Advent’s More CoOperative Resolutions

Perhaps you hear and see a yet emerging trend
among TransMillennials,
those born at end of the second millennium
carrying and burying ourselves in the third,
yet to die Post Bi-Millennially.

We hear a son who knows,
as his cells know how to breathe nutrition,
he knows,
if his World could be as he imagines himself
at his best,
most giving,
loving this moment,
then we would all have learned to invest
in Win-Win Gaming strategies and ecologic,
where these two are prime relational
gaming path as goal as gaming path as…

Each, inner soul strategic
and eco-political-nomic logic goal,
dialectically co-listening,
mutually anticipating bicameral noun+verb players.

EgoSelf cooperatively holonic,
fractal WinWin square rooted
in RNA-iconic balance.

With EcoEarth’s Positive Elder-brained
ReGenerating Evolution.

But, this Son wilts and fades
in and out of co-messianic despair,
to connect with WinWin strategic options
within explicating “default’ Win-Lose
programming “population” logistics.

You see,
to this bicameral Son of Earth’s co-operative,
RNA regenerationally natured,
it makes no sense to suboptimize
by giving in to Win-Lose
BusinessAsUsual competitive political
and economic
and personal
and familial systems.
it makes total sensory balanced cultural sense
to invest in mutually subsidiary health-positive choices,
premised on faith in positive ionic gravitation
as universally cooperative solidarity,
an evolutionary theoretical preference for Win-Win
encultured gaming communication and communities,
emerging into Real Time.

Our son
does not fully see Win-Lose communication trends
as a generational gap,
between older BusinessAsUsual
PreMillennial Win to Let-Other-Losers-Lose,
and his generation
including those born into our inclusively cooperative information economy
the WWW,
somewhat older,
and, of course,
all those other late adolescents
on down to infants
listening and watching other infants
listening and watching other infants
Be Happy Together on-line.

It is time for me,
for all of us,
and for this Cooperative Warrior Son
to embrace this more PolyCulturally Climaxing,
Diastatic Win-Win (0)-Interest disinvestment
from negative dissonance
that is not double-negatively, timelessly,
true of WinWin ecosystemic health;
disinvesting from Win-Lose irrationally distorted comprehension
of nature’s ectosymbiotically Win-Win
cooperatively dialectical
photosynthetic-fueled revolution of Life as Love.

Human nature advents toward re-syncing
right-brain eco-natural functional trends
of binary
spacetime QBit informationally nutritious fertile strings.

This Son, our Sun,
and together remind us,
invite we-prehension,
invite all of us,
into a cooperatively networked path
which is our shared vocational goal
as a healthy-benignly mutually parasitic
bicamerally dipolar species.

This PostMillennial WinWin Game evolves polyparadigmatic,
with economic and political
and personal-interior
and familial
teleological reiterative vocations,
meaningful paths as purposeful goals
toward meaningful paths,
verb-noun implicate natural order,
stuff and language about stuff to cooperate about more actively,
toward Truth as Beloved Beauty and Health Community-ation,
is EmergentBeing,
our co-arising (0) MetaGame Goal.

No one can optimally win this evolutionary game
until we are all re-invested totally in mutual WinWin love strategic paths,
dialectically positive energy,
by divesting of Win-Lose suboptimizing programming
assumptions about how to play our game
without fully human life
as fully ecosystemic life-optimizing possibility.

Perhaps you too have one of our PostMillennial sons and daughters,
or perhaps you are this son or daughter,
or someone interdependently between,
who suffers from pretraumatic stress disorder
because DNA-normed mindbodies
are not receiving enough full light
of mutually cooperative eco-communication,

What seems meant for Win-Lose self-defensive anthro-centric contentment
feels like Win-Win offensive struggling life-centric contentiousness.

We leave to you
an Earth with beautiful and healthy-vibrant possibilities
climatically shrinking
pretraumatically preparing more struggling with cooperative,
less struggling against competitive,
politics and economics,
Interior with Exterior+/Interior(-,-) Polynomial Landscapes
with more vibrant Polycultural Evolutionary
and Bicamerally Balanced Intent
emerging Advent of NewCultural Resolutions.


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