My Thing Is

My thing is,
Yang dear,
is much RNA-green older
than mammalian red-DNA Yang.

seniority breeds long-term nutritious merit,
I remember this history lesson
from your creation by fairy tale,
how WinWin Paradise YinYin
wonder invited Yang’s Patriarchal CoPresence.

Well said,
which is exactly why EarthMother
needed you to WinWin honey grow
but not WinLose weedish overgrow
my deeper richer
polycultural and polypathic understory
of grace as karma
as PositivEnergy Democracy,
Yin’s natural spirit
of cooperatively dynamic kindness;
not demanding Either-Or compliant
LeftBrain reductive thinking,
but also inviting Both-And Left with inductive Right
ego-ecollateral blinking
and seizing
and tsunamic revolutionary surprise.

Perhaps an example
would help my deductive with inductive mindscape,
dear Positive YinYin.

There once was an African-American ecofeminist
history writer
who had not yet WinWin evolutionary
Here with Now quite happened
for her WinWin healthiest Wise Elders,
black and brown and white women
and childhood self-empowerers,
by her single-mother
WiseElder maid,
Octavia Butler.

You refer to the dystopic author
of the unfinished depression-birthing trilogy,
Parable of the Talents,
copyright 1998?

Yes, Yang my honeyspot,
I can always rely on you
for impressive and depressive historic metric details,
other than your appositional distate
for Zeroism,
as suspiciously co-operativist
Both-And ZeroZoned out,
vacillating Either-Or silent
and, thus, bilaterally ambiguous–
secular, yes,
thanks to Gaian Group Hypothesis,
but perhaps also too mysteriously BiCameral sacred.

Doesn’t her Parable
appear to predict the consequences
of electing a fascist Win-Lose colonizer
and AmericaFirst patriarchal fake-evangelist?
Suspiciously familiar
in political and further economic empowerment
of BusinessAsUsual
while Earth burns and floods
Donald John.

You said that last part outloud,
But, yes, the very same.
What you did not say out loud
is Octavia’s EarthSeed poetry,
such as:

At war
Or at peace,
More people die
Of unenlightened self-interest
Than of any other disease.” (p, 89)

Yes, she believed God
is Changing Karma and Grace,
as I recall.

Change to and by and for health-enlightened
self-with-other cooperating interests,
as well-governed
WinWin restorative justice
Silent Revolutions
through courageous
Elder YinWin Change.

Oh, well excuse me
for Yang dominant retributive patriarchal history
missing silent springs
of restorative revolution understories.

Oh you didn’t miss them,
WinWin together,
incarnate Octavia’s
post-millennial conclusion
of CoOperative Talent Trinities:
EarthSeeds first,
EarthTribe Childhoods second,
AnimaMundi HolySoul
making and unmaking uniting third.

You mean
our Yang seed
with Yin wombed
silent sensual revolutions
of WinWin
over Yang WhiteElitePatriarchs
v. Yin OtherMatriarchs?

Yes, dear,
Octavia speaks
pre-millennial evolutionary historic YinPower,
inviting Yang-Yin WinWin post-millennial cooperation.

what does she invite us to do now?

What will heal lost loving WinWin Change.

I have some Yang
Either FixIt
or Time Will Heal ideas
about that.

Precisely what I am confluently feeling.
Spring is in her silent cooperative Talent,
shall we give another
DNA with RNA WinWin healthy

Do you PositivEnergy think
If more US voting residents
had become part of Octavia’s
unfinished Silent Revolutionary Health trilogy,
instead of reading Russian fascist propoganda
about fake white supremacist history,
Bernie Sanders
would be our President
for CoOperative Changing Talent

Maybe more of a brown-skinned Bernie Sanders,
like Van Jones with Mrs. Jones
and all the little Joneses
or some other self-identified ecofeminist
man or woman
or extended family
of ambiguous Green Solidarity Color.

at least not the bald Naked Emperor
devising fake loyalty tests
to incorporated Him
rather than
our cooperatively incorporating Constitution
for democratic well-being
and health care giving and receiving,
and climates of mutually co-invested happiness.

“Earth[First]seed is adulthood.
It’s trying our wings,
Leaving our mother,
Becoming men and women.

We’ve been [seen but not heard] children,
Fighting for the full breasts,
The protective embrace,
The soft lap.
Children do this.
But Earthseed is adulthood.

Adulthood is both sweet and sad.
It terrifies.
It empowers.
We are men and women now.
We are Earthseed.
And the Destiny of Earthseed
Is to take root [again] among the stars.” (p. 397)


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