When We Can Dance

When you can dance
Don’t walk

When you can together sing
Don’t monologically talk

When you can bicamerally love
Don’t just try not to be quite so bipolar lost
afraid and then angry and then afraid…

When you can exercise compassion
Don’t just wear out passion

When you can creolize communions
Don’t colonize others’ ghettos
and gated lack of multicultural community

When you can shout Yes!
Don’t just mumble I’m not not Sure?

When you can cooperatively transubstantiate communion
Don’t just competitively devour disunion

When you are invited into an epic liberating journey
Don’t just conservatively progress

When you can preserve Earth’s vast beauty
Don’t just conserve Business As Usual half truths

When you can accelerate joy
Don’t slowly push on braking sorrow

When you can embrace rightbrain fulfilling feelings
Don’t just calculate leftbrain acquisitive thoughts

When you already feel curious
Don’t slow down for building up courage

When we can access democratically shared recovery
Don’t autonomously seek ego-invested relief

When you can hear and smell cooperatively-owned home
Don’t continue shopping for a visually competitive house

When you can hear and smell a resonantly-managed mind
Don’t continue fantasizing your most beautiful competitive body

When you can hear and smell resiliently healthy Earth
Don’t continue autonomously struggling for a wealthy planet

When you can live with globally compassionate significance
Don’t settle for slowly dying in local safety

When you have freedom to liberally love regeneration
Don’t conservatively worry about freedom from degeneration
While you can still dance
Don’t just walk

While you can walk
Don’t just crawl

While we can positively crawl together
Don’t just negatively crave alone.


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