Time’s Double-Binding Logic

Double binds
like double negatives,
neither here nor there
yet both here and there,
where past and future
meet here and now.

Time’s double-binding law and order
of identity
wears two faces,
one composed of past incarnate spaces,
the other comparing future’s becoming places.

Ego’s voice of memories past:
I must be this individual
because all my deductive
reductive memories of past events
lead to this inevitable conclusion
of here and now.

Eco’s Right-brain intuitive voice of future’s invitation:
We must become interdependent Other
because our future dual destiny
articulates rhythmic identity
of life and death regenerational pattern.

Each human nature’s evolution,
has supported emergence of Left-brain language dominance
to lead us toward Left-Right co-arising balancing consciousness,
confusing dissonant temporal double-binds
with spatial-oppositional logic
of either this or that,
while time’s prime existential double-negative,
of neither past nor future,
where now conjoins past with future,
are appositional,
this AND that,
as dipolar faces of stimulus with response,
being past Left-dominant with becoming Right-Left
inductive with deductive,
inhaling with exhaling,
co-arising with co-compressing,
regeneration with decomposition,
producing future’s cooperative hope
while consuming past’s memory.

We logically must both be and become
within Time’s double-binding “must”
of ego-life as eco-decomposing consciousness,
as timelessly and ubiquitously balanced
as Positive with Double-Negative information,
as Uracil with double-negative Cytosine,
birthing bipolarizing rhythms
of Adenine or Guanine,
Ego or Eco,
Deductive Reason or Inductive Interdependent Intuition,
ego and eco temporal double-binary consciousness,
Polynomial Form equivalent to
Not-Not Polycultural Prime Functional Relationship
as life equivalent with not-not death,
love regenerating not-not fear,
good recreating not-not eviL,
protons positiving not-not neutron/electronic negative-squared light
of Time’s prime double-gravitating balanced relationship,
matter’s fractal square roots in double-transparency,
folding/unfolding/refolding ionic-ergodic Energy,
strings of HereNow Time degenerating back to timeless Memory,
regenerating cooperatively forward
becoming Time’s full consciousness fulfillment.

Double binds
like double negatives,
neither here nor there
yet both here and now,
Left-Right prime ego-eco
nondual manifest cosmological consciousness,
with Yang cast as ego,
YinYin, as Win-Win co-arising cooperativity,
shyly staging ecologic’s EarthRight,
within Tao’s balancing ergodic Time.


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