ZeroZen CoOperators

Mother Yin nurtures a domestic economy
which retains indigenous becoming within nature-spirit
nondual places

a concaving womb
for as long as Earth’s collective memory
of light and dualdark
may recall.

Patriarch Yang’s convexly vertical strengths of hunting,
segregating quantitatively deduced values,
are not a priori possible
without primacy
of nondual co-arising
bilaterally horizontal horizons
of yin’s dawn with dusk
dualdark matriarchal sacred MoonTimes.

in each here and now moment
of living and dying
with focusing bicameral balance
on matriarchy’s polyculturing outcomes
easing patriarchy’s recent past
of monocultural ego-over-investments,
turning now toward cooperative re-investments in Mother Earth
from which human nature
to DNA thrive.


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