Deep Cooperative Climate Learning

Health issues and ecopolitical promise speak in dialectal fractals:
1. Notice hope
2. Understand positive faith
3. Believe with diastatic love regeneration
4. Polypath creolic integration is also notnot decomposing release,
wu wei double-binding midway image
Tipping Point discernment
toward further revolutionary adventures.

This full open-systemic octave
resonates 1-4 egocentric
with 1-4 EarthTribe’s MatriarchalPatriarchal BiCameral Golden Rule.
What starts Ego
ends deep in EcoPointing polypathic Earth.

Matriarchal/Patriarchal creolization
herein defined
as LeftBrain languaged ecopolitical dominance
with RightBrain nonverbal inductive-unitive-cooperative
ecological resonance.

We are in a sad Either/Or competing
ego v eco dis-centric
Yang v Yin anti-logical
LeftBrain dominant state.

But also bicamerally capable
of polypathic states
of LeftPatriarchal-RightMatriarchal grace.

Laotse’s content of governing information
and contentment of peaceful feeling
are nondual YangLeft/YinRight trust within Tao-God/GoddessEarth.

Governing authority ends
where responsibility begins
for polypathically using our LeftBrain
Yang universal-digital-binomial information health/pathology trends
and our RightBrain Yin co-empathic cooperative ecological balance,
together as eco-analogical revolutionary resonance.

The Physician (Luke 12:48)
From every humane emerging person
to whom much has been LeftBrain given,
much more will be RightBrain co-empathically
cooperatively asked,
regeneratively expected trust,
polypathically invited faith.

building out from Dale B Martin’s epistemology of trust in faith:
“Our goal is to rest in the knowledge that we cannot now know fully
[polypathically, with full resonance]
but to determine that we will [deep learn] exercise
our brief and partial [LeftBrain languaged] knowledge
as [RightBrain faithfully] ethically
and [bilateral] lovingly as we can.”
(Biblical Truths, p. 70)

is the ultimate guide in creolizing polypathic epistemology.

Everything works both Yang-regenerative/Yin-degenerative ways.

All observation is ecologically co-relational (egoLeft-ecoRight).

Deductive top-down thinking fractals
culminate in bottom-up inductive
multiculturing cooperative action fractals
toward revolutionary diastatic Beloved Community ReDevelopment.

The landscape is our textbook
and climate outcomes are our scripture.

Decomposing failure is useful
so long as we learn polypathic cooperation
along our shared way.

Elegant solutions are simple,
even LeftBrain ego-isolated invisible
transparently bilateral.

Make the smallest cooperative intervention necessary
and available right now
where we too competitively reside.

Avoid too much of a good Win/Lose uber-supremacist overpowering thing.

The isolated egocentric problem
is the notnot double-binding nutritional-healthy resolution,
Earth and Ego eco-resonant balance.

Recognize and break out of Either/Or LeftBrain dominant cul-de-sacs
by noticing invitations toward Both/And LeftRight reiterative boulevards.

Ecological bilateral root systems
direct and organize natural-spiritual redistributional economies
of nutritional/toxic goods/bads,
preferring cooperative saturation values
and polypathic binomial-bilateral-bicameral
ego/eco collateral nurturing design powers.

The essential ecopolitical dynamics
of both Bodhisattva and Messiah narratives
are pay cooperative love forward
for polypathic ego/eco-redemption
of Earth-noticing
as Other-understanding
Self-Regenerational Loving
as Polypathic Revolutionary Reweaving,
inviting graced karmic egos
to multiculturally cooperate
full-resonant again.



Inspired by Dale B Martin’s Biblical Truths and  David Holmgren’s “Thinking and Design Revolution” pp. 14-15,  Permaculture Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability.

Whether divinely inspired or not is probably best left to the eye of you, the beholder.


Grace and Pathology

I hope it would not be a parody of Michael Morrell’s political scientific position
to suggest all relationships are political
and all political relationships fall somewhere on a spectrum
between perfect co-empathic trust,
nutritionally and regeneratively favored by creolizing democracy,
and completely mutual distrust, antipathy,
a rabidly nihilistic strain
of totalitarian ballistic terrorism.

Should this spectrum amply describe tensions between democratic multiculturing trust
and plutocratically elitist monoculturing mistrust
then perhaps we can also see this spectral tension
between positive-regenerate social-psychology
and negative-degenerating entropic nihilism;
between cooperativity of Both/And empathic feeling and faith
and competing Either/Or antipathy
hardened reductively negative belief systems
with absence of good and healthy faith.

We might further stretch this same relational spectrum
to include hope and faith and love
as growing stages of healthy positive psychology,
so despair, and selfish faithlessness,
and raging sociopathic hatred
are parallel emerging stages
of pathologically negative anthropocentric
and egocentric

Within this wide egocentric Yang and eco-centric Yin spectrum
we learn and grow and develop our positive and negative psychology,
our health and our pathology,
as regenerative trends and our degenerative decompositional losses
into mutual immunity silos of autonomous self and other hatred;
historically characteristic of densely swarming over-populations,
beyond what Earth can ecosystemically hold and feed and enrich.

In this light and dark nondual co-arising view,
I read Dale B Martin’s understanding of how he can both be a person of Christian faith
and a student of religious and theological dark histories.

“It may well be that I have [positive psychology] faith
just because I was raised that way.
Having grown up in a religious [regenerative-normed] family,
itself the [bilateral-maternal and paternal] product of generations
of Christian people,
I may be psychologically inclined
or [co-empathic trust] habituated
to assume some ultimate [balancing] meaningfulness
of the [yang-yin nondual] universe
and the [healthy] centrality of [ecopolitical] faith for life
[rather than nihilistic despair].”

my family
though attending a very conservative [homophobic] church,
was generally liberal and [inclusively] progressive.
We weren’t particularly bothered if others did not go to church
or went to a different church
[or adhered to a different positive faith system].”

Professor Martin is a brilliant “out” gay white Texas-reared male
now tenured at Yale.
Because of his family’s progressive co-empathic trust,
his parents quickly acclimated their love,
with a heterosexual-norm presumption,
to love for their gay son,
just another creative stretch of their inclusive and always yet-emerging
positive health psychology.

The primary difference between Dale Martin’s Texas experience
and my own rural Michigan experience,
was my absence of a liberal/progressive parental support system
restraining and creolizing the pathological hubris of elitist-supremacist
“from above” messianic grace
rather than “from deep within” co-empathically trusting grace
and karma.

With that difference,
Dale Martin’s positive Christian psychology has been continuous
throughout his still emerging family tree extension
to include the treasures of other regenerative traditions,
while my own journey has been more discontinuous and disjointed,
stressed and stretching
to ultimately arrive at peace with eco-messianic trust
in regenerative MotherEarth,
compatible with co-redemptive messianism,
in a lavishly creolizing composting transubstantiatingly inclusive way,
fractured and reset
rather than organically whole over my lifetime of Christian rediscovery,
as is the more continuously regenerative faith system
of Professor Martin’s still-emerging grace story.