Genocidal Ecocide

If we can’t stop genocide
Then what are our chances with ecocide?

If we can’t disengage from competitive economic addictions
to ecocide
Then what are our chances
of giving up politicized military genocide
to restore seven generations
of multiculturally healthy
democratic justice,

Or even making peace through
forty days of Lent?


It Is My Impression

I would just like to say
that it is my impression
that longer hair
and other flamboyant affectations
are male dominant immersions
from sadly dull camouflage
into the birthright
and left
of his trans-pangenderal sex.

And I would also like to say
that it is my impression

That wars
and bombs
and other ballistic
bad depressions
are far more likely
as our fast paced race
toward mass extinctions
are killing Earth’s
healthiest climate pace.

And I would further
not like to say
that it is my impression

While predative parasites inhabit
and colonize our landmass
we’re also trash dumping
our oceans
swamping our warnings wasted
polluting our breath
about rabid tendencies
to eat our own young
with sick competitions
in militaristic fun.

And I would just like to say
that it is my sad impression

Apartheid is shunning
and rabidity is plumbing
as life losing EarthTribes
continue succumbing
to Mutually Assured
RightWing Destruction,
MAD rabid bullies blaming
and judging
and shaming
while throwing away care
for all those Others
not part of We,
supremely straight white patriarchal

I would just like to say
that it is my mad impression

Grown in a sacrileged perspiring image
of JehovahGodYahweh’s
avenging AllahWe
maybe shouldn’t die off
quite so quietly
when Earth’s Great Rapture
smells like ecocide
rabid unraveling decidedly

What Gaia would just like to say
health is Her wealthiest impression

That wars
and bombs
and rabidity
are humanity’s
own RightBrain repressing
LeftBrain dominant depressing
historically hysterical
degenerative stupidity.

Note: With gratitude, and apologies, to the brilliant, creative, musical minds of Hair, the musical.


Sometimes People Share

Sometimes pandemic people share
pieces of our unspeakable personal story

That no health care worker,
sex therapist player,
or green resonant systems organizer
wants to hear,
much less smell,
or touch,
or deeply feel…

I flinch, sometimes.


Maybe flirt with longer-term
to protect myself
from suicide
to protect ourselves
from ecocide.

Make sure I’m OK
for now
right left here

And agree with my hurting
therapeutic parenting
wounded child
revisiting this past
and present chronic stress
including emotional panic
of darkly changing
and corporate monopoly
money decapitated
by compassionate EarthTribe
commitment to green cooperative

And agree with my hurting adult child
to resist this emotional panic premonition,
inhaled trauma,
physical mental
natural spiritual
shamed and blamed
punished and neglected
disempowered and unenlightened
unless revisited
for further bilateral reflection

To wonder how this bad news
from good people places
is OK to tolerate,
engage with active curiosity
good humored faith
soon as we can figure
what to do with all those unemployed
and too often unemployable

no rush
about defusing the nuclear bombs,
unrushed by unpatriotic fear
that climate degeneration
isn’t also an awkward
forecast for nationalistic
America First
post-pandemic economic depression

For now,
return to deeply listen
for internal trauma,
as yet avoided

Nightmares of Lose/Lose
so far avoided
on our U.S. watch
and witness when Other
karma turns toward Us.

But, again,
no worries,
no knotted panties,
no habitual sad-lined lines

and unseemly
despite longer-term property
and embodied health concerns
about global economic dysfunction,
disturbingly addictive,
spiritually seductive,
physically superlative
self-entertaining medications

Avoiding deep dark meditations
with even more win/lose despair
that slow-grown suicide
feels interpersonally familiar
walking heavily through
melting ecocide

who is this
remembering witness
who flinches?
And is s/he
the same Yintegral green voice
compassionately speaking
that We are co-empathically OK
for now
left right here

But reserve a StraightWhite Privileged choice
to revisit again
as soon as this wounded ecofeminist child
takes this chance
to speak HiStory’s Trauma

And re-imagine together
how we will,
next global warming climate post-pandemic,
re-support each Other
with compassion
and cooperative corporate co-investment

Knowing we will always do long-term battle
together Flinching
while co-arising
ego-centric hurting Voices
making less than Win/Win
health-wealth therapeutically optimizing
BiLaterally CoIntelligent Choices

Not really accessible
when on the darker side
of physical/spiritual addictive substance empathy
flowing somewhere between
temporary dopamined up serotonin escape,

Flirting with sacred suicide ideas
and afflicted by nihilistic despair
of globally disempowering
and locally unenlightened

But, again,
who is this governing witness voice?
this supremely indigenous
EarthTribal choice?

Who sings a full resonant hope
for future healthcare
choosing blue/green resilient
revolving EarthDay
for, and from,
a full whole systemic
ecofeminist Win/Win choice

For more YangStrong
Yintegral Flow balance,
polyphonic harmonies of light,
synergetic equities for cooperative power.

Sometimes people share
winter hibernating gardens
of dualdark
not-not despair


Presiding PResidential Properties

Why do Presidents
work out better
when they insist on remaining
persist in reclaiming
active grassrooted residents?

Cooperative property administration health values
are rooted
in eco-cooperative wealth

PolyCultural Values
from regeneratively safe experience
with resilient
and resonant,
CoPassionate Left/Right
bicamerally therapeutic
polyvagal EarthTribe
neurosystemic balance

While recovering
from LeftBrain capital presiding dominance
we begin to explore
RightWing hot red prominence
as too anthrosupremacist,
dissociatively white male straight-line monotheistic,
sadistically against ecofeminist cooperatives
left smirking,
rolling eyes
and roiling panentheistic ears
silently against monopolistic colonists
armed and ready to engage
lose/lose military weapons

Before reconsidering
healthier and green systemic
polycultural resilience

nonviolent bicameral communi-nations
reconsidering vaguely integral
4-Square spiraling
interactive spectral notions

Healthy democratic
win/win game engaging
religiously multicultural health
and strategically appropriate safety

In economically green
ecological administrations
teaching polycultural governing resonance

Of Both/And
not-not positive
dipolar co-arising co-alternatives
explored through grassrooted
therapeutic win/win anticipation

Does more than equal
Either/Or unmusical competitions
LeftBrain dominant
pointing anxiously downstream
toward lose/lose deep
dark anthrosupremacist
Straight Western WhiteMale
climatic monoculturing trauma
history of dark Earth Days
not so greenly healthy
or safely wealthy

Immersed in presiding
over LeftBrain
increasingly RightWing
competitively dominant
win/lose narratives
devoid of Sacred EarthTribe
recreation stories

Ignoring prehistoric songs
and dances
engaging pre-verbalized
indigenous DNA systemic
co-governing structures

fractal presidential patterns
residentially restructured

and rebuilding resilient
polyvagally systemic win/win
strategic playground wisdom.