PreTrumpian Pronouncements

I saw there was a mow-down in Las Vegas
of country western loves.
And also heard our President
was about to share his view.
But before he had his chance
to enlighten one and all,
I figured his best solution
was to hope before the next time
we’ll all do our patriotic duty,
go out and buy the best automatic multi-repeating rifle
with scope that we can afford to buy,
so everyone can keep a well-scoped eye
on all the other country western wise
before we blast each other’s patriotic duty
to stand and salute both our flags of equally good history,
leave no child with any color standing,
left unpatriotically behind.


Dear Donald

I know how much it means to you
to protect my health and safety.

And, for this purpose,
to stop the terror,
end the ballistic killing
within these disuniting States,
please ban the NRA,
and stop selling guns
to those with histories
of mental illness.

The statistics,
both real and alternative,
all inform quite clearly,
if you would put this same energy
you have invested
in keeping out
those who would reinvest in,
to helping out
those who already disinvest of our domestic peace
and nonviolence,
then this killing Association already here
might calm down
enough so you could hear
the silence of those seeking
absence of threat and violence.

Thanks so kindly
for your first priority attention
to these matters
of real lives and deaths,
in contrast to those you have imagined.


Weapons Wearing Uniforms

To all young officials wearing uniforms
and guns,

I am sorry you must respond to too many challenged residents of Earth.
It breaks my heart,
to open my compassionate mind
to this dysfunctioning society,
as you must see us every day and night,
both potential victims and potential criminals,
while all our good grace news fades into invisible understory.

No justice, much less mercy,
is possible in such a Kafka nihilistic culture
of booming chaotic rabid overpopulation,
emerging paranoid manic pathology,
while your pursuit of peace,
internal and external,
longs with us,
those without uniforms or weapons,
for a more abundantly healthy wealth
of good humored climates.

A gentler caution;
Whether we are all in a messy investigation involving,
rather than excluding,
victims who are also sometimes guilty of criminal activity,
is within your responsibility to lead,
as opposed to flying apart with assumptions
of competing truths and active distrust agendas.

If your ecopolitical outcome hopes and dreams
include more health as less social pathology,
stronger good-humored climates,
so fewer mean-humored,
vaccinations against violent actions and conversations
may need to begin with you.

Oaths to do no harm
in pursuit of healthier outcomes
apply to all who would serve therapeutic peace with justice,
mercy as basic non-judgmental interdependent co-presence.

If all challenged residents,
uniformed and not,
potential victims and criminals alike,
have turned you into a challenged officer for peace,
then time for some internal ecotherapy has become overdue,
for your healthier climate
and ours,


Opposites CoAttract

How might our feeling-language
play its stretching role
toward imagining ourselves and others
differently than we believe we,
and they,
truly are?

Can you find a difference between problems, as issues,
and opportunities, as possible resolutions,
in how they feel dark v. light,
but this difference is not that of opposites within themselves,
so much as dialectical cause-effect appositional feeling.

Issues like gun control and climate change
feel too dark and heavy and unpleasant
even to those who also
love guns
and fresh air
and clean water
and nutritious soil
and other healthy things–
well, not so sure about loving guns,
but certainly loving sufficient power to control my future with you.

opportunities to control guns
and re-air issues from a freshly potentiating perspective,
and to water clean health,
rather than develop dark issues and constituencies
living as monoculturally over-consuming weedpatches,
feel lighter,
more enlightened,
perhaps even a bit more,
I don’t know,
maybe bicamerally rebalancing
our WinWin Co-Implementation Game.

How might our interior and exterior therapeutic voices
learn to speak
through cognitive-affective dark-languaged dissonance,
for EcoPresent Consciousness of “light feels good”?