Growing Healthier Hopes

For measuring fleeting successes
of punishing policing justice,
we have overly relied on recidivism rates
in response to curiosity about
How to decrease crime.

For enjoying compassion
of restorative
healing justice,
we rely on win/win mediation
to grow deep resonance
and widely resilient integrity

In response to curiosity about
How to increase health
and safety
and happiness
locally egotherapeutic
and globally ecotherapeutic.

Retributive justice
fails a healthy and safe
wellness society
as it continues to punish
and excommunicate wounded
win/lose damaged criminals.

community-based visions
for restoring wellbeing
become increasingly effective
and resilient
as parents
and teachers
and leaders
shift our victimization focus
from CRIMES, violent and/or financial,
to healing victims of TRAUMA

and systemic,
and economic,
locally genocidal
and globally ecocidal.


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