UnStuck Adolescence

It might be said of adolescence,
This is a stage demanding economic authority,
autonomous freedom to invest and disinvest,
without yet accepting concomitant political responsibilities,
to family
to community
to children
to grandchildren
to disenfranchised populations
to Elders’ wiser investments, in their permacultural time,
to other interdependent species
in our food chain
and in Earth’s political digestion
and indigestion
food chain,
feedback loops, double-bound.

Adolescence viewed in this dichotomous way,
with Yang economic authority embraced so warmly
for short-term profit margins,
that Yin’s invitation to long-term cooperative political responsibilities
remains a naive liberal view
of ecological conservation;
confuses Yang adolescent dominance
with Yang/Yin maturity,
patriarchal/matriarchal nondual supremacy
over even inclusive anthrocentrism,
confuses patriarchal humanist libertarianism
without matriarchal humane integrity
of synergetic Gaia, hypostatic unioned,
negentropic dipolar,

nursing bilaterally responsive regenerative systems,
incarnating as individual growing-up egos,
corporate ecosystems on our interependent way,
incorporated non-profits and public sectors
too often acting like Industrial Era adolescent competitors,
colonizing victims of criminalization
and enslavement
and addiction
and domestic and international terrors
through Anger Management
and fake BadNews
and dark magical nonthinking
and fear-mongering
feeding deeply encultured patriarchal paranoia,

sometimes improving skills for entrepreneurial autonomous bootstraps,
where short-term successes include those designing boots thick enough
for limited success
in a dog eat dog world
but longer term outcomes evolve worker-
and client-
and resident-
and GaiaCommons-owned cooperative structures
WinWin games,
citizen-owned and managed civil governments,
care-receiver owned and managed healthcare cooperative networks

balancing mature economic authority with political long-term responsibility,
Yang with Yin-wizened wisdom
rather than stuck in withering adolescence against
each secularLeft and sacred RightBrained bicameral heart.


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