Art Therapy

My daughter,
with Oppositionally Defiant Chaotic Disorder,
has taught me a role-play therapy,
in which we Both-And build a back-and-forth story,
she plays me,
more or less,
and I play her
Mulatta as I inductively feel her
in my RightBrain resonant positives
and double-binding humorous negatives
kind of cooperative-regenerative way.

So the structure of our cooperative WinWin therapeutic narrative,
rather than oppositionally Win/Lose deconstructed,
might go something like:

Mulatta, speaking as kind of a Prince Charming Donald Trump: Cinderella, please come to my HotChick Inspection Ball.

Me, as kind of a Cinderella EarthMom on her best, most cooperative, day: Thanks so much for thinking of me, but I think I’m washing my hair that night.

Mulatta: Cinderella, you have to come to the Ball so we can dance together, and get married, and I can own you and tell you what to do for the rest of your pathetic life.

Me: Well, when you put it that way, how could I possibly refuse? Shall we dance?

Mulatta: Yes, it’s time for you to dance for me. Put on Ella Fitzgerald, “Love For Sale.”

Me: And then we’ll dance back-to-back to “Strange Fruit.”

Mulatta: And then we’ll be married and you’ll have eight babies.

Me: And they will each become a different healthy shade of brown.

Mulatta: And some will turn different colors when they get old like you.

Me: And perhaps Prince Charming shouldn’t refer to Cinderella as old, because then I fell unhappy and I stop feeding you.

Mulatta: And perhaps that’s why I have so many cooks because I have other things for you to do.

Me: And I have little doubt these will bring me great joy. For example?

Mulatta: Clean your room! And take out the trash!

Me: And why does Prince Charming suddenly sound like the Ugly StepMom?

Mulatta: Cinderella, stop procrastinating with all your questions!

Me: Right. And so they lived unhappily ever after,
planning “Love For Sale” balls
for all their terrified prince charmings.

I found this reverse role-play idea
for conflict-therapy,
as compared more positively to normal WinLose Anger Management,
in Larry Susskind’s co-mentoring work with public planning processes,
in which those who are LeftBrain thinking oppositionally
against other positions taken in the room,
are encouraged to imagine they are RightBrain inductively feeling
both the appositional positives and short-term win-to-lose negatives
that these alien-other positions of mutual antipathy have taken.

For example,
imagine your LeftBrain dominance as WinLose President Trump
having a conversation about the regenerative-fertile Original Intent
of the North and South and Central and Caribbean America’s Constitutions,
with your RightBrain embryonic matriarchal WinWin wisdom,
on EarthMom’s very best health and cooperative safety feeling day.

Who would win what in such a bicameral Left-WinWin
and Right-WinLose regenerative thrival over survival conversation?
And would it feel like more of a BothAnd dialogue
than an EitherOr debate?
And who might be invited to lose their LeftBrain Ego-UnCentered Dominance
to embrace our RightBrain Eco-Multiculturing
WinWin Matriarchal Resonance
with creole-climaxing climate harmonic resolutions
resounding through each Original Intent of ego/eco-democratic
organic co-empathic trusting constitution?

Mulatta: What does it mean, “Love For Sale”?

Me: It was intended to be ironic economics;
not to be taken seriously as appropriate to optimize Health and SafeWealth.
That would be more like “Life For CoOperative CoInvestment.”

Mullatta: Nobody would buy that title.

Me: How about “Life for ReGenesis”?

Mulatta: How about “Love for Exodus”?

Me: How about both
for all Earth’s Chosen Creolizing Species?

Mulatta: Sounds like we’re back to the part about me inviting you to a HotChick Inspection Ball.

Me: And me needing to wash my matriarchal-regenerative healthy hair instead.

Mulatta: Aren’t you confusing Cinderella with Samson?

Me: And maybe Salome.


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