Degrees of Separation

The story of my unique biosystem
goes back,
as does yours,
through six degrees of separation,
each with its own dominant culture,
taste and feel.

Feedback loops began with rainbows
and tidal streams ebbing and flowing
and lunar
and solar cycles.

Looping back in spirals
of ecosystemic revolutions
in WinWin fractals and octaves,
of resilient color
and resonant sound,
despite apartheid evolutions
in Business As WinLose Usual.

In 1868
when my eight great grandparents
may have been children of slaves
and of slave owners
and were probably children scandalized by all the above,
James Clerk Maxwell
wrote a paper On Governors
before electricity
even had a name,
much less a governing harness
for commodifying light to see
ears to hear
Energy Democracy.

This seminal systems analysis
was about ancient,
but not timeless,
feedback loops of nature,
and perhaps cooperative ecosystemic spirits
and notnot WinWin open therapeutic feedback loops
and Business As Usual closed WinLose thermodynamic loops
for regulating normal
EcoPower Over exterior climates
and EgoPower Under interior climates,
although he was more familiar
with vicious WinLose circular systems
and virtuous WinWin feedback co-governing loops.

Yet roughly two thousand years earlier
LaoTzu, of Taoist Yang with Yin co-arising fame,
also wrote to governors
about egos and ecos
yang/yin wu-wei narrow septic balancing,
and YinSquared valleys of restorative light
equivalent to Yang Mountains of and for WiseElders,

Mountains co-arising Valleys
of bilateral co-intelligent governance.

Yang working cooperatively with Yin
as contrasted to EgoCentric hubris
of EgoYang powering over
EcoYin’s matriotic resilient understory
of notnot
YinSquared fractal-octave enlightenment,
healthy co-governors
v pathological overseers of the unfortunately NonElite.

Those poor in spirit
but often rich in creolizing soul.

From where did my ego flow
across more than six degrees
of generational separation?
Who did my sixty-four great
great grandparents
listen to when they were learning
how to develop healthy ego and eco-centered co-governing loops?

What were their diverse languages
for sacred-secular reweaving Creation Stories?

Villages restoring healing
to land
and sea
and sky,
to hearts
and minds in enlightening
inter-related bodies
of individuating ego-identity
surrounded by ecosystemic multiculturing voices
singing and screaming,
gentle breezing and fury blowing,
tropical and artic,
bright and warm and wet
and cool and cold and dry.

Two hundred years ago
my sixty four root tendrils
were almost certainly memories
of WiseElder words
and songs
and dances of most loved slaves
and slaveowners
and how they were so scandalized
by such blatantly WinLose peculiarities
of supposedly LeftBrain mature cooperators with RightBrain
co-governing secular ego health
with sacred eco-abundant co-enlightenment

Light of Left-Right separations,
ego-eco systems,
co-governing back through at least six ingenerators
of interdependent separation,
journeying toward eight degrees
of spiraling integrity
co-regenerative redemption,
restorative healing,
hybrid of ego healing within and upon Earth’s ecotherapy.

Retributive WinLose cycles of longing Yang
with restorative WinWin recycles belonging Yin
need each other.
For how would we recognize cooperative health
without too competitive pathology?


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