Refined White Values

While trickling thick amber honey
in my black decoffied coffee
I wonder why I never noticed
until just ever now

How refined white sugar
has monopolized my wider full-hued view
of more nurturing nutritional brown sugars
natural bio-resonant sweets
healthier sugar-phosphate cooperative relationships
as if the least of these white privileged
rich and resilient wealth potentials
were iconic of healthier multiculturing also-rans

Like holistically engrained rich brown bread
compared most nutritiously to light white
lordly loaves

Like resilient and brilliant carotene
natural carrot juice
and spiritually resonant
mellow melon melodic cucumber
white privilege unencumbered
polyphonic sweet salad.

So too,
as I pour in thickening oatmilk,
I wonder about primal values
of commodifying capital-invested currency
as a pathetic
shadowy dietary substitution
replacing other healthier
wealthier humane value systems

Like energy currents of win/win compassion,
climaxing integrity
and ebbing resonant
ionic complex co-investment

Like receiving co-infested green
humane communion
while Earth worshiping integrity
of universally valued regenerative
resilient roots
stemming back to an alpine fragrant MotherTree
inviting this renewing campground dawn.

So too,
while inhaling warm comfort,
I wonder about Straight
Patriarchal Dad’s divisive
ChosenPeople monotheism
monopolizing my imaginative
emotional investment market

Overwhelming values for other biological
diversely ecological
synergetic geological
anthropological Theisms

Like panentheistic felt unity,
without uniformly rigid
LeftBrain dominant
disempowering requirements
of hierarchical capital-headed comprehension

And also like holistic
healing polytheisms,
without monoculturing ecopolitical
desecrating traumas
of rabidly viral
StraightWhiteMale values
win-or-lose devolving
uniformly deductive
divinely destined competitions,

Yet again,
Atheism, rooted in agnostic humility
without inhumane LeftBrain dominating hubris
of elitist reductive humanism
camouflaging AnthroTheistic Supremacy

Like making Straight WhiteSugar God
in my own retributive judging
unwise Images

Wanting to return
to nutritious
resonant health,
resilient wealth
multi-engraining richly resonant values

While trickling thick amber honey
in my golden oatmilk valued coffee.


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