HolyGaia Spirits

I wonder if one human life
comes with opportunities to try again.

TimeLine Do-Overs.

I wish I could have taught my kids,
and my neighbors’ kids,
and your kids,
that the Holy Spirit is to Christianity
as the Gaia Hypothesis is to EarthJustice and Peace,
to Bodhisattva Warriors,
to secular humanist ecologist atheists,
to Taoists,
to Buddhists,
to the Original Tribes of holonic-organic animists,
nature-spirit nondual co-arising worshipers
of each sunrise,
each life as gift,
wonder and awe,
not quite so much competitive,
win some but eventually lose it all
shock and awe.

The Gaia Hypothesis
plays a WinWin dominant game
as a creolizing
matriarchal-patriarchal equivalent
co-messianic ecopolitical economy of co-redemption,
Works for me
as both Earth-regenerative natural process
and HolySpirit-cooperative spiritual progress.

There is indeed something childlike
inherent in this view of Gaia as Sacred WinWin Ecology,
perhaps in a Gregory Bateson sense,
shared DNA-RNA memories
of Mother’s sacredly nutritious embryonic womb,
when communication about mutual health care-giving and -receiving
required no LeftBrain words not yet learned,
and yet infant production and host consumption levels
across the double-boundary of womb and embryonic new life
balanced cooperatively co-empathic
or both would perish as one Gaia Spirit.

Everything I have learned about life in the real world
other than this Virginal Gaia Spiritual experience
of matriarchal nurturing flow
to maintain bilateral primal relationships,
has fallen a bit patriarchally short of my initial anticipation,
expectations of meeting others
originally baptized in polypathic Gaia Holiness Spirit
and not really needing to remind their kids
that our shared HolySpirit is to multiculturing religions
as the Gaia Hypothesis is to polyculturing healthier outcomes.

I wonder if I had planted this message back twenty years ago
might Gaia as HolySpirit
sound less hypothetical,
and more exegetical,


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