ZeroZen CoOperators

Mother Yin nurtures a domestic economy
which retains indigenous becoming within nature-spirit
nondual places

a concaving womb
for as long as Earth’s collective memory
of light and dualdark
may recall.

Patriarch Yang’s convexly vertical strengths of hunting,
segregating quantitatively deduced values,
are not a priori possible
without primacy
of nondual co-arising
bilaterally horizontal horizons
of yin’s dawn with dusk
dualdark matriarchal sacred MoonTimes.

in each here and now moment
of living and dying
with focusing bicameral balance
on matriarchy’s polyculturing outcomes
easing patriarchy’s recent past
of monocultural ego-over-investments,
turning now toward cooperative re-investments in Mother Earth
from which human nature
to DNA thrive.


Echoes of Mom’s Great EarthDay

A transitional skill
my Mom taught me,
good to use when I start to feel at-risk,
somehow and anyhow,
whether in my relationship with her,
or with Earth’s more kosmic garden of naturally wild and domestic spirits.
Remember to ask permission to ask questions,
even before you may be sure of how She will probably answer
this question
especially when you may not yet fully know what
or how or when to ask.

“May I ask you a question?”
can be felt as a stab in hearts
for lovers who thought you were their question-space,
their primal source of both mystery
and childlike endless curiosity
inviting multi-reiterated “Why and How this Curiosity”
soaking deeper into your most richly composting soul of language.

If, when you ask this of your Mom,
Political and Economic Leaders,
fellow pilgrims along our nutritionally cooperative way,
if they seem to not respond at all,
your best translation of this absence might be
“Apparently not right now.
Please try again later.
I will probably be back campaigning your way again soon.”

If, when you ask
along your poli-economic trans-relational path,
you hear something like,
“I’m sorry, what did you say?”
your best translation could be
“Please repeat.
No, I was not available for your question,
but now I might be.
However, beware,
my mind is in transition-mode right now,
and I might not seem to care
as compared to another
better appointed time.

Here it could be helpful
to memorize a script:
“May I share fifteen minutes later today?”
or variations on this quarter-turn of cooperative communication,
meeting each other halfway between
your hope to gain my full attention at all your ego’s most convenient times
and everywheres
and your negatively correlated parallel hope
to receive each of Earth’s relational invitations
as co-operatively intended gift-it-forward response
to whatever it was that Ego had been investing in
just before you asked for this transactional nutrition
to become invested right your way,
“Why can’t I have your attention
in this co-ego-focused way,
right now?”
kinda’ pushy, but may be worth a try.

If, when you ask for attention,
intentions of co-relationship,
such as “May I ask you a question,”
If Earth responds with
“I have always thought you were my most curious source
of life’s richest, deepest, most important and yet intimate questions.”
And then goes on and on resonantly, redundantly,
Especially about wise relationship choices and love as life’s pilgrimage,
co-mentoring how to both truly and beautifully plant our network of organic gardens,
My most fierce Advocate for Golden correlational landscape design,
and my designer of (0)ego-zone nutrient flow charts,
NatureMystic Quester of Earth-embedded hopes as WinWin ego outcomes
despite timeless death and decay
great and small transitional incarnational climate trends.

If you hear anything along those considerable lines,
please don’t worry so much
about forgetting what your LeftBrain competing-for-attention question was,
or might become
with further regenerate development.
Rather, refocus
on why did you think you needed to speak this question right now?
Why not just ask your originally intended question,
or is this your primal question implied within each question?
Wondering why we are always open within Earth’s source of childlike questions,
why do we call this mental and physical and economic and politically ecological health?

May I ask you a question?
“I most certainly hope you are.”
“Namaste, for such mutually-assured curiosity.”
Mythic Mystery,
active hope for Earth’s communicating love
and sometimes not quite so balanced yet,
ADH autistic bipolar paranoia,
egocentric terrorism,
anthrocentric addictions and aversion to competing LeftBrain evolutionary supremacist dialects,
cognitive-affective dissonance on an epic operatic scale of non-cooperation,
competitive research complexities, lapsing toward chaos,
waiting to become more fully networked as cooperative opportunities
to reiteratively ask “Why?”
receiving WinWin kosmic and RightNow answers,
to communicate our intelligently designed polyculturing curiosity.

In this more cooperative communication way,
every Earth Day is also Mother’s Day,
May we ask you a question?
Because I would not know how to ask
in our time now past
or ask in future Time
before this Why right now.
(0)Riginating Evolutionary Intent.

Every day Mother’s Day
dipolar MidWay
thru Earth’s embryonic nutrition,
inter-regenerating healthy ego language,
eco-writing memories of Moms with futures
who might have been why.