Sacred Full Moon Howl

Our time has come
to turn from dance
with Owl’s night-wise Medicine,
deep negentropic listening,
wide empathic languages and iconic myths
of syntax flowing metaparadigms,
we reach across Full Moon labyrinth
to ego die as eco-diastatic pleasure
in contented Presence
within as without,
struggling with letting go of anger
for our ignorance.

Frustration with our own slow to learn sense
that our best years are behind us,
if only because we prefer
to die in wealth of Full Moon’s co-messianic birth.

To struggle through this narrow breach
of polypathic pilgrimage this dark MidWay Eve,
to relinquish all fear of fear
of folding and refolding incarnation’s timeless eco-synergy,
timeless Being Present
as ReGenerative Issue
of ProGenitor Full Moose Moon Medicine,
HumaneSelf as SacredOther poly-empathic esteem,
Prime Ego/Eco-Elational CoIdentity.

Silent nights for lack of echoing resonant laughter
are not most Holy Nights,
as purgation’s Advent waiting
opens sublime ecotherapy of Earth Rights and Wrongs
are Ours,
WE Wide Web of Earth Tribes,
emerging from Heaven and Earth Co-Present

hours and days and seasons
regenerating bicameral laughter
with deep co-respect
and deepest co-arising Presence,
eco-smiling with coherently inclusive rememory
of warm waving co-gravitating humor
in love as life spread wild as moonlight
on this CoElational Eve.


Zero Owls with Fractal Falcons

Like wise bicameral nighted owls
we evolve co-challenges with unfolding flight-strong falcons.

Now we are co-arising
to fly above and through past dominating pain,
to fly below reductive reverse future’s radiant rain,
square-rooted beyond prime function
of Positive spinning double-negative binary bond,
fusing what was bi-fissioned double-dark gravity,
re-naturing global EarthTribew’s breathless spirituaity
with comprehensive co-arising/contracting ecoconsciousness,
permaculturally programmed
D/RNA polyculturally processing
EarthGoddess shamanic/organic life/love’s full-health system
of wealthy wisdom.

Double night-bound owls,
gracefull friendly challengers
fighting with falcons,
but not against,
for both-and,
not either-or,
predicted to live interdependently forever
within co-passioned redeeming flight
through mutually fertile wisdom,
Yang-trenscending dual-dark’s light freedom,
nesting Trees of Regenerating Life, with Death,
Beloved ReGenesis Root System.

Might this Omega Point of flighted bicameral consciousness
breathe in and out
Here and Now
Yang convex-eco echoing
within eternally concaving
doubly-transparent binding
timelessly reverberating Yin with Yin,
like Win with Win Organic Permaculturing Game Theory?

Likewise bicameral knighted owls with falcons,
we eco-evolve unfolding light’s flight-genesis.


Great-Horned Owl

I remember that walk

with my Great Horned Owl

lying on wilting green bed of grass

next to her severed left wing,

her eyes so Open Sesame

in a cardboard box

my arms were graced to carry

to her grave.


I remember billowing ribbons of vapored breath

sweeping out toward yellow brown hay stubble fields,

our red barn and fake-brick farmhouse,

carrying messianic wonder and hope,

worry and fear and unworthy sobs

for this Earth,

so richly endowed with ionic wisdom,

to choose us for her

Permaculturing Opera.


But, I was eight

with much to unlearn,

and this may be why Sage Owl

had come to vaccinate me,

to show me through her dying

that Permaculture Tribe

mentors me to ask for water

cupped in my young right hand,

open to her infinite swelling eyes

leaking thirsty freedom justice,

tipping sea salty balance

toward all Earth’s shamanic polycultured Tribes.


I buried her for far too long,

apparently justice flies with older wisdom.

We are each ecologically programmed shamans

blindly dodging barbed wire fences.


Face to Face Reweaving

I remember feeling special

hoping for a path beyond the Law of reason

with shamanic powers

to grasp and change

and save myself,

my family from death,

uninvited decay and dissonance.


Owl came to whisper

“Shaman-child, be born again”

I was afraid to die with Her.

Purgation feels wrong and putrid,

an offense to creating hope and faith.

This death would be too common

for my Self-potential Shaman.


Bear came to teach me

hibernation’s coincidental embrace,

and not death.

My cave of fear is where I sleep

until spacetime is ready

to call forth one of her eternal pearls.

One among all, each with our place

and time to shine



a reincarnating pearl

well-strung strong

in harmonious round octave

to carry forth our future

pearl of paradise.


Yet still I want and wait and balk and fear

disgraced ungrateful,

ungraced disgrateful,

wishing victory for my silent cave

of dark potential integrity.

If I could make it so

I would,

to call out Spring of hope at last

our season of regenesis,

but are we ready?

So still I wait and balk and fear.

I confuse my faith

with our self-consciousness.


Raven calls the Shaman call

within Elder cave’s cell-consciousness;

regenesis is always near

between tomorrow and right now.

We are only this integrity,

Eternal Moment’s potentiality

toward vast polyculturant affection

through present’s winnowing comparison

with past negative effects.

Shared black silo of fearful smothering

alone without relationship to space or time.

Turn around.

Our positive pilgrimage rises convexly,

together toward expanding solidarity.


With obedient trepidation

I face about to face the face

Other knows about,

with timid voice, I hesitate,

“Does the Shaman assembly accept your verdict?”


It’s not my place to speak this way

but silence screams back to me



More confident with building hope

“Does our shamanic assembly accept our verdict?”

Again the reconnecting cave of reconciliating

silent wisdom string

stretching back through cultured history of pearls.


Incarnating faith,

with graceful dance of presence,

“Do we accept present integrity

of future’s positive promise?”

I sing our dance

reechoing strings of eco-normic pearls

toward future’s present past.


Permacultured pearls prance prescient presence.