Dissing Economic-Ecological GreenResonance

Why does this resonance of love,
lovely resonance,
feel so complexly complicated
to achieve?

complicit in felt imperfection

While red hot hate
burns resiliently,
remains pure
and uncomplicated,

Vengeance is Mine!
bright as red anger
smoldering in cold
black coal fear
of perfect disregard,
shaming blame
unequivocal unilteral conviction

I was right
to never truly love
in that unredeemed
leftist win/win compassionate
Not Right RedBlooded win/lose
competitively traumatic
monotheistic punishing way

Of anthrosupremacist survivalist sway,
HuMan MonoCulture Yang, LeftBrain dominant
dissonantly against
EarthMother PolyCulture Yintegrity,
RightBrain prominent EarthTribal
interdependent living systems
unraveling out in partisan bipolar directions

CoArising dipolar dynamic
four seasonal
green ecopolitical healthy wealth
win/win organic

Breathing in polypathic Taoist erections
of bicameral body/mind co-governing projections
for feeding
and watering public/private health
eco/theo-logical panentheistic
living sacred double-binary
emergent information

Joy/Integrity body health
is green mindwealth safety systemic,
neuro-systemic win/win optimization,
and eco/theologically cooperative
co-investments in mind-body
EarthTribe inclusive

Which may be why
does this resonance of love,
lovely resonance,
sound so complexly complicated
to achieve?

And feels impossible
not to fully co-invest
despite considering
all the LeftBrain dominant facts
of Earth’s eventual mortality.


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