Political Artists

Brilliant writers
have recommended to younger students,
to only write if they cannot live without doing so.

Elder successful icons of artistic expression,
have similarly advised apprentices,
do not do as I have done
unless you could do naught else.

But what about parenting?
speaking of artistically nutritional communication,
visually and sensually rich therapies
for growing eyes and minds
ears and tastes and bodies.

Does successful and beautiful communication
in the public eye
place leadership demands on empathic consciousness,
benign commitment to prophetic integrity,
any less rigorous than organizing private daily 24/7 healthy incarnation liturgies?
co-mentoring creation and recreation performance rituals,
expressions of grace,
both empathically healthy and innocently, yet climatically, pathological..

Wondrously skillful parenting
requires more mindful consciousness commitment,
cooperative economic skills,
than does an artist’s Great Literature wheelhouse.

Parents cringe too often reminded,
not by our truth as beauty artists,
but by the occasional eruptive child
becoming who they are and would not be
because of your prior commitment to self-regeneration,
not theirs,
preferably within a somewhat healthy functional relationship.
Being a parent is a vocation,
but being a child could be play as vocation-filled learning.

If you do not believe your children would become good parents yet,
then these are those moments and places
where you were born to master eco-artistic regenerating leadership,
perhaps even a letter or a poem,
a story,
animate your diagrams,
resort to song and dance,
born to choose family-appropriate humor
over dramatic terrorist and operatic plots.

Avoid monopolistic singing in minor keys,
and don’t race your synergetic waltz
into a tornado of enslaving ego- and anthro-centric supremacy,
as this would demonstrate an embarrassing lack of commitment
to their truth as beauty futures,
the artistic leadership of co-mentoring
empathic political and economic Master Parent Certification,
unfortunately, perhaps, rather a lifetime process.

Here again,
we uncover a problem with our arts in education model.
Skilled ecotherapeutic educators and leaders,
such as WinWin strategically creative parents,
are those who most deserve,
and want to become,
Doctors of Loving Wisdom—PhiloSophia,
Medicine Women and Men,
shamanic co-mentors of Earth’s nutritional and pathological powers
through nutritional familial communication.


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