Catchers and Pitchers

Catch and store my energy,
said Yang-Sun to Earth-Yin.

Digest and absorb nutritional information,
said Earth
to Virgin Eve
to Fertile Adam.

Volcanize and subduct Earth’s embryonic Commons
says Mother Earth
to ReGenerative Ecologists.

Revolt and then creolize resulting multicultures
say EcoPolitical Democratizers
to TrustBuilding Psychologizers.

Deduce separate competing nature labels
to induce integrating cooperative enspirited relationships
said LeftCerebral
to Right ElderStem BiLaterating Root NeuralSystem.

Produce capital-nutritional earnings
and consume stored wealth deposits
through re-investment in further health production
say long-winded Cooperative Economists
to short-winded Public Health as Wealth Professionals.

Patriarch-led revolutions
are Matriarch-bled evolutions
said Yang
of co-evolving Yin.

Produce positive regenerators notnot re-investment degeneration
say Syncretic Prophets
to and for and of and within BiCameral PolyPaths.

Nondually regenerate Yang/Yin
to co-arise WinWin re-ego/de-eco-generate YinSquared RightLight
said Laotse
for cooperatively governing climate health,
and not DNA and RNA struggling pathologies.

Catch and digest health
to store and re-invest wealth
said Yang-Sun to Earth-Yin.


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