Aldo’s Note to Future Generations

Aldo Leopold recommended
to would be ecotherapists
that we deeply learn
to “think like a mountain”

At life summit and death ebbing
silent scales of health
and polyculturing wealth
being burned
and drowned
and starved
and dried out

For a monotheistic capital harvest Season
of winterish waiting

To see this anxious
and anticipating balance
of natural revolutions

Through forest and meadow and grasslands
evolving mountainously reliving EarthSpace.

Yet, I also hear a further commendation
to would be singing egotherapists

Also deep learn to feel
and dance like a river
of upstream toward downriver time
of Earth’s unraveling
traveling nutrition
tunneling trunk tide recommunication

Flow trends predicting new later recycling
resuscitating opportunities
to empower sacred polyculturing health
of Earth’s enlightened multicultural wealth

For and of
from and yet also before
future regenerating flow,
Earth Health and Justice
to go

Around again
recommending ecotherapists
river deeply feeling
like Earth’s spacetime mountain,
true empowering strength
and enlightening beauty
flowing reconnections.


GodSeed CoRedeemers

If you have ever read
and appreciated
either Joanna Macy
or Bill Plotkin
you might also benefit
from reading them together
as they each have also read
the other.

Starting to the EAST
in newborn innocent Spring
of budding seeds,
both sacred and natural gratitude
for stepping into cooperative intimacy of Earth life,

Human infancy of all revolving historic days
in-between opportunities,
perennial wheels and trees and round loops
for egocentric individual development
of regenerative life
toward winter’s degenerative death.

Ego dying into ecotherapeutic universes
of bilateral SacredTime,
EarthSoul foreshadowing yin-flow forward restorations
as remembered yang backward
bipolar devolutions,
natural health deductions
too spiritually wealth reductive.

WinLeft and LoseRight reductive
and seductive adolescent SOUTHern maturation
becoming young adult indigenous yearlings
emerging LeftYang Dominant
from yin-squared innocent octave-wombed enlightenment;
infancy of original WinWin intentions
organic intuitions
of EgoLeft with EcoRight
wise-elder implicating trees
inside DNA-RNA solidarity-breathing
ecologically infolded seeds.

Seeds of despair refusing to open up
to grieve for ParadiseLose
Elder RightSacred Wisdom,
ecological acclimation
creolizing losses for Golden Rules,
re-creating violent LoseLose
and loving WinWin patriotic-matriotic his/her-stories,
natural-spiritual Golden DoubleBinding Revolutionary Ratios.

What grieves your internal ecology
is also bad for my theological relationship
sacred Prime Relational ZeroZone experience
of NatureLeft-SpiritRight Oneness
BiLateral Consciousness

LeftYang now losing Golden Paradise Rules
Too Extractive and Anthropocentric
Anthropogentric PostAdolescent Win/Lose Behavior
dialectal ZeroZone permacultural space-time frames.

Great Transitioning into cooperation
with nondual co-arising sacred resilience
philosophic and scientific
and artsy-craftsy WinWin strategically
cooperative ownership
and ecopolitically polypathic co-management.

In our WESTern Beloved-Muse
cooperative WinWin bicameral Adultness,
parenthood co-arises ego-ecotherapeutic
co-operative teach/learn mentoring
of not just natural character
but also spiritual integrity;
not only grieving over retributive injustices
to Earth’s ClimateHealth
and natural people
and sacred plants
but also healing toward restorative ego-ecotherapies
of WinWin justice,
active love,
wonder and awe,
resonance and synergetic resilience.

This is summer nurturing climax
of our post-millennial Time.

Tipping Points emerge
from monoculturing ZeroSum competitions
within and upon AnimaMundi.
Sacred Matriotic
ProLife Earth.

ProLife toward more resonant cooperations
within EarthSoul’s polyculturing outcomes,
AnimaMundi ReStorative Development,
Holy EarthMother GoodNews Spirit Celebrations.

To NORTHern Light
WiseElder Traditions
we bow with gratitude for our own
and Earth’s shared Greet Wheel
harvesting memories
and projections
bilaterally balancing in-between Yang-Yin trends,
toward future harvests
of Patriarchal-Matriarchal WiseElder winter GodSeeds.

wounded co-redeemers,
bodhisattva peace
deep learning incorporations
for ecotherapeutic health optimization.

Facing to the East
now co-arising West,
and South,
then Eco/Ego North
South EarthSoul Indigenous.


Said Hillary to Donald

Words have consequences,
said rhetorical behaviorist Hillary to Donald,
we would no more cooperatively elect a Donald Trump as President
than we would compete to win Donald Duck for Empire Builder.

Words mean things,
said linguistic behaviorist Anat
to her fellow Economist Collective,
and the absence of words means something too.
We’re not sure what
but I place my bet
on more contenting ecopolitics.

Light consequenced water,
we know this from our history of science books
but this is difficult to see
how exactly this could be
without sufficient silence to recall
what dipolar co-arising energies lie in wait
within this shared enlightenment,
progenitor of stardust
ecologizing harmonic fertile planets
with their wet offspring.

To paraphrase Joanna Macy,
Active economics is not more wishful thinking.
Active ecopolitical words and praxis do not wait for issues
to be resurrected and remembered
by the Donald Ducks
or by some other self-serving would-be savior.

Active Hope wakes up in life’s ecological beauty
on whose silently exquisite behalf
we can act as light.

To the Hillaries:
Follow the light,
not so much the butch rhetoric.

To the Donalds:
Follow your truth with beauty loves,
not so much your prized pathologies.


Earth ReGenerators

Joanna Macy with Molly Brown
two Earth-generation vocations
reconnecting eastern philosophy
with western open systemic-holonic health ,
dynamic natural synergy
with four-season natural spirals acting through spiritual love
of light,
angry fear of dual dark,
merging Earth crisis enculturation
delivering Anthro-opportunity to embrace Time’s bilateral language,
Earth-consciousness of dipolar light/dark
balancing organic time of life Herself,
Buddha mindbodies for co-messianic bodymind landscapes,
interior concave bicamera-rolling exterior convex,
harmonically decomposing our dissonance
to regenerate our potential integrity,
balancing positive bicameral psychology
to activate cognitive-affective research climates
of embryonic suffering, notnot resonance
defining natural dissonance
nurturing spirited diastolic-trending nature
as spirited spiral regenerate Earth life-systems
with Elder commensurability of spirit-nature,
past emerging future’s healthy love of all abundant life
as notnot purgation’s suffering death.

Show us
hear us
smell us
taste us
touch us
absorb us
your intimately co-passionate way
to incorporate our poli-economic cooperative potentiality,
our co-arising ecologicality
uniting polycultural polypathic paradigms
of Time’s light for love-Present
dualdark absorbing absent angry-fear of passage.


Who Are You?

In the Work That Reconnects,
we have a dialogue exercise
in which Person A asks Person B
“Who are you?”
several times over a few minutes,
as it feels right to reprime this exploratory pump;
then person B does the same for person A.

The person hosting, facilitating, enabling
this reiterative question’s redundant possibilities
is merely an echo-present listener,
noticing diversity within these multiple responses,
without judging good, bad, ugly, or even indifferent,
quietly hearing rhythms of longing for love
between the crippling cracks of anger and fear,
compelling and compiling self with other hatred,

The question,
Do all these diverse self-descriptions truly fit
this same love v. anger-fear polyculturing-multisystemic elephant?
does not usually arise.
we accept all these scrabbling voices
and hats
and feelings
and ideas
and beliefs
co-occurring within one bilateral
positive-health v. negative-pathology mindbody ecosystem,
seeking diastatic fullness
polymorphic communication,
design, development, investment,
and cooperative-integrative implementation outcomes,
at the end of this elephant’s rhetorical day,
if not sooner.

Why is this not always the case
when we ask our friends and families,
our public sector leaders
and financial sector investors,
“Who do you hope we are becoming?”

What loves are we preparing to invest in
and which past angers and future fears to divest of?

What indicators can I give
that I already invest in cooperatively regenerate health
designs and intentions,
co-mentoring therapeutic diapraxis
of which I preach so positively to others?

I know you support restoring regenerative health to our soil
and preserving clean water,
as I do.
So does it bother you,
as it does me,
that we still contaminate our water with poo and pee
instead of investing in nutrition-starved soil,
where both could be positive resources
countering past neglect and abuse,
rather than doubly-negative pathology?

We say we support cooperatively vibrant and healthy local economies
and empowering political vitality,
so does it bother you,
as it does me,
to so often hear “either-or” deductive reductivism
and wonder why not first cooperatively consider “both-and?”

I appreciate what you just said
and I wonder if adding X might make your idea
even better.
Do you agree,
or maybe you see concerns for yourself and others
new to me,
of which we might learn together?

Could a cooperative election or social change campaign
begin with compiling interdependent hopes and wishes
and loves of Who Are You?
thereby more smoothly avoiding stuckness-traps
of fear and anger and dissonant pathological outcomes.

Could investing both-and cooperative communication norms
better lead toward co-investing in healthy wealth,
politically strong-embraced policies,
procedural and dialogical transparency,
polyculturally inclusive design and development and discernment
of poli-eco-logical therapy
v. multi-morphic pathology;
co-arise local through global health outcome networks,
diastatic eco-normativity,
embracing each and every sacred Person A and B response
to Who are we?


For an interesting response, please also see, “Who I Am”, written by my son, Spencer Cole Dillenbeck


Turning Ballistics into Ballast

“The desire for personal exculpation from the sins of society is a kind of fetish,
akin to solar panels on a 4,000-square-foot house.”

Exemption from our anti-social competition and egocentrism
is a desire for ever more cognitive dissonance
as suboptimization of eco-consciousness,
perpetuating our collective delusion
worshiping at the altar of win-lose competitive markets and choices
as self-perpetuating survival identity,
implied threat of Other’s success,
Earth’s insufficiency to provide,
lifetime’s fleeting universe of opportunity,
failure to trust Time’s timelessly transparent cooperative process.

“What, exactly, is this ‘money power’?”

What is Yang power?

“…I sometimes run into people who have read books…that make a persuasive case for an ancient global conspiracy [B. Fuller, “steering”]
dedicated to a ‘New World Order,’…[of J Macy’s “Active Hope”]
…conspiracy theories give too much credit to the ability of humans
to successfully manage and control complex systems.
Something mysterious is certainly going on,
and the ‘coincidences’ [co-arisings] that people…cite
defy conventional explanation,
but if you’ll allow a moment’s indulgence in metaphysics,
I think ultimately what is happening is that our deep ideologies
and [ecosystemic, DNA-encrypted] belief systems,
and their unconscious shadows [syntax],
generate a matrix of [polymorphic] synchronicities
that looks very much like a [benign] conspiracy
[steering of time’s four-seasoned unfolding].
It is in fact a conspiracy with no [systemic]conspirators.
Everyone is a[n enslaved] puppet,
but there are no puppet-masters.”
[There are few enslaved-slaveowners,
and none who could be systemic freedom-masters.]

(Quotes from Charles Eisenstein, pp. 90-91, Sacred Economy, 2011, Evolver,
comments in brackets and format changes are my own wilderness.)

Enslavement is universal
but cooperative co-arising parasites
are unitarianly powerful.

Slavery is forced ownership of parasite B
by A’s full-time Host agenda.

Slavery, in anthropomorphic cultures,
is collectively ego-morphic
(in contrast to polymorphic nature)
and fear and anger
toward and from which enslaving ownership of Other’s time derives
and predicts to continue,
are also nondually relational,
or “relative,”
as Einstein used the term.

Enslaver force perpetuates Ego’s forceful angry deductions,
self survival through creating victims,
reduction of self
to destroyer of time’s inclusive fullness
as someone who could cooperatively share all Others’ ego-healthy will
for equivalent freedom from freedom to enslave or not,
source of nature’s co-gravitational unfolding,
timeless freedom of self/other co-belonging.

Those nations,
informating biosystems,
with vastly disproportionate wealth deposits,
divorced from cooperative health and well-being investments,
not only steal power’s freedom from those without enough to interdependently thrive,
our unbalanced yangish wealth also steals our own collective mental health,
fearing fair freedom’s inevitable repercussions of evolution,
climatic transitions
struggling to repress nondual codependent enablement
of negentropically transparent ego-death.

On the other hand,
as we feel our most resonant light of wisdom,
as we have checked our intuitions with good multisystemic empirical research
on optimal development of polymorphic polycultures,
interior and exterior landscaped,
both endo- and ecto-symbiotically co-arising evolutionary revolutions,
as we step into our deduct/induct
ballistic/ballast for balancing thresholds of ecological consciousness
and become time’s agent-door,
swinging positively as West deductive,
and double-negatively as East intuitive reiterations,
where West is Left and East is Right harmonics
we learn to ballast these fears and angers in temporal
and proportional alignment
for optimal thermodynamic balance,
and co-arising cooperative love.

This day,
each day,
even these bone-aching heart-breaking days of loneliness,
desperate revolutions of interior/exterior climates,
fear with anger;
This Life’s day
is you, nondual positive/negative correlational-dipolar co-arising.
You co-operatively revolting is your phoenix revolution.
Your Time.
Your Moment.
Our Moment’s timeless time.
Our cooperative ecosystemic life

Turning Self and Other’s competitive and paranoid ballistics
into Ego/Eco’s cooperative ballast
toward Active Revolutionary Hope.

Note: Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects is not a conspiracy theory, it is a co-arising systemic theory for active hope to deactivate despair.


ReGenerative Work

I hope I am hearing voices from the future

not yet here.

But, I have a message from our past

that might reflect a positive intention

for continuing our epic journey

of regenerative pilgrimage.


Do we intend effective regenerative therapy

for straight white wealthier class

family value issues,

choosing segregated safety

over a more active adventure of integrative living

as a quasi-gendered person of non-color

within a neighborhood

and school

and training workshops

led by straight white wealthier

family value issuers,




Industrial Age Myth delivers

global value confusion

into an otherwise formerly sustained,

deeply green encultured,

Agrarian EarthTribal Age Myth.

Traveling across economic,



linguistic analogies,

emerges a slow-evolving hypothesis:

family economic and ecological silent silos of abuse

and neglect reveal abundantly informative

confluenct Tao patterns and

permaculturally functional rhythms.



A. Industrial Age Myth of Global Progress

Leads to

B. White wealthier Western


cultural and ecological

and economic pathologies.





tipping turning point,

Positive Deviance and Development Technology

for hearing confluent

Positive Psychology kind kin voices:

A. (1) Profoundly inclusive diversity

(2) reweaving diastolic evolution toward

(3) diastatic fullness,


also known as

(1) Basic Grateful Attendance

(2) to Self, Other, Earth,

three faces of SelfIdentity balancing EarthTribal Co-Prehension,

(3) democratizes compassionate mindfulness,


also known as

(1) Eastern Yin-executive flexibly

reverse-hierarchically inclusive

polycultural information skills

(2) emerges ecological economic

and global-learning therapies.

(3) Leads To

B. Sustaining Well-Being Optimized



and Trade Guild Cooperatives

Communities and Nations

planets and universes

with Therapeutic Ecological Eco-nomial  Values


These feed my permacultured Taoist soul story

that we are sticking with it

to fly together,

and not apart;

and I am not either an old straight wealthier fart!




Following Revolutionary Dialogue

Back in the day, a “follower” was someone who had faith in the leadership of another person; a leader trusted, in part, due to their adherence to some faith in a solution to dissonance. Mystics and prophets, politicians and mobsters, tycoons and polymathic geniuses, teachers and ministers had a “following.” Since the internet, this Transitional Generation and their allied elders would add to this list: bloggers and on-line journalists.

I have been following the NCDD discernment strings pertaining to the desire for a global political revolution and the more technical desire to facilitate large-scale grassroots  discussions about what we do and what we do not want as a global human species. In several of the senses of being a “follower,” I have also been following Joanna Macy’s peaceful revolutionary strategy as it unfolds internationally.  While I do not have any authority to interpret, or speak for, someone I greatly respect, and would not want to exceed my place as a follower, rather than a mentor, I think the connection between Joanna Macy and the NCDD listserve is that both urgently desire an internationally sustainable Earth ecological economic design system.

That gold-standard “design system” must be resonant and a well-patterned, balanced, theorem. More than a conjecture about what might inspire this peaceful revolution. A conjecture says “isn’t this an interesting pattern, a dynamic analogy?”; while a theorem adds “we have a positive teleological function for that form-pattern.” Conjectures are not yet polynomial memes. Theorems are polynomial, and binomial, patterns.

Faith in “ecological economics” fits more comfortably into Macy’s (0)-Centric Zen Theorem than into the NCDD discussion and culture. However, probably every NCDD member recognizes that the term “faith community” has an internal redundancy just as the term “faithless community” sounds oxymoronic. There is no community, no dialogue, no communication, no ecologic, no probability of cooperative economic intent where there is no faith that we are all in this mess together, whatever it may be, and that the primordial rules of discernment are best attuned to a radically inclusive “Golden Rule” that we must always treat others, regardless of species, and regardless of whether currently living or not yet living, as we wish ourselves to be sustainably and confluently, even therapeutically, treated.

It seems to both the Macy and NCDD Revolutionaries that there not only already is a global consensus in this basic positive teleological faith, but further, this global consensus is quickly learning to find each other across traditional divides of borders, water, special interests, and language–all we need, which we now have, is a global information system. The discussion has well begun, now it is time to move that from a perhaps sometimes too free-wheeling, and polarizing, discussion, to a positive discernment process. In other words, as a species, we are moving from our already shared positive teleological conjecture toward a positive teleological discernment theorem.

Perhaps NCDD culture is evolving this positive discernment theorem. As I have said perhaps too often, if we look at Positive Deviance, Appreciate Inquiry, Nonviolent Communication, and Dynamic Facilitation as each establishing a mutual discernment event culture that is the opposite of Cognitive Dissonance Theory [we tend to not hear well what does not fit with our current learned landscape; on the other hand we tend to learn quickly from what we all agree we don’t want], perhaps this is our Positive Confluence Theorem:

We hear very well, and revolutionarily embrace, what does fit most abundantly with all of our current learned landscapes. When we mutually acknowledge that we each do trust that we live in a positive-trending teleological economy and ecology. when that is our mutual intent and practice, then we not only comprehend, but incarnate and mentor, this Positive Confluence Theorem.

This Positive Teleological Theorem predicts that we will, globally, increase our investment in cooperative economies and pedagogy and design systems as three faces of one cooperative ecology.  As we do so, our current over-reliance on competitive strategies for learning, making a living together, building a polyculture together, will fade away into our collective memory of “back in the pre-millennial day.”