Zero Owls with Fractal Falcons

Like wise bicameral nighted owls
we evolve co-challenges with unfolding flight-strong falcons.

Now we are co-arising
to fly above and through past dominating pain,
to fly below reductive reverse future’s radiant rain,
square-rooted beyond prime function
of Positive spinning double-negative binary bond,
fusing what was bi-fissioned double-dark gravity,
re-naturing global EarthTribew’s breathless spirituaity
with comprehensive co-arising/contracting ecoconsciousness,
permaculturally programmed
D/RNA polyculturally processing
EarthGoddess shamanic/organic life/love’s full-health system
of wealthy wisdom.

Double night-bound owls,
gracefull friendly challengers
fighting with falcons,
but not against,
for both-and,
not either-or,
predicted to live interdependently forever
within co-passioned redeeming flight
through mutually fertile wisdom,
Yang-trenscending dual-dark’s light freedom,
nesting Trees of Regenerating Life, with Death,
Beloved ReGenesis Root System.

Might this Omega Point of flighted bicameral consciousness
breathe in and out
Here and Now
Yang convex-eco echoing
within eternally concaving
doubly-transparent binding
timelessly reverberating Yin with Yin,
like Win with Win Organic Permaculturing Game Theory?

Likewise bicameral knighted owls with falcons,
we eco-evolve unfolding light’s flight-genesis.


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