Turning Ballistics into Ballast

“The desire for personal exculpation from the sins of society is a kind of fetish,
akin to solar panels on a 4,000-square-foot house.”

Exemption from our anti-social competition and egocentrism
is a desire for ever more cognitive dissonance
as suboptimization of eco-consciousness,
perpetuating our collective delusion
worshiping at the altar of win-lose competitive markets and choices
as self-perpetuating survival identity,
implied threat of Other’s success,
Earth’s insufficiency to provide,
lifetime’s fleeting universe of opportunity,
failure to trust Time’s timelessly transparent cooperative process.

“What, exactly, is this ‘money power’?”

What is Yang power?

“…I sometimes run into people who have read books…that make a persuasive case for an ancient global conspiracy [B. Fuller, “steering”]
dedicated to a ‘New World Order,’…[of J Macy’s “Active Hope”]
…conspiracy theories give too much credit to the ability of humans
to successfully manage and control complex systems.
Something mysterious is certainly going on,
and the ‘coincidences’ [co-arisings] that people…cite
defy conventional explanation,
but if you’ll allow a moment’s indulgence in metaphysics,
I think ultimately what is happening is that our deep ideologies
and [ecosystemic, DNA-encrypted] belief systems,
and their unconscious shadows [syntax],
generate a matrix of [polymorphic] synchronicities
that looks very much like a [benign] conspiracy
[steering of time’s four-seasoned unfolding].
It is in fact a conspiracy with no [systemic]conspirators.
Everyone is a[n enslaved] puppet,
but there are no puppet-masters.”
[There are few enslaved-slaveowners,
and none who could be systemic freedom-masters.]

(Quotes from Charles Eisenstein, pp. 90-91, Sacred Economy, 2011, Evolver,
comments in brackets and format changes are my own wilderness.)

Enslavement is universal
but cooperative co-arising parasites
are unitarianly powerful.

Slavery is forced ownership of parasite B
by A’s full-time Host agenda.

Slavery, in anthropomorphic cultures,
is collectively ego-morphic
(in contrast to polymorphic nature)
and fear and anger
toward and from which enslaving ownership of Other’s time derives
and predicts to continue,
are also nondually relational,
or “relative,”
as Einstein used the term.

Enslaver force perpetuates Ego’s forceful angry deductions,
self survival through creating victims,
reduction of self
to destroyer of time’s inclusive fullness
as someone who could cooperatively share all Others’ ego-healthy will
for equivalent freedom from freedom to enslave or not,
source of nature’s co-gravitational unfolding,
timeless freedom of self/other co-belonging.

Those nations,
informating biosystems,
with vastly disproportionate wealth deposits,
divorced from cooperative health and well-being investments,
not only steal power’s freedom from those without enough to interdependently thrive,
our unbalanced yangish wealth also steals our own collective mental health,
fearing fair freedom’s inevitable repercussions of evolution,
climatic transitions
struggling to repress nondual codependent enablement
of negentropically transparent ego-death.

On the other hand,
as we feel our most resonant light of wisdom,
as we have checked our intuitions with good multisystemic empirical research
on optimal development of polymorphic polycultures,
interior and exterior landscaped,
both endo- and ecto-symbiotically co-arising evolutionary revolutions,
as we step into our deduct/induct
ballistic/ballast for balancing thresholds of ecological consciousness
and become time’s agent-door,
swinging positively as West deductive,
and double-negatively as East intuitive reiterations,
where West is Left and East is Right harmonics
we learn to ballast these fears and angers in temporal
and proportional alignment
for optimal thermodynamic balance,
and co-arising cooperative love.

This day,
each day,
even these bone-aching heart-breaking days of loneliness,
desperate revolutions of interior/exterior climates,
fear with anger;
This Life’s day
is you, nondual positive/negative correlational-dipolar co-arising.
You co-operatively revolting is your phoenix revolution.
Your Time.
Your Moment.
Our Moment’s timeless time.
Our cooperative ecosystemic life

Turning Self and Other’s competitive and paranoid ballistics
into Ego/Eco’s cooperative ballast
toward Active Revolutionary Hope.

Note: Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects is not a conspiracy theory, it is a co-arising systemic theory for active hope to deactivate despair.


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