Random Acts of Grace

I wonder if our reasons
for growing random acts of violence
are similar
to our dwindling random acts of reasoned healing,
unrequited love,
restoring cooperative ecopolitical relationships forward
not just because this is our right and healthy familial thing to do
but because we multiculturally know and extend,
believe and intend
actively faith
these are our greatest
most noble
most therapeutic gifts of hope
given before punishments
for random acts of violence
could even have become conspired.

It has been speculated
by military-industrial hypnotized media
seeking short-term sensational profits,
and by cynical economic and political prophetic voices,

We have become numb
to millions of homeless children,
many of whom are now being burnished,
and retooled
as LoseLose suicidal nihilistic soldiers,
pawns for burning with emotional hate
without ever having known love’s potential maturity.

Permanently stuck on pre-adolescent
survival of the All MonoCulturing Male Unit
erasing hard-fought memories
of compassion
for growing up among millions of homeless children
of all multiculturing genders
and nearly all species
with possible exceptions
for scavengers,
like cockroaches
and river rats
and millions of starving children
fired-up fuel fading from view of homeless futures
requiring further punishment
for bothering to persistently survive
on air waves
and water
and plants
bought and sold
and too-patriarchally owned by other,
supposedly adult,
mature people,
presumed to only know how to play
I Win
so You Lose
competing evolutionary MightMakes GodRight games.

I wonder if our reasons
for random acts of restorative justice
to achieve healthy WinWin
outcome reminders
our troubling predators with our disturbing prey
could become permaculturally relearning opportunities
revolutionarily expanding
mentors among these already starving homeless children
and non-consenting adults,
sibling and tribal groups
health care giving and receiving as best we can,
not having seen or heard or felt bilateral co-operative WinWin
opportunities for renewing climates of health
since successfully departing
our long dead EarthMothers’ wombs.

When punishing weapons
for addiction to violent choices
are accessible to those who believe they,
and we,
can holistically afford them,
can afford to compromise investments with integrity,
our rights of WinWin ownership requited,
then those raised more through retribution’s fear and anger
than restoration’s love and healthy synergy
will always flood our gun shops first
and ballistic associations last
through clouding media’s ecopolitical marketing of death
and terror
over cooperatively-owned matriarchal-patriarchal balancing life
as yin with yang restorations,
preyors of benign predation
loving bilateral revolutionary relationships,
mutual creolizations within all ecotherapeutic EarthTribes
for social arts and communication,
and scientific enculturation,
deep learning cooperative restoration
of mutual education.

Deep learning
among homeless childhood memories
of double-boundaries
for healing lost compassions.

Violence corrupts this void
left through grace’s wrongful absence.


Broken Planting Oaken Tree

We have tree traditions,
still accessible in diverse backward
and forward
reforesting cultures,
of planting a commemorative tree
when a great and portentous series of loving events
comes to its untimely rest.

my middle son’s lifetime friend
decided it was time to travel with the starlight
and so he left us heartbroken,
trying to be happy for him,
and sad without him,
to become OK with his decision
that he had uncovered enough sadness
His final vote was cast
and no one else was invited
to participate in his great transitional selection.

So, my son and I
will go into our messy forest
also known as the back lot,
where former residents have dumped asphalt roofing shingles,
and buried an entire breaking down garage.

If we were to dig deeper than necessary
we would probably find other mislaid treasures.
Shattered glass bottles and hearts
and open rusted food and toxic feeling cans,
and plastic of all dismembering colors
and ugly unshapely shards of angst,
but this day
we will dig only as deep as we must.

We will first visit a handful of oak babies
sprouting up under bushes in the side yard
and among poison ivy on the north side
so my son can choose which of these
will become Greg’s oak tree of new life
not beyond
yet still after suicidal death.

We will prepare this sapling’s new home,
digging a deep and wide welcoming hole
among back lot brambles of our thoughts and feelings,
then clear away potential choking vines and voices
now covering a clearing
surrounding trees have left
just right enough for a growing Greg
Large shade tree
to hug my son’s grandchildren,
and their Greg the OakTree loving children.

Then we will uproot our chosen new life tree
with reverence
and baptize her future MotherTree roots
of sacred fertility,
and as we sprinkle holy compost
to shade her vulnerable transparency to shaded light,
we will sing our allegiance to gratitude
for each life created through Father Sun,
nourished with Mother Earth,
sadly smiled with sacred GrandMother Moon,
sprinkling sounds of thanks
for each day
of each life
this oak tree,
as Greg,
will continue bringing us.

We will read and look and listen as Jesus taught
it is ungrateful sacrilege to remain angry
about not having received more grace
than we could have earned with more generosity of time,
when we could choose instead
to give thanks for each day shared with us
doing the best we can,
to give care as we would continue to receive.

Our love for Greg
grows through this oak tree’s future shade,
and west wind protection
for all our future days of thanksgiving
and suffering lost loss,
security for our children’s
healthy and happier children
this canopy grown Greg
still choosing flight
with starlight nights.



From onset of puberty
on through my early twenties
I had frequent flyer dreams.

Like learning to ride a bike,
I was nocturnally certain
just the right balance of body focus and mind flexibility
would lead to inevitable lift-off.

Perhaps it was not a coincidence
that the more daylight time riding my first and last red three-speed bike,
the more likely I was to invest my nightflights
in flying forward and yet flexibly floating free
to soar with stars
float and spin with the moon
looking down and back and out at EarthTribe’s AquaMarine Home,
laced with also flying cumulus fluffs of vaporous white,
as ephemeral as identity myself.

Adolescent hubris,
I know,
to imagine floating flexibly
with just sufficient internal focus, balance, centering
as if a Bodhisattva Flyer
of space as time traveling
forward future
and backward pasts,
outer becomings swelling
with inner flying beings co-gravitating
contracting concentric balance,
dreams of humane-growing flight as inhalation,
internal as external exhalation
mindbody co-operation,
co-present floating flights
of dreamscaped transparent night.

In my dream
we remain free to fly,
free from mind v body polarities,
spirit-nature remains inspiring bodies,
spiral flying full-flight dreams
of economic
and political
and psychological
EarthTribe Revolutions.


Contagious Gratitudes

sometimes I feel my grateful care-giving
for our mutual care-receiving
grows increasingly under-valued by you
and so,
perhaps for that reason,
also under-valued by me.

Are you suggesting,
my generous lover,
that positive gratitude,
like negative attitude,
is contagious?

Yes, that.
But also I worry
you believe your ultimate gratitude
for my generosity
is to apathetically receive ever more of my care,
rather than to repay in-kind
over our relational time together.

Does expressing my gratitude
with civil please and thank yous
and you are greatly welcome
and with I owe you
some good care-receiving in return
count as at least partial care-giving repayment?

and so would taking out the recycling basket
when you fill it,
rather than just leaving it over-flowing
with your Earth-resident care-giving
for me to take out
for us,
as if I were your care-giving robot
nutritionally-compensated for a robust future
by your mere past care-receiving
patriarchal presence
within us.

Are you suggesting
the absence of my care-giving actions
speaks louder
than the presence of my care-giving words?

Something like that, yes.

Well, thanks for that future care-optimizing feedback.

You are quite welcome
to act with care
even before you speak of our mutual care.

Is the recycle basket overflowing
with my care-giving again?

I thought you might have noticed
when your glass bottles
fell to the floor.

I thought that was just matriarchal Earth’s gravity
saying ThankYou.

that’s Her way of saying
it’s past time to clean up your care-giving act.


Broken Family Pilgrimage

Broken hearts
neural systems
heal in a profoundly broken,
sometimes revolutionary,

Almost 18 now,
youngest son Yin speaks no domesticated,
marketable language,
only primal syntax of saintly glory,
heroic internal/external story
without distinction between “life” and “love;”
he can only know life/love as co-arising NOW,
inviting his perfect insight,
eco-self thru interdependent-other consciousness
flowing through DNA-engorged neural norms
of autonomic karmic grace
and Presence-Centered beauty,
ZeroCentric YinYin polydextrous
mind-body flow
primally rooted in
“love-as-happy” snaptic
dipolar correlated with
“loss-as-absence” aptic
polycultural faith
in Time’s unfolding harmonic abundance.

Teacher of Mystic
full-bodied mind-dreams
in sea of child naivete
of Win-Lose evolutionary revisionism
of his Earth Host’s
rainbow revolutionary evolutionary re-membering
of what only human language has exegetically severed.

Sainted SunSon
with primal gifts
to smile with intelligence of good-reiterative humor
to dance with feet and hands
with skin and ears and bones,
to sing bicameral balance in neural-cranial vibrating septum,
dia-hemispheric vision
voice of all Earth’s bicameral livings
and minds
and hearts
and legs
and arms
especially stereophonic ears,
echoing eco-resonant deep sound,
co-gravitational nondual voice.

Mystic Son
resounding fractal-octaved crystal memories
of primal forested seasons
with reasons for Heaven Dawning
Golden Rules Upon Earth’s
Bilateral In-Formation,
I is You is Me.

ego/eco double-binding
buddha body consciousness
rich in healthy wealth nutrition.

Perfect son.
Perfect co-mentor.
Perfect neighbor and family member,
sometimes rather verbal family contract renegotiator,
bus always right and true,
noble and good and just,
good-humored contentiousness
about our collective cognitive dissonance,
thinking we are healthy and he is not,
as usual,
half-ass backward.

Perfect co-messiah
of regeneratively full life.

Perfect icon
of low anxiety
grows low neural synaptic activity
emerges (0)-centric ego/eco Angel-not-so-manic Syndrome,
silent siloed saints
of cooperative ecoconscious conscience
regenerativity as beauty with good humor.

Excellent zen-guru,
tao transducer,
in our dipolar incubator,
regenerative nest
floating in our polycultural timeless sea
where seasonal syntax
speaks bicameral reality.

Yin-sun knows “family”
only as ballast
toward regenerative kinship
“we cooperatively
eco-culturally are
and ionically share”;
without shadow of
ballistic weaponed
“you’re not family”
eisegetical creed
deductive reductive dominating
exegetical greed
to cooperatively feed each other
nutrients of healthiest wealth
regenerative open-optimizing
reverse hierarchializing
in-formating full-health function.

Yin-son’s family
means you are loved
with dignity and co-respect,
co-investors in Earth’s tribal gifts,
and cellular intelligence,
octave-harmonic frequency
Midway balancing
between hopeless tumor
and faithful humor.

Our Yin-Sun
who teaches me everything
I need and want to know
to love and care for him
is to learn love and care for self.

Broken hearts
neural systems
heal in a profoundly broken,
sometimes revolutionary,
world turned rightside down
deeply transitional and climatic,
even clinically chronically decommodifying
degentrifying, decompositional
yet still-inceptual
wavey wu-wei way.


Peaceful Losers

Patching up enslaving hatred is sure to leave some hated aftermath.
How can this be regarded as tolerable,
these interior human natured self-hatred transgenerational aftershocks?
Therefore Wisdom holds the Yang as Loser paradoxical space,
And does not dispossess guilt toward any Winners.
Virtue, like indentured servitude, is for coredemptive patching up;
Violence of enslaving hatred is for assigning Loser guilt.
But, the way of wisdom is partial toward inclusive Winners;
Siding only with coredemptive dispossessive losers
of enslavement, possession, cancerous wealth of entitled self-hatred
and fear of death as loss.

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Oh, well, first, ummm…Slave whom?
And, second, are you sure you intend to knock
on my front door?

First, Slave Hater.
Second, does that sufficiently answer your question?

No, not really, Slave Hater could be most anyone I’ve ever met;
this really doesn’t help me figure out who you are
knocking on my door
in this eternal moment.

So why don’t you open your door
to answer your own fearful questions
about my Hater identity?

Because anyone I would welcome into my life
would never knock first.

What does that say about your identity?
Who are you,
a 24-7 pit stop
only open for those who have a key to you?

That doesn’t sound quite right,
but perhaps not wrong either.

Well then it sounds like we are a good fit.
I’m Slave Hater,
both not quite right or wrong
for your passive-aggressive locked door
Win-Lose logistical strategy.

Wait a minute,
I didn’t say I’m passive aggressive,
and everybody I know locks their door
to win some safety from losers.

But you do say you are passive-aggressive
in your habitual practice of reminding those around you
of what you did not say or do.
You have less empathy for enslaved losers
than fear of becoming one yourself.
Don’t worry so much about it,
all us losers already know you’re a loser too
and we will feel comforted by learning
that you finally recognize you are one of us self-haters.
It’s OK,
You hope that hanging onto that one last key
in your pocket
means you’re not a total loser.
It does.
No one intends to dispute that,
at least no one you are ever likely to meet
to know and learn to love,
as long as you totally invest in that last sole-Winner key.

Patching up a great hatred
is sure to leave some hatred outside
and behind,
downstream for future struggling memories
and generations.


Basic Multisystemic Compassion

As I approached David Bohm’s Wholeness and the Implicate Order I anticipated easy resonance with his philosophy, but was concerned I would be lost in his symbolic math. I had no idea that he had any interest in language or anything that might approach a meta-philosophy of linguistics.

I probably don’t understand enough of this to even successfully explain why it feels so compelling to me, much less why I hope it will be compelling to you. Even so, let me set the stage for his rheomode chapter with a few sentences that grabbed me.


…in the present inquiry the rheomode will be concerned mainly with questions having to do with the broad and deep implications of our overall world views which now tend to be raised largely in the study of philosophy, psychology, art, science and mathematics, but especially in the study of thought and language themselves…. …the dominant form of subject-verb-object tends continually to lead to fragmentation, and it is evident that the attempt to avoid this fragmentation by skillful use of other features of the language can work only in a limited way, for, by force of habit, we tend sooner or later, especially in broad questions concerning our overall world views, to fall unwittingly into the fragmentary mode of functioning implied by the basic structure. The reason for this is not only that the subject-verb-object form of the language is continually implying an inappropriate division between things but even more, that the ordinary mode of language tends very strongly to take its own function for granted,… …because the ordinary mode of thought and language does not properly call attention to its own function, this latter seems to arise in a reality independent of thought and language so that the divisions implied in the language structure are then projected, as if they were fragments, corresponding to actual breaks in ‘what is’. (pp 39-40)


Bohm chooses rheo because it means “flow”; so he sees rheomode language structure as flowmodal. For reasons that I hope to support as we go along, I believe Bohm’s rheomode may translate effectively as “ecological.”

My first question has to do with how universally true is this “subject-verb-object” fragmentation of language. Here Bohm speaks of its ubiquitous culturally fragmenting effect especially when discussing things that are Whole Systemic like universal principles and nature and spirituality, dogma and metaphysics. But is it true that nouns always act as static nomials and verbs take all the dynamic action in all languages, is there a linguistic cultural divide in this respect between more Eastern enculturated language, as compared to Western encultured language? Is this as true in aboriginal, unwritten languages, as of post-industrial evolving language? Are there possibly ethological linguistic trends that might distinguish between Northern and Southern hemispheres, germane to this tripartite distinction between progenitive/subject-generative/verb-regeneration/object linguistic functions?

Regardless, Bohm’s ecological rheomode concentrates full language attention on holistic implications of verbs, language as iconic of process, change, development as well as implicating stasis, solidarity, and unraveling. Verbs, verbals, have this binomial function, dialectical form of explicit thesis-function and implied antithesis-appositive dysfunction. Dynamic linguistic function is diametric, binomial analogically and, therefore, binary-balanced digitally. Perhaps analogical information is to binary-coded polynomial information as digital information is to bionically-encoded language-pattern.

Bohm processes us through a 7-stage unfolding of basic verbal bionic function. Language evolves essentially bionic because it grows through a prime relationship between Self (ego) and Other (eco/echo/reiterating environmental input). Self is my information processor, receiving both Interior Landscape (B. Fuller’s Metaphysical Constant Concave Universe) and Exterior Landscape (Fuller’s Physical Convex Universe) messages. Both categories of messages are linguistically articulated only in our left hemispheres. Both categories of messages are temporally-neurally aptic/synaptic affectively received and fractally (4-based logical metric system) co-prehended, intuited, predicated, encoded, implicating memories resonant with RNA/DNA encrypted double-elliptical plasmatic fold/flow/force patterns, defaulting to retain ionic, and bionic, balance.

Just as it is not possible to have a “true” information system that is not binary-balanced, it is not true information that is not binomially structured, with a positive polynomial +form-function that is negatively dipolar correlated with –(-) polynomial equivalently ionic disbalancing chaotic dissonance; an implicit intuited antithesis completing the 100% truth value of each language space-time event. Cognitive awareness, and therefore the development of expressive language, and word choice, is an enthymematic dialogue between right brain’s natural systemic design and development experience, and left brain’s eisegetical hypothesis that what ego’s senses are absorbing remains normatively confluent with our prior unfolding of time encultured memory network.

For now, I want to narrow Bohm’s 7-stage (open-ended octave) taxonomy of  nomials into what appear to me to be the more primal 4-base stages. He analyzes several words as rheomodes. We will use his analytical structure for additional words:


Reform—to form again; spatial dimensions+=+, temporal linear dimension (-)before=(+)now

Reformant [reforming, reform-ionic]—is formant in this now, so choice of form is functionally “Truing”

Irreformant [negative reform-ionic]—is not formed now, so choice of form is functionally “Falsing”


When I replace reform with inform, then it becomes easier for me to see not-informant as dissonance, noise, the reception of a message without nutriently redeeming value; lack of confluence, absence of a good as well as absence of truth at this time.


Regenerate—to conceive again

Regenerant—regenerating now, truing confluent with encoded experience

Irregenerant—negative degenerating-ionic, generative trend is falsing, out of formative and functional potentiating balance.


Renature—to incarnate, an incarnational linear-string identity of historical continuity

Renaturant—confluent syncing with internal right brain true/good natural experience

Irrenaturant—dissonating from natural systemic order


For me, although apparently not for Bohm himself, the logic implied within these fractal forms becomes more transparent if I use co or eco where Bohm uses re and rheo; these are essentially binomially-fractal flow rhythms and patterns of logic and ecologic.

SINE                           (enthymematic +e = +c-function) Uracil = winter permacultural language

COSINE                     right-temporal-only Interior prehension +e-functionally confluent

Cytosine= spring as positive ecocentric hope permacultural logos/logic

Positive [Adonine] + Negative [Guanine] confluent/dissonant neural memory/random-chaos LTR trend-analysis

= regenerating flow-fractal RESOLUTION: SINE equivalently eco-logic, temporally coded function


I realize these thoughts have taken some bold analogical leaps, but I believe that if we embrace the basic prime fractal relationship between Interior Landscape’s right-brain dominant ecologic as a reverse corollary of the Exterior Landscape’s left-brain dominant logic, we can uncover empirical, scientific, deductively sequential, logical, rational, as well as good and beautiful and regenetically effective evidence that cognitive dissonance is what happens when co-incidention does not. In other words, we can only cognize as true and logical, right and fair and just, beautiful and good, graced karma what does not cause chaotic temporal-neural flow chaos between our right and left dominant co-incidental pattern and rhythm code memory, within our amazingly binomial information processing DNA speciated brains.

Both psychological and physical/geometric/biometric evidence combine as I comparatively analyze Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetics, Julian Jaynes’ ethological cultural analysis of the left-brain’s evolution of language (The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind). Jaynes’ conjectures have only been further supported by subsequent split-brain research. However, his choice of “breakdown” was important for his historical interest in the evolutionary relationship between consciousness and identity, and, if he were rewriting for a post-millennial audience, he would probably invest rather more ink in our bicameral buildup of right-left equi-valent permacultural balancing trends. That said, his historical evolutionary analysis remains germane for noticing this fractal flow-trend within language and ecological economies of natural systemic value, virtue, nutrition, medicine, health, mental health, power, function, form, information, and ionic/bionic ergetic frequencies.

I find natural (inclusive of human natural) fractals as deeply embedded in our Interior Landscape as Buckminster Fuller, Gregory Bateson, Guy Murchie, and others find within Earth’s, even the Universe’s, natural design and development stages and frequencies and forms. So much so that analogical fractals and polymorphic fractals resolve as ecological and logical regenerative Prime Relationship Fractal Systems.

Some more developmental-fractal eco-nomials that I have included in an article for the Community Development Association:

Comparing synergetic organic paradigms, the unfolding economy of love (Fuller mentioned love as a synonym for how he understood the action of synergy) and seasoned integrity, perhaps wisdom, becomes analogous with Fuller’s fractal unfolding of Universal Intelligence.

Permaculture                           Positive Affect             Learning                      Seasonal Metaphor    

Decompose form/function        Attend/Presence           Notice/Apprehend        Winter/Advent 

Consume function                    Hope?                          Question/Doubt                       Spring

Produce form                           Faith!                           Understand                  Summer

Regenerate information                       Love/Peace…               Comprehend[1]               Fall/Harvest

Regenerative systemic process follows a redemptive economic cycle, in which we intend to “buy back,” reinvest in those outcomes with the best sustained yield-value and least risk of over-unbalancing-investment. Risk aversion itself seems to recommend becoming as cooperatively self-invested as environmental circumstances allow, as a first-tier priority for OCQI yield development. Self-redemptive economies lead to mutually-(co)redemptive economies, lead to self-regenerating Climax Community development, into perpetuity, or permaculturally.

I suspect there may be profound implications for merging linguistic and nutritional health paradigms. For example, I am aware of two psychotherapeutic models rooted in Buddhist philosophy: dialectical behavior and compassionate. They each have their strengths and they are not in any way dissonant with each other. Their primary distinction may be their point of original linguistic perspective. Dialectical behavior therapy comprehends self-identity within a fundamentally Thesis v Antithesis logos/language intellectual and feeling environment. Here we are encouraged to balance our grasping instincts with our immune-aversive instincts. Compassion therapy begins with a Basic Attendance Self-EcoEnvironmentally co-passionate mutual mentoring enthymematic hypothesis, which implies an equivalent +/(-) binomial Thesis/Antithesis Zen Vortex of mindful potential. Compassionate awareness, or love, or synergy, becomes the synergetic holonic balancing of +Thesis-ego-identity with –(-)Antithesis-bionic economical individuation. Mutually appreciated therapeutic benefits now, and anticipated for the future, is what sustains healthy interdependent minds, communication, relationships, intentional communities.

Switching to a Taoist frame, where I have more familiarity and linguistic comfort, this Positive Teleological self-identity information string, following the regenerative evolutionary and revolutionary trends of enculturing history, is the  convex force/form-power/solidarity of Yang; regeneratively completed and dialectically-binomially-economically cooperatively and mutually balanced by concave flow/function-dipolar reflective subsidiarity of co-incidentally reverse proportioning/distortioning/torquing/wavilinear/individuation unraveling Yin’s bi-functional role within Yang-quantic, or ionic, identity. Regenerative Tao balancing trends may be temporally viewed as Yin-prescient to Yang’s linguistic self-consciousness moment, as well as coincidentally wavilinear within each regenerative trending primal event-moment relationship.

Within binary information systems this seems to translate into +1.00% Polynomial information is temporally-linearly equivalent covalent with (+/-)0 QBit Polynomial Bayesian analysis trends.

Why do I think you would care about this?

Perhaps because I read Laura Brown’s feminist psychotherapy work (Subversive Dialogues) before I ran into Compassion Therapy, and something going viral that I think is called Health Home, I have trouble seeing any difference in how they describe an optimally therapeutic linguistic, or rhetorical, or dialectic/dialogical multisystemic environment. When I began my current journey toward verbally and sometimes nonverbally silencing my aversion to what I don’t find compelling in my Oppositionally Disordered daughter, and, instead actively looking for ways to appreciate her Positive functionality, reinforcing and growing her strengths and assets, assuming her screechy-scratchy dissonance has a positive-functional ethological evolutionary role for her, and for our relationship, then I find myself enjoying her more, and she appears to enjoy me more.


Anyway, I have certainly not done justice to the linguistic potential you might find in David Bohm’s rheomode, whether it works as a synonym for ecological flow function for you or not. Unfortunately, like Buckminster Fuller, he was an even worse writer than am I. It is easy to get lost in our long, complex strings of interactively dynamic analogies. This, however, is an unfortunate communication challenge for those with a polypathic way of using our nutrient-absorbing sensory receptors. Something I intuit that we might share, or you would not still be reading this.

[1] All systems are subject to comprehension, and their mathematical integrity…and trigonometric interfunctioning can be coped with by systematic [eco]logic. (Fuller, 1975, p. 97) The fourness of self and the fourness of otherness = [binomial and bionic] comprehension. (Fuller, 1979, p. 49)