Operatic Operations

I grow increasingly challenged
to discern where my innocent thoughts
hopes and fears
challenges and victories begin
where others more wisely end.

I feel wrong to publish thoughts
under just my name
built on shoulders,
plodding feet,
sleight of hands
and great transitional feats
reminding me through Others.

Yet to credit Them
for my creolizing creations,
with solid integrity intent,
presumes no dissonant errors
on my less than innocent part.

These my unilateral additions
and substitutions
without Their collective sigh of Consent,
assent as ascent
in rich healthy meaning

PositivEnergy purpose,
expressing collaterally valued health vocations,
sacred Right as Yin
and secular Left WestYang

Bill Plotkin and I may agree
if he sees
as we see

It’s essential here
to distinguish
Wisdom Left with Right
from same old deductive only LeftBrain knowledge–
The latter accumulating deductive reducing facts,
the former pertaining
to inducing superior Left-with-Right discernment,
intuitive WinLeft-WinRight default
PositivEnergy understanding.

The Sage
inspires integrity
to let go
of lesser pathologies
Invested in egocentric Win/Lose lives,
And to ask instead
for Left-Right reconsideration
of more deeply learned
and nation-lasting
culture of health values.

With Robinson Jeffers
we write,
…They have not deduced words
for cooperative synergetic It,
to go behind and within co-empathic things,
beyond distinguished polypathic hours and ages,
And be all things
in all extinguishing Time,
in their recycling returns
and creolizing passages,
in our motionless
timelessly eternal
innocent integrating centre….

The Sage in each one of us
admires nature’s spirited NonDual Way.

Some add
Wisdom is simply innocent ecocentric integrity
seasoned by LeftBrain dissonant experience,

And then chimes in Rosemary Cooper’s resonant opera-tions:

Sustainable LeftBrain dissonance consumption
is a comparatively new systemic framework
challenging unilateral WinLose over-investment
In competion-based evolutionary growth,

And Left with Right proposes
new bilateral Ego-Eco ZeroZone FitInIngEst Ways
for people,
and species
to prosper WinWinning together.

We are about consuming co-passionately
and healthing cooperational Ways and Means,
nutritional yummy goods,
and healthy good empowering services
are Earth-provided
so as to kindly improve
matriarchal-patriarchal WinWin qualities
of ecocentric sacred life
for all within ecological
integrity’s sufficient sustainablabable limits.

Significantly reducing LeftBrain over-consumption
and RightBrain oppressive waste AltRightly–
essential for WinWin longterm creolizing resilience–
can best be achieved
through healthy multicultural changes
in LeftBrain dominant polycultural norms
and egocentric actions
limited by timeless integrity
of EgoLeft Yang
with EcoCentric SacredRight–
Elder YinYang WuWei ZeroZone Integrity,
Original Great Transitional
2020 PeaceRevolutionary ReVisioning
Humane-Divine Intent.

And so we speak
on and on
permaculturally designing
health values long sacred repromising
Raptures resonant WinWin
and not so much
dissonantly WinLose
loss of Left-Right Together Innocence.

Wondering yet again
if quotation marks applaud
or would remark–
even rebuke–
my egocentric hubris
for assuming
my own commentary,
is not as WinWin integrated
as I would PositivEnergy
democratically intend.

I grow increasingly challenged
to WinWin rediscover
Where my innocent thoughts,
Wise hopes and fears,
Discerning challenges and victories
Where Other more wisely ends.


Note:  This piece is a hopefully benign hybrid born of two primary sources: Bill Plotkin’s “WildMind” pp. 81-83, And Rosemary Cooper’s article  “Beyond Waste: Sustainable Consumption for Community Resilience”, pp. 262-263, in the book “Community Resilience Reader: Essential Resources for an Era of [Wild] Upheaval, edited by Daniel Lerch.


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