Communicating Gratitude

My non-communication
and dissonant
dysfunctional miscommunication,
and occasionally aggressive
challenging win/lose dogmatic
refusal to bother with communication,

These all degeneratively punish
and unpleasantly neglect
open systemic civility

With marginalizing effects
further reinforcing
and unenlightened
trauma-avoiding behaviors

Toxic for those most wounded
and disabled
by LeftBrain dominant
monotheistic divine omnipotence
v hedonistic human non-verbal
non-violent impotence

A non-communion corporate spirit
of LeftBrain individual is supreme
divisive worldviews
harboring “gifted” classrooms
and partisan parties
and elitist societies
for StraightWhite
anthro-hierarchical evolutionary power
to suppress RightBrain
healthy Trust
co-passions wealthy Beauty

Resonant resilient communication
may invite a long operatic epic
but does not suppress communion
of non-verbal health/wealth intuitions,
does not repress
felt polysensory-neural healthcare

Passionate gratitude
positive attitude
inspired by sacred place
of generous natural Trust
meets secular corporate time
to co-invest in ubiquitous spiritual Beauty

Communicating mindful thanks
humble joy
reminds me
my “disability” labels
lie uncomfortably close
to dis-enabling resonant integrity’s
deepest sacred potential,
resilient love communication
in multicultural experiences
of communion

Wide passions
of co-empathic gratitude
for each day of Truth is Beauty
growing multi-sensory
neural-systemic health-is-rich-wealth
polyculturing communications.


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