Distancing Communication

Distancing communication
seems like an oxymoron,
like dissonant communion.

My ego center speaks communication
while my organic systemic body listens
for communion

Discerning what feels confluent,
resonant with ecological
health is wealth
EarthTribal indigenous experience

AND what feels like aggressive,
possibly predative,
lose/lose DIScommunication
distressed communication
dissonant noise
dissociative distancing,
sometimes ominously silent
terminal absence
of verbal communication

AND what feels like dualistic
win/lose MIScommunication,
missed cooperative win/win opportunity
too Either my way
Or hit the highway
competitively risky,
too egocentric
too anthrosupremacist
too StraightWhiteMale privileged
too LeftBrain verbally dominant
too lacking co-passion,
too unwoke,
but feeling more like ignorance
than lose/lose malignant
pathological intent
to DIScommunicate.

My ecosystemic body feels
Trust in win/win active hope,
DIStrust for surviving lose/lose despair,
economic and ecological degeneration,
MIStrust of win/lose monoculturing monopolies
monochromatically anthrosupremacist

and teachers
of pure white
bright paternalistic capitalism
as Earth’s only way
life toward healthy salvation.

Trust breeds neuro-systemic integrity.
DIStrust feeds overwhelming feelings
of violently weaponed despair.
MIStrust of win/lose
LeftBrain dominant thinking
not compliant with ecologically healthy experience
is, on my best feeling days
and peace dreaming nights,
a therapeutic opportunity tool
for responding to health risk trauma.


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