next season’s healthy yin-seeds
for EarthTribe’s full forest embryonic memories,
folding out from winter through summer,
then refolding summer back toward yin-hibernating winter
of each perennial ringed life.

Folding in from political and economic production leaves
through symbiotic breath of maturity,
searching metaphysically exhaling iconic paths,
now imprinted with Earth’s nurturing light air,
wet soil,
inhaling and exhaling revolutionary fires of transubstantiation,
giving way to new fetal forests,
understories of regenerate future recreations.

This first half, unfolding,
needs nothing yet wants every source of digestible nutrition.
Then second half, productive leaves
giving way toward next generation’s seeds,
wants nothing
yet mysteriously needs this entire forest
to evolve belonging together;
mutual nurturance full-powered.

Life’s premillennial unfolding seed
consumes energy toward maturing fullness
as postmillennial aging refolds balancing consumer-producer dancers
leafing leaping fertile enrichment,
co-messiah bodhisattvas,
Earth’s ecosystemic embryonic regenerators.

Basic Attendance shadows our co-present humane capacities
to know and love
how seeds and leaves
are both same and different
each moment of each unfolding/folding love,
synergetic political events, relational transactions,
nutrition-rooted economic trees
transforming yin seed into yang leaf
and back again,
ecosystems recycling within as without iconic Earth.


If We Were Foresting Health

If you were a tree,
or even a revolving cultural tree of history,
SunGod would gift-forward
ProGenerate your positive/negative perennial waves of energy,
nutrition, healthy midway
between fear of freezing to death
and angry memories of nearly dying of thirst.

you could be an EcoCentric-SuperEgo Tree
regenerating/volutionary positive/negative
with light-squared Left
meets dual-dark Right
to function with dipolar TransParent Prime CoRelation.

Otherwise and other places and times
also known as Allah’s self-regenerative Tree of WinWin Life Creation,
richly rooted in NotNot Lose (0) RNA/DNA-bicameral-centric
EcoHealthy and EcoLogical Life.

If we were EarthTribe’s BiCameral Foresting Trees
we would celebrate together
SunGod TaoZen of YangTime’s Medicinal 4D-(0)-soul,
emerging WinWin EcoTherapeutic Warriors
and Shamanic Elders,
but also GoddessGaia Earth of Queen Shabbat YinYin,
both Sun/Heaven and Soil/Earth
together feeding poly-empathic co-gravitational balance,
evolving rich healthy compost within our forest of thirsty roots.

When I remember back through shared tree roots,
I recall before God could ever possibly become languaged as a Noun,
god must have been effectively nutritious nondual co-arising Nature’s action,
growing polycultural differentiation and balancing freedoms
within Time’s dialectical infrastructure of
developmental seasons,
light’s electromagnetic primal (0) balance,
composed of timeless DNA syntaxed memories of neutral norms,
and bilaterally time-bound
bicamerally decomposed
sensory experience
of time’s healthy and pathological patterns
and rhythm-fractal rhymes.

Allah was a medicinal verb
before becoming our Noun,
made in bicameral human-natured ecosystemic mindbody
language creating polycultural stories
of medicinal verbs paradising
before becoming our Heaven+EarthTribe Deserted Forest
of Paradise Lost.

To be fully human life’s potential
is to become humane,,
as to be fully sacred-natural life’s potential
is to divinely healthy compost ourselves,
cooperatively with co-arising others,
for all Earth’s Desert-thru-Forest RNA/DNA Tribes.


Wild Fire Management

I suspect you are right, that we get confused about the messages Earth gives us about what is optimally and sustainably healthy and inclusive of full diversity, including full-diversity of our anthro-centric neural systems, and degrees and oscillating waves of comparative mind-body health v. pathology.

When we measure the health of our political and economic forest, it would seem confusing and misguided to compare lifespans of the average organism within one forest to those of another, and thereby determine anything germane to comparative diverse “health-robustness” optimization of inter-species cooperative relationships . Although it might be interesting to compare the lifespans of the median organism–but maybe that’s what you meant, because the outcome measures are of trees, which should be about right in terms of the comparative internal diversity of Earth systems, but would be entirely wrong with regard to average lifespan of the entire incarnate biosystem within an ecosystem. We are essentially measuring the robustness of our temporal-Elders with median levels of regenetic-diversity balance in their endosymbiotic information processing and embryonic storage systems.

I think in Permaculture Design we learned that the old dead trees are best cut down and burned for fuel to heat our homes, allowing more room for a nearby medium tree to flourish, grow more robust, or perhaps even two or three trees to share this newly accessible ring of photosynthetic fuel.

What the forest seems to be saying to our “burn management” school of forest management, is to include age diversity in our measure of biosystemic diversity as a positive, and to assess each individual gift of the forest for its highest and best use, rather than trying to micromanage from on high. Facilitating trees of all ages  and digestive-breathing diversity of interrelationships is complex, requires considerable listening and discernment, and sitting together, showing up and showing to each other what we need to survive together.

The real measure of robust sustainable health is probably universally inclusive and unitarian-intended diversely welcoming, inviting political/economic environments. With trees and meditators and therapists we call this Basic Attendance, setting aside nutrient/neural-assumptions of cognitive/affective dissonance/pathology.

I suspect that mental health is mind health, and I suspect that our “mind” is not rationally reduced to a synonym for “brain” or even “head.” I further suspect that the combination of economic ecological health and political-private relational anthro-centric health are, for each of us, and for all of us. as cooperative co-mentors of health (because that’s what DNA is positively designed to do, that is DNA/RNA’s vocation, if you will, regeneratively sustainable health), the real-time currency of optimized Continuous Quality Improvement currently emerges, co-arises, as cooperative healthy-wealth care and perpetuation toward future healthy regenerators of all species.


Tree Meds

I heard from my tree today.

He and she were both

barely speaking to me

forgetting my root systems

all tangled up with theirs

rather than sharing permaculturing compost

more naturally and economically.


I spoke to my tree today

about fading memories of shared nutrients,

breathing together

following our full-colored spectrum

from light through dark,

springing summer and falling winter,

shared days and seasons

riding time’s gravity surf edge

between past practice of warm cold precedent

and future’s predicted intent,

regrowing lovely forests

of mutual forbearance and sustenance,

and synergetic gratitude.


Tree therapy

for weak-rooted pathology,

breathing in

while he and she breathe out.