Victimless Luck

A reverse corollary of faith
in “make your own luck”
is to blame the losing victim.

Optimizing our win/win resilient fortune,
treasured health
and safety
and wellbeing defense
is not the same as “self-making” a robust future

dissociated from informed win/win cooperative
democratic political health
and/or co-invested socio-ecological
economic nutritional flow systems

Like organic beings with branches:
Yintegral organic rivers,
nutritious MotherTrees,
and enriching global bank networks
of capital macro-economic
interactive systems,

Networks of branches,
co-mediated collaboratives
win/win co-empathic
nonviolent communications
for restoring healthy theological peace
as also wealth of ecological justice

And, oh yes,
lucky win/win economic co-investments
in integrity’s potential health of wealth.


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