Professor Glory’s Kind Mind Bliss

Our topic for this morning
said Professor Glory
to her sleepy class of bicameral scholars,
is “Attraction v. Addiction to Peak Experiences.”

Addictions are wanting more than attraction therapeutically invites.
Addictions suboptimize the Peak outcomes they produce.
Unlike the continuity of attraction,
addiction erupts and subsides discontinuously
as this “need” grows increasingly incommensurable
with your “true” public identity,
introducing internal dissonance,
with suboptimizing flow and ebb dissatisfaction,
suffering about what attracts
this addicted time and season
to timeless bliss.

When what I present outside
resonates fully
with who I know my best self to be
within my Right-mindbody ecoself,
then I know attraction to timeless bliss.

What is left behind,
after addiction to suffering subsides
from wants that emerge
incommensurable with bliss,
are polyculturally co-arising mutual needs.

that may all sound poetic and metaphysical
and abstractly plausible,
but not scientifically researched
in RealTime,
so let’s step into a Memory example,
a “Thought Experiment”
if you will,
which proved to be so powerful
during the conclusion of the Recently Passed
PreMillennial AnthroCulture.

What is pre-pubescent “memory”
of gender as sexuality
if it is not bisexuality,
rather than asexuality?

We are regenerated DNA memories,
born of both ProGenitive Yang’s Sperm
and Embryonic YinYin Eggs,
nesting in eco-viral incubator-homes
waiting to invest in Time’s future regenerative articulation
of dialectical chemistry,
the PoliticalEcoNormic Sciences and Arts,
especially our Language Arts,
like poetry
and lovely geometric lattices of holonic-fractal metric systems
numeric icons,
ironic imbalances in gender-balance,
natural truths about AnthroCentrism v.
EarthTribe Centrism.

PostMillennial RNA Tribal Centrism
emerged through the Great Transition
as Right/Left mindbody Midway Tipping Points
of Bionic-Yang(L)/Yin(R)ology.

Today, we comprehend
breathing in EcoWe
to breathe out a more attractive,
less addicted,

Our Elder RNA-syntaxed BiCameral MindBody Research Project
emerged PostMillennially
as never having been intended for Left-brain dominant
MonoCultural SubOptimizing Primal Outcome,
but to PolyCulturally teleologize regenerative form
with full-healthy function,
for future Earth-centric co-gravitational
therapeutic applications,
with full intent Yang
and double-full willed orthopraxis YinYin
of BiCameral EcoConsciousness.

We are Advent-uring PolyCultural Con-Sciences;
juncture of Time’s co-arising articulation,
mutually in-formating co-arising paradigms
accessible for attractive Peak Experiences,
but not quite able to sustain
for those addicted to PreMillennial suffering
of MonoCulturing Left ego-brain dominance.

We close,
as always,
breathing in each Other,
breathing out to continue our regeneratively balanced

Please submit your questions and comments
before exiting into our diverse Exterior Landscapes.
I have so enjoyed sharing our BiCameral Interior Landscape
with you this morning.
Really, it has been a constant
Peak Experience
which makes me smile
and look forward to tomorrow
with you
meditating our therapeutic medication.

And those of you who have been
doing your chi gong and yoga thing,
please be mindful,
your mats are inviting your farewell
by rolling them up and putting them in the bin by the door
on your most bicameral way out.



Advent’s More CoOperative Resolutions

Perhaps you hear and see a yet emerging trend
among TransMillennials,
those born at end of the second millennium
carrying and burying ourselves in the third,
yet to die Post Bi-Millennially.

We hear a son who knows,
as his cells know how to breathe nutrition,
he knows,
if his World could be as he imagines himself
at his best,
most giving,
loving this moment,
then we would all have learned to invest
in Win-Win Gaming strategies and ecologic,
where these two are prime relational
gaming path as goal as gaming path as…

Each, inner soul strategic
and eco-political-nomic logic goal,
dialectically co-listening,
mutually anticipating bicameral noun+verb players.

EgoSelf cooperatively holonic,
fractal WinWin square rooted
in RNA-iconic balance.

With EcoEarth’s Positive Elder-brained
ReGenerating Evolution.

But, this Son wilts and fades
in and out of co-messianic despair,
to connect with WinWin strategic options
within explicating “default’ Win-Lose
programming “population” logistics.

You see,
to this bicameral Son of Earth’s co-operative,
RNA regenerationally natured,
it makes no sense to suboptimize
by giving in to Win-Lose
BusinessAsUsual competitive political
and economic
and personal
and familial systems.
it makes total sensory balanced cultural sense
to invest in mutually subsidiary health-positive choices,
premised on faith in positive ionic gravitation
as universally cooperative solidarity,
an evolutionary theoretical preference for Win-Win
encultured gaming communication and communities,
emerging into Real Time.

Our son
does not fully see Win-Lose communication trends
as a generational gap,
between older BusinessAsUsual
PreMillennial Win to Let-Other-Losers-Lose,
and his generation
including those born into our inclusively cooperative information economy
the WWW,
somewhat older,
and, of course,
all those other late adolescents
on down to infants
listening and watching other infants
listening and watching other infants
Be Happy Together on-line.

It is time for me,
for all of us,
and for this Cooperative Warrior Son
to embrace this more PolyCulturally Climaxing,
Diastatic Win-Win (0)-Interest disinvestment
from negative dissonance
that is not double-negatively, timelessly,
true of WinWin ecosystemic health;
disinvesting from Win-Lose irrationally distorted comprehension
of nature’s ectosymbiotically Win-Win
cooperatively dialectical
photosynthetic-fueled revolution of Life as Love.

Human nature advents toward re-syncing
right-brain eco-natural functional trends
of binary
spacetime QBit informationally nutritious fertile strings.

This Son, our Sun,
and together remind us,
invite we-prehension,
invite all of us,
into a cooperatively networked path
which is our shared vocational goal
as a healthy-benignly mutually parasitic
bicamerally dipolar species.

This PostMillennial WinWin Game evolves polyparadigmatic,
with economic and political
and personal-interior
and familial
teleological reiterative vocations,
meaningful paths as purposeful goals
toward meaningful paths,
verb-noun implicate natural order,
stuff and language about stuff to cooperate about more actively,
toward Truth as Beloved Beauty and Health Community-ation,
is EmergentBeing,
our co-arising (0) MetaGame Goal.

No one can optimally win this evolutionary game
until we are all re-invested totally in mutual WinWin love strategic paths,
dialectically positive energy,
by divesting of Win-Lose suboptimizing programming
assumptions about how to play our game
without fully human life
as fully ecosystemic life-optimizing possibility.

Perhaps you too have one of our PostMillennial sons and daughters,
or perhaps you are this son or daughter,
or someone interdependently between,
who suffers from pretraumatic stress disorder
because DNA-normed mindbodies
are not receiving enough full light
of mutually cooperative eco-communication,

What seems meant for Win-Lose self-defensive anthro-centric contentment
feels like Win-Win offensive struggling life-centric contentiousness.

We leave to you
an Earth with beautiful and healthy-vibrant possibilities
climatically shrinking
pretraumatically preparing more struggling with cooperative,
less struggling against competitive,
politics and economics,
Interior with Exterior+/Interior(-,-) Polynomial Landscapes
with more vibrant Polycultural Evolutionary
and Bicamerally Balanced Intent
emerging Advent of NewCultural Resolutions.


Andrew Evolves Divine Human StrugglingPeace

Quotes are from pp. 198-9, Andrew Cohen’s excellent “Evolutiionary Enlightenment: A New Path to Spiritual Awakening” 2011, SelectBooks. I only wish he had left out “Spiritual”, because this is an evolutionary model pointing toward global human eco-consciousness, which may be spiritual to some, but is natural to all of us DNA/RNA rooted evolving ecosystems.

My commentary is in brackets, adding layers of analogical ecology onto the logic of seasonal language for therapeutic development.

“In the unmanifest [timeless (0)-soul] dimension, the ground of [eco-syntax] Being–that perfect, empty no-place [holder “Zero”] where there is onlly absolute stillness–you could say that God [Timeless Eternity] is peace.

Before the universe [spacetime] was born, resting in that state of [timeless] perfection and ease, it could not have been more [or less] peaceful, because nothing [potentiating everything spaciated] had yet occurred.

But when [timelessness co-arising into “Time”] God decided to become, to take form [in-form OVER ex-form co-gravitational function] this whole process of [universal through personal] creation and destruction, friction and emergence, was set in[carnationally] motion [ionic and ergodic and thermodynamic eco-balancing toward spaciating, then speciating, then individual egoing, then global ecoing struggling with our co-arising Win-Win co-creation].

That is what you are, that is what I am, and that is also the nature of [bicameral Polynomial Time Left dominant over recessive NotPolynomial timeless informing] God, in the manifest realm [Special Case, physical-ecosystemic Exterior Landscape as languaged by egosystemic languaged metaphysical mindbody Interior Landscape, co-arising as co-gravitating].

What does this new understanding of God have to do with love [synergy of life-systems]? This is an important question, because the common [Business As Usual Left-brain dominant] idea is that love [Left] is God [Right], and God [Left] is [pulsating diastatic-pos OVER diastolic-neg] love [Right].

…to many of us, spiritual [natural] love [synergy] means compassion, forgiveness, [co-redemption as co-gravitation] and unconditional [bicameral] acceptance.

That is one kind of love. But that kind of love is the expression of God [Yang, in balancing precessive stage, toward Win-Win diastasis] as Being–the reflection of the mystical revelation that everything is already [potentially and coincidentally, coexperientially] perfect.

What happens to love when God becomes the [r]evolutionary impulse,, or [“struggling with”] Eros?

That’s the emergence of a very different form of love [synergetic precessive dynamic]–the expression of God as [Yang optimized Continuous Quality Improvement, Positive Evolutionary Psychology] Becoming.

In an evolutionary worldview, God’s [therapeutic messianic] purpose is perpetual development [of health and beauty, goodness and truth], or vertical [ly therapeutic] ascent.

So in this context, the expression of the greatest love is an insistence on higher [eco] development.

It is not the kind of love that’s going to accept you as you [ego-centrically Left-brain too-dominantly] are.

It’s a kind of love that always wants more [co-investment value in health], and is therefore always challenging to the [overly competitive] status quo of the personal ego and the [eco]culturally [de]conditioned self.

No matter how far you have come, there will always be farther to go [into (0)-interest economic and politically regenerative system incarnation].

This love [synergetic integrity of ecosystemic memory] is infused with [r]evolutionary tension, and it generates [co]-creative [fractal] friction.

The idea of God as [co-diastatic experience and memory of octave truth as beauty] peace and Love [of beauty and health] as [synergetic] compassion is an ancient ideal, on that took root in the human [bicameral] heart and mind long before the [comprehensively polyparadigmatic] knowledge of [Taoist-TippingPoint-Balance as Revolution] evolution emerged.

While it remains as powerul and as relevant ever, [sic] this idea of [Time as spaciated, then speciated, universal positive ubiquitous energy] God is only half of the picture. Now we understand the nature of [Time] God to be both [yinyin (-,-] Being and [Yang+Polynomial] Becoming, [co-arising ZenZero] emptiness and [co-gravitational of mythic romantic resonance] Eros.

And discovering what God [Eco-Spaciated Time] as Eros actually looks like and feels like within [Interior eco-messianic Landscaped Bicameral] us and between [bicameral] us is new territory.

When you embrace this [r]evolutionary interpretation of who and what [and why] God is [stimulating dialectical bicameral eco-balance], then you realize that yes, God <em>is</em> love [synergetic integrity of ecosystemic Win-Win memory] but love is a dynamic and dramatic <em>will</em> toward higher [Earth-centric co-] emergence.

It is [EarthyHuman natural-organic dialectic-systemic] God trying to evolve, through you and through me, and most importantly, through <em>us</em>. ”

[“us” = all Earth’s RNA/DNA health v. pathology struggling toward positive optimization of regenerative eco-systems within cooperative universally synergetic TransParent timeless fractal-networking RealTime Win-Win Group (0)-Soul Geometrics of MindBodies as Time (-,-)1 = Space +/(-,-)0-Cubed, bicamerally reversed as +1/(-,-)0 Ego/Eco Deduct/Induct as Inhale/Exhale reverse of time’s seasonal unfolding, pregenitors predicting their progenitor dipolar appositionals.]


Once Upon this TransMillennial Time

Once within eternal time
of pre-bicameral lack of language,
and imaginative recreation,
I recall breathing in my Lover’s richly hued nutrition,
and my Lover inhaling mine,
purging Elder lungs of misperceptions
that I owned Her
any more or less
than she wanted me.

We owned this natural dialectic breath together,
back and forth,
in and out.

It could not yet occur to me
that I might one day purchase or sell
what owned me
at least as much as I owned Her.

She felt so omnipresently
self-optimizingly powerfully Present toward me.
To imagine owning her
would be like my benignly intended parasitic self
attempting to own or purchase or redeem my Host;
only synergetic consciousness could prevent this image
from growing anthropocentric hubris.

This shared stewardship assumption
of shamanic Elder past
gave way to defense of ownership,
with breathing in as predative,
and breathing out as prey,
predict-active and pray-passive,
as original sin of economic shortages
were born of anthro-centric perception:
There’s just not enough for all.

Now we begin to teach our kids
to consume and produce,
decompose logical assumptions
to regenerate ecological conclusions,
Earth-sustaining sufficiency,
stay focused on breathing in and out
with more comprehensive compassion
and equanimity,
cooperative ecotherapeutic praxis
following our collective ecojustice inhale.

Then our kids reminded us
of how it feels to lack space of place
to evolve more polyculturally
midst all the weedpatch of dislogical value
hoarded riches and lack of wisdom,
overly-commodified competing misunderstandings
of how to sync what we breath in
with how we would love to be breathed out, again.

This TransUniverse Regeneration
of balancing bicameral breath,
both Yin-in and Yang-out,
wanders and fears owning real estate,
real de-natured order of any kind,
as egocentric breathing entities,
while wondrously and synergetically
claiming Prime Relationship
of Sun God Progenitive Yang Energy
and Mother Earth’s Regenerative Yin
self-gravitating Mass,
our liturgy of octave dance and song.
permaculturating prance of
OmniEco Omega Point
incarnating collective breathing in
what EarthTribe has blown out.

Upon this TransMillennial Tipping Point,
we breath in prehension of OutsideYang’s ecologic
but retain IdEntity of InsideYin regenerative economy
becoming wise discernment of all RNA’s EarthTribe.
Sharing EarthTribe of this world,
Human Nature redeems what has appeared cut up,
And revolutions again toward now bicamerally re-balancing
innocence of mortal double-binding time.

Emerging conscious comprehension of binomial balanced light,
yet absorbing binary double-negative Dark Night
becomes our Midway Model of all ReGenerate Systems.
Being balancing principle for all EarthTribe,
we grow eternal power to predict
polynomially positive prime principle inhales,
And exhales Prime (0)-Nomial
of double negative polynomials, again.

Wanting ubiquitous honor and glory
OmniEco core identity remains nocturnally obscure
remains cooperative fertile valley Tipping Point
of EarthTribe’s Omega Time.
Being as EarthTribe’s OmniPresentTime,
Becoming eternal wisdom power
to discern what sustainably suffices,
To revolve nature’s bicameral integrity
of OmniEco’s Omega Point, again.

Deductive breaking up of natural systems
Humane systems design and shape
biosystemic wellness strategies and tools
for binary-bicameral discernment.
In the hands of Laws and Policy,
ecotherapy becomes ecojustice,
if and when,
we cease to sever
what Earth breaths in
from universally intelligent in-formation we breath out,
with OmniPolyculturating
Original Teleological Intent.

But, this too remains Once within eternal time
of re-bicameral decomposing language,
and this is TransMillennial Tao Here and Now
Yang with Yin
Out with In,
Breathing Out
with Breathing In,
ReGenerate, Again.

Note: This piece frames a post-millennial context to compose something like a transposition of Laotse’s “Keeping to the Female” (Wisdom of Laotse, Modern Library, Lin Yutang, 1948, pp. 160-161). In doing so, I play with a Taoist understanding of Yang as spatial information and Yin as temporal-non-spaciated information, co-evolving spacetime. This follows an ethological theory of Julian Jaynes that the speciation branch of bicameral Left-Right hemispheric awareness was a biological prerequisite to distinguishing “Self”Space from “Other”Spaciated-Time.

Man/Sha Legends

Reincarnate Earth Day Conversations

Buckminster Fuller and Julian Jaynes recently reviewed their cultural and scientific influence on health and well-being ecological and economic outcomes during the current Transitional Era.

Bucky: I wish I had spent more time speaking as a Unitarian Positive Teleologist. Perhaps that would have taken care of the overly recessive trends in cultural awareness of what, in retrospect, was published but not really read or comprehended fully; undervalued and ignorantly ignored:

1. “Synergy,” everything I ever published about the topic of “synergy,” is spiritually and intuitively defined as love, in Western cultures, and naturally and organically defined as compassionate mindfulness in Eastern traditions.

2. The encoded regenerative fractal structure of Physical Universal Intelligence follows DNA/RNA thermodynamic, electromagnetic, permacultural, economic, and ecological Prime Relationship balance; and evolutionary dynamics are fractal-dipolar revolving harmony Convex-Exterior-Yang OVER Concave-Interior-Yin (0)-Core Vector Rooted octaves and branching tree structures. And, if I had run into Lin Yutang and Taoism before I published, I think I would have connected Yang metaphysical principles with Convex-Exterior physical principles, and Yin metaphysics with Concave-humane natured Interior physical principles of bicameral consciousness.

Julian: Yes, I can see that same sense of ethological and ecological and teleological dynamic and emergent awareness in the Left-brain’s evolution out from RNA regenerative temporal memory. My neural theory of bicameral older-right v. linguistic-deductive organized left information processing, cultural, and historical development, seems to support your equivalency between “synergy” and “love-confluent consciousness,” as well as Gregori Perelman’s work, and William Thurston’s too, in Group Theory, and I wonder if there isn’t something in there that pertains to the logistics and statistical/strategic trend predictions of Cooperative Game Theory, using reverse-hierarchy Win-Win assumptions.  You know, so no one id-entity can optimally win until the weakest link in our chain of interdependence achieves equivalent outcome values?

Bucky: Absolutely. Synergy and love retain integrity, balance, harmony between Left-languaged deductive memory and Right-proportional inductive experiential conscience codex of positive v. negative feeling and personal awareness, like what Polanyi calls “Personal Knowledge.”

Julian: So synergy and love and confluence are neurally appositionally responsive to messages that do not cause cognitive dissonance, disease, dismay, lack of equivalent metric balance and energetic harmony.  Compassionate mindfulness becomes eco-comprehension optimized through balancing Left-brained Yang and Right-brained Yin bicameral functions.

Bucky: Yes, I wish the Clay Math Challenge folks would have realized that Synergetics is really all about the Polynomial v. Not-Polynomial information lack of integrity v. entropy problem, just as Thomas Kuhn’s work in deductive cultural revolutions became troubled with the Problem of Incommensurability.

If +Polynomial information does not equal rational and sustainable Universal Optimized Intelligence, then positive does not equal a double negative.

(-)(-)Reverse-Polynomial Right-brain DNA/RNA regenerative systemic Prime Relationship balancing trends, when disrupted, cause cultural depression, autistic trend development in populations that feel over-crowded and under-nourished, anxious, post-millennial dismay, climate change self-correction urgency, sense of crisis.

Julian: You want to bet on how long it takes the scientific and religious sectors to recognize that binary information systems translate +/-(0)-Core QBits of form and function as humane natural comprehensive systems transliterate binomial

Yang+P Space Exterior Landscape = (-)(-)Yin-ReversePolynomial Time Interior Landscape?

Bucky: Well, sure. I always bet on Here-Yang = Now-Yin, to optimize Universal Intelligence cultural comprehension.

Julian: Yes, and you are also the Plan B guy  who understood Universal SuperEco = Panentheistic God = Mutual Messianic Interdependent Speciation and Evolution, but those Transition Generation permaculturing bicameral brains almost inevitably ask, “Bucky who?” and what is a Julian Jaynes, isn’t that some kind of an orange drink?


Permaculturing Compost

This more fully organic mind-farm we are growing,

a rich composting Holding TimeSpace

of (0)-centric Positive values

appositively balancing, tipping, exchanging,

transposing Negative Non-Named Disvalues,

lurking before our Square Commons of Cognitive Dissonance,

slowly pulling into enlightening days and Transitioning Generation

to explore harmonies of scale and pitch,

and developmental learning stages,

proportional polyculturing designs

to optimize Positive Systemic Teleology

by diminishing eisegetical dissonance

from our global cooperative orthopraxis.


Dynamic orthopraxis regeneratively Holding SpaceTime’s

(0)-sum economic logic;

too often confused with stagnant ego-serving Orthodoxy

degenerating Earth’s gasping overheated breath.


Bucky’s easiest way to improve failing systems

is to upgrade their environments,

their ecological balance and harmonious potential flow streams,

especially their humane cultural environments,

to grow more effective nutrients,

Positive Teleological Values,

and less Cognitive Dissonant


Ways and Means–Progenitive Hope,

Truth or Consequences–Generative Faith,

and The Good Life–ReGenerative Love,

a graceful messianic incarnation

of post-millennial Tao ReGenesis.


Balanced dia-praxis,

including dialogue,

primally roots

in regenerative systemic orthopraxis.


Tao optimizes sustainable Ego-Yang

through our Self-subsiding Eco-Yin exhalation.


Invest in Ego reducing praxis for CQI,

low-risk investment outcomes.




Facilitating ReGenesis

To facilitate perfect justice,

mutually mentor optimizing sustained life,

environmental and economic,

political and cultural.


This synergetic combination of mercy and justice

internalizes the decisive process and rhetorical event

as wise for everyone,

all parties, variables, memes, paradigms, polynomials, persons,

all deviance, dissonance, and insanity,

all irrationality and suffering,

all our difficulties and messes.


Replace this commodity of clients

with communal EarthTribe solidarity.


Earth is our Teacher, but more holistically, Earth is our just Mentor. As we adjust, align, and learn Her incarnation, learning to live in gratitude through each of Her seasons, we become wise icons, shamans, of Her scripture, Her messages, Her root systems, Her implicated, predicated, predictive, positive information.

The Tao, or Tree, of Life, is iconic of, by, and for our EarthTribe. Her binomiality, her bi-generative development, Yang out and up branch and leaf production, Yin in and down taprooting precessive Implicating Systemic Order, symbiotically perpetuate and define our 4-dimensional (0)-sum economy and ecology of cooperative regeneration.

As we become a species of ambidextrous facilitators, drawing from the full polycultured compost of human experience, content, formation, we emergently understand our Messiah as our Natural System Teachers and Mentors. We actively hope to comprehend messianism as iconic of human naturalism. We are all mutually, equally, subsidiary fractal subsets of Earth’s spacetime comprehension, compassionate mutually gravitationally grabbing toward each Other’s confluent, contenting, heart. We both long for and belong to one diverse but essentially interdependent EarthTribe, learning our way toward designing a fully cooperative ecologic, within which our value transactions participate in a profoundly intentional cooperative economy.

The Great Turning is our reweaving work that connects through cooperative system design facilitation, replacing the hubris of quasi-independent, self-defensive intentions and practice. We are reconvening our global capacity to function as one EarthTribe. These are our Councils of Shamanic Natural Wisdom. Essential to this transitional opportunity is understanding this era as a bridge toward our collective gratitude for winter’s purgative season. Boundaries, margins, poverty, exclusion, silence, gaps, despair, decay, dissonance, pain, sorrow, suffering, decomposition, fermentation, complexity, chaos, bridges, advent are all symbols of winter’s purgative season, weaving our eisegetical string conjectures into one geometric/biometric eternally double-helixed, rhythmically beating, Left to Right to Left again, pumping each vascular step into our harmonic string theorem. What Non-Polynomial Time unravels, Polynomial information reweaves within both memory of evolution’s past and imagination, creation, design, planning of our paradise future.

Cooling Earth’s climate requires deeper collective and cooperative roots of mindful compassion, diversely stretching toward globally active peace and love. The Western empty cross liminally defines our revolving fractally dimensioned dynamic frequencies and creative structures of Eastern Yang and Yin’s primal relationship,(0)-centric balanced, together outlining our Eternal Moment’s Tao of regenerative life. The First Principle of Physics becomes Open Polysystemic Balance.

All information, all content, all natural systems, are binomially defined as Polynomial-Self = Not-Polynomial-Other, so that P = NP, in reversed, or negative, perspective, like the above-ground tree’s functional and formative relationship to the below-ground root system, both predicated fractally within Tao’s Original Intent seed.

Knowing what we don’t want, pain and suffering and suicide, teaches us what we do want. Just as knowing what we do want includes implications, predictions, about what we do not want to continue perpetuating.


Following Revolutionary Dialogue

Back in the day, a “follower” was someone who had faith in the leadership of another person; a leader trusted, in part, due to their adherence to some faith in a solution to dissonance. Mystics and prophets, politicians and mobsters, tycoons and polymathic geniuses, teachers and ministers had a “following.” Since the internet, this Transitional Generation and their allied elders would add to this list: bloggers and on-line journalists.

I have been following the NCDD discernment strings pertaining to the desire for a global political revolution and the more technical desire to facilitate large-scale grassroots  discussions about what we do and what we do not want as a global human species. In several of the senses of being a “follower,” I have also been following Joanna Macy’s peaceful revolutionary strategy as it unfolds internationally.  While I do not have any authority to interpret, or speak for, someone I greatly respect, and would not want to exceed my place as a follower, rather than a mentor, I think the connection between Joanna Macy and the NCDD listserve is that both urgently desire an internationally sustainable Earth ecological economic design system.

That gold-standard “design system” must be resonant and a well-patterned, balanced, theorem. More than a conjecture about what might inspire this peaceful revolution. A conjecture says “isn’t this an interesting pattern, a dynamic analogy?”; while a theorem adds “we have a positive teleological function for that form-pattern.” Conjectures are not yet polynomial memes. Theorems are polynomial, and binomial, patterns.

Faith in “ecological economics” fits more comfortably into Macy’s (0)-Centric Zen Theorem than into the NCDD discussion and culture. However, probably every NCDD member recognizes that the term “faith community” has an internal redundancy just as the term “faithless community” sounds oxymoronic. There is no community, no dialogue, no communication, no ecologic, no probability of cooperative economic intent where there is no faith that we are all in this mess together, whatever it may be, and that the primordial rules of discernment are best attuned to a radically inclusive “Golden Rule” that we must always treat others, regardless of species, and regardless of whether currently living or not yet living, as we wish ourselves to be sustainably and confluently, even therapeutically, treated.

It seems to both the Macy and NCDD Revolutionaries that there not only already is a global consensus in this basic positive teleological faith, but further, this global consensus is quickly learning to find each other across traditional divides of borders, water, special interests, and language–all we need, which we now have, is a global information system. The discussion has well begun, now it is time to move that from a perhaps sometimes too free-wheeling, and polarizing, discussion, to a positive discernment process. In other words, as a species, we are moving from our already shared positive teleological conjecture toward a positive teleological discernment theorem.

Perhaps NCDD culture is evolving this positive discernment theorem. As I have said perhaps too often, if we look at Positive Deviance, Appreciate Inquiry, Nonviolent Communication, and Dynamic Facilitation as each establishing a mutual discernment event culture that is the opposite of Cognitive Dissonance Theory [we tend to not hear well what does not fit with our current learned landscape; on the other hand we tend to learn quickly from what we all agree we don’t want], perhaps this is our Positive Confluence Theorem:

We hear very well, and revolutionarily embrace, what does fit most abundantly with all of our current learned landscapes. When we mutually acknowledge that we each do trust that we live in a positive-trending teleological economy and ecology. when that is our mutual intent and practice, then we not only comprehend, but incarnate and mentor, this Positive Confluence Theorem.

This Positive Teleological Theorem predicts that we will, globally, increase our investment in cooperative economies and pedagogy and design systems as three faces of one cooperative ecology.  As we do so, our current over-reliance on competitive strategies for learning, making a living together, building a polyculture together, will fade away into our collective memory of “back in the pre-millennial day.”



Earth Day Call to ReGenesis

Eastern voices speak of suffering.

Western voices never,

nor death,

nor failure.

We groan with pain.

Eastern hearts speak gratitude.

Western voices seldom;

We talk the power of love.

An Eastern call to mindfulness

Draws Western starched effectiveness.

It is wrong to aspire effect

when not mindful of intent.

The cart leads the horse



bound to stumble.

It is wrong

to replace gratitude

with the hope of love

when love blooms only where gratitudes grow together,

for pleasure and grace,

beauty and laughter.

Gratitude is love’s leprechaun.

It is wrong to have so much

I can postpone my pain

by ignoring your suffering.

When I find grace,


leaving you to suffer

without the rest of us

embarrasses me.

Suffering seeks an inclusive fair;

Climatic shifts fuel despair.

It shrieks of separate.

Fair distance calls my gratitude

for hope

you will notice

and care for me

and I for you

and yours.


last remnant of the Industrial Age,

stretch back with toxic baton.


yet not sure we could do better.

But you,

first glint of the Information Age,

Transitional Re-Generation;

Hear your Shambhala Call:

Regenerate our planet,

watch and hear yourselves

sing and march and dance

listen and understand and incarnate

We Are The World


on every cell

every lap

every radio

every monitor

every prison

every asylum

every voice

every heart

every tear in every eye

a tear of gratitude

to belong together,

for respect

for caring for ourselves

each other

our Earth.

You can do this;

and you will.


Regenerative Allies: Habitat and Transition Teams

I sent this to the Hartford, CT, Habitat for Humanity chapter, Habitat International and to http://www.transitionnetwork.org. About regenerative and strategic partnerships informed by Bucky Fuller’s Trimtab, greatest effect for least effort, leverage design.  But, also related to land use policy of “highest and best use.”

To the Board of Directors, Habitat for Humanity—Hartford:


Warm greetings and congratulations on 200+ low-income homeownership units during your first 25 years!  Perhaps searching for a new Executive Director is not everyone’s favorite way of celebrating a 25 year anniversary; but there is much precedent and I want to encourage you to take this as an opportunity to look at this transition toward a vision that will serve the next several generations.


I have been around Connecticut and affordable housing, economic, and (0) carbon-footprint development since 1991. During the early 90s I was on the Board for Habitat in New Haven and did some consulting with the folks in Americus that led to federal grants for property acquisition, designed specifically to fit with the HforH mission. Then I worked with the YouthBuild-Hartford program for several years and, in that context, brought the first youth-targeted Individual Development Account program to the State of Connecticut.  I also helped form Cheshire Interfaith Housing to retain its indigenous Cheshire leadership and autonomy, while also working on projects in partnership with Habitat-New Haven.  This is a model that I believe has been used elsewhere to avoid the inefficiencies of balkanization of development corporations while enjoying the strengths of local faith-community leadership within each municipality. This organizational structure may be worth considering if you decide to move forward with a project in Cromwell that I have referred in your direction; the Tanner property.


With that as personal introduction, please forgive me for ruminating, perhaps at rather too much length, about the strategic issues faced by Habitat for Humanity globally, but also in Hartford County specifically.


Twenty-five years ago we defined “inadequate housing” much differently than we think about “unsustainable habitat” today, in North America. Back in the “growth-is-the-answer-to-all-systemic-problems” days of community development, we rightly gave priority to ownership and to affordability when we used adjectives like “decent” and “adequate” and “revitalized” in reference to housing and neighborhoods. Ownership and affordability remain tightly linked to sustainability, but continuing commitment to Business As Usual in the construction industry, use and reuse of materials and resources, the environment, our financial economy, our schools, our aging neighborhood infrastructures, our soaring fuel and energy costs, our continuing despair over health and child and elder care, and growing income disparity is evaporating within the religious sector. A permaculturally rich global and neighborhood habitat for humanity is increasingly informed by an interfaith eco-equity value system that asks “What on earth is adequate housing in Hartford County” from a profoundly different millennial perspective than Millard Fuller asked in Alabama.


So I arrive at Hartford Habitat’s mission, to “eliminate inadequate housing” in a 33-town Hartford area, thinking more like a soon-to-be-Certified Permaculture Designer, as well as an interfaith theologian, wanting to understand how we are going to jump from less than 10 units/year, on average, to address the habitat adequacy challenges of approximately 350,000 households in Hartford County.  A truly strategic plan must confront that question with candor, integrity, drawing on the strength of experience during the first 25 years, but also recognizing that habitat issues have moved into an environmentally critical arena of systems analysis.

My work in affordable housing, community, economic, and now permaculture systems development, has often benefitted from what Unitarian Buckminster Fuller called the “Trimtab” leverage question.  How do we get the most effect with the least effort? In a Deep Ecology, and faith, context, we are asking, both within our congregations, and without, Given our eco-equity challenges, where do we discover our most abundant hope for metanoia, for transformation, for regeneration? What is our shared habitat vocation?


The Tellus Institute (www.tellusinstitute.org) takes this question into the 21st Century of computer simulation to offer us some comparative projections linking economic and ecological sustainability. We find the most abundantly sustainable trajectory in their Great Transition paradigm:


  • Reuse/recycle/incorporate materials and energy to increase the ecosystem’s regenerative capacity.


  • Strategically envision for the long-term (i.e., the “7-Generation” perspective of Native American cultures).


  • Increase inclusion and diversity in socio-ecological systems therapy.


  • Reinsert “humans” into our holistically inclusive concerns for sacred-nature equitable outcomes: optimized and sustainable solidarity, community, health and well-being for all individuals and species.


  • Enhance public choice-making to improve consensus (decrease polarization) and eco² [my own symbol for the combination of “economic” and “ecological”] sustainability.


  • Strengthen our eco² outcomes by folding in habitat-strengthening cooperative approaches to child care, education, health, pensions, elder care, nutrition, energy-production, acquiring both perishables and non-perishables, landscaping, self-care, employment as vocation.


  • Increase public and private investment in cooperative research and design, with specific priority for eco² sustainable well-being.


  • Develop and advocate new tax and financial institution regulatory policies and incentives to increase social capital investments. Grow a policy and investment infrastructure that reverses the trend toward economic disparity by committing our wealth deposits and property to a new cooperative-oriented economy of long-term sustainability.


  • Remember the Principle of Subsidiarity, and keep it holy, or holistic. In Whole Open Systems Theory, optimized abundant values matriculate up from integrated/confluent individuals and families, through neighborhoods, to communities, sub-regions, regions, and globally inclusive eco² integrity.


  • Re-member the PermaCultured Principle of Complementarity: The human-natural interior landscape and the exterior natural landscape inform, and mutually define, each other in a Deep Learning and Listening sacred process of sustainable regeneration. This is our Species’ interfaith hope; it is permanently encultured in all religious traditions and faith paradigms. It is our source of gratitude for Creation as a sacred gift.


Religious institutions, congregations, mosques, synagogues, ashrams, intentional communities, scientific communities, and think-tanks, even bionic intelligence, are discovering greatest effect for least effort by noticing the sociotherapeutic value of Deep Eco-Justice, Deep Learning, Deep Ecology, Regenerative Systems design and development. Faith communities that have worked on their “Interior Landscape Design” and their “Exterior Landscape Design” are emergently aware of synchronization around a slower cooperative economic-ecology of nutrient value abundance. As a Regenerative Faith Species, we long for nature balance, for goodness and beauty within and without, while retaining our values for effectiveness, optimized system function, fairness, freedom, inclusion, diversity, gratitude, hope, faith, love.  Vibrant communities of intent, and intentional families, and intentional individuals, are those who holistically practice eco-equity caring for self, other people, and our planet. These three habitats, journeys, pilgrimages, are an integrally Trinitarian conversation.


We are remembering the permacultured time when what was good ecologically was understood as what was best economically because they were the same agrarian-natural value system.  Prior to currency, this was obvious in the short terms of life and death growing seasons, and in the longer terms of a “7-Generation” hope for the sustainable future. Economic values separated from ecological values as we forgot that human nature is intrinsically tied to all organic nature. We share RNA back to a tap root much older than the “self” consciousness of our species.


I wonder how many Habitat volunteers and property owners identify themselves as global citizens more readily than members of a particular religious institution. If we are many, what can all of us global-habitat citizens from diverse faith communities, and neighborhoods, and families, do to strategically enrich our interior and exterior habitats?



The Habitat Hartford strategic plan does look for strengthening the Interior Landscape of the staff culture, and does aspire to strengthen the Exterior Landscape through developing ally partnerships. Both of these strategies could be envisioned from a Business-As-Usual perspective, or from a more Great Transition perspective.  At this point it is probably clear where I would put my time and money, but I want to conclude with a more specific resource partnership suggestion. Theology, theory, even computer simulated scenario projections to the year 2100 are all fine and well, but Habitat for Humanity core volunteers tend to like something closer to nuts and bolts, hammers and nails.


Perhaps you are familiar with the Transition Network (www.transitionnetwork.org), which originated in the UK, and now has a National Hub in California. I have no direct experience with being part of a Transition Team, although I know there have been some projects in New England. I recently accepted an invitation to comment on their new strategic plan.  Perhaps that is why they come to mind as a potential resource for incarnating HH’s Interior and Exterior Landscape improvement goals.


The Transition Network has a fairly well developed eco²-equity culture, and their mission is to help local volunteer groups, with emphasis on building adolescent and young adult leadership, improve their ecological and economic habitats. They have many on-line resources, project stories, and the intent to increase on-line communication and financial resource networking, including, perhaps, the capacity to link projects internationally.  So, for example, if HH wanted to take on a neighborhood improvement and house renovation project while building communication and financial linkages to a Habitat project in Haiti, the Transition Network could probably help you with that.  If a cluster of Cromwell faith communities wanted to organize and support a HH new construction project in Cromwell, linked to a new construction project in South America, or Africa, or not, the Transition Network (TN) resources and fundraising and organizing support system is as accessible as a laptop or smart phone.


TN as a Habitat ally, locally, and internationally, seems particularly compelling to me because there is great potential for participating faith communities to develop an inclusive interfaith permacultured eco-justice formation that could capture the imagination and momentum of high school kids and young adults.  This is the age group most needed for a successful Great Transition, for successful Habitat projects, for vibrantly growing faith communities, and it is the age group of priority to the Transition Network.


If there were an interest in developing urban neighborhood interfaith, and suburban community interfaith youth EcoMinistry Teams working on HH and TN Interior-Exterior Landscape Care Designs for Self, Others, and Earth, while that is rather a mouthful, I might be able to help with that. These could also be urban/suburban yoked for increased eco²equity—greatest effect for least effort might also include international yoking, if HH might have a Habitat affiliate, or a TN affiliate, or everybody affiliated with everybody. In terms of religious maturation, this is also the time when we may be losing kids from intentional faith communities because they are more interested in spending some time discovering how their own spiritual path is informed by the “Religious Commons,” what is held as sacred by all faith traditions. This is precisely why Habitat and each of the religious traditions invested in Habitat and eco-justice need each other.


Resilient learning development systems help us understand “self” identity most effectively in an intentionally diverse environment, with others who we may primordially see as not like me. This seems to be true in all regenerative economies, whether they be pedagogical, spiritual, financial, communication, or possibly even genetic information systems. A Habitat-TN youth EcoMinistry, intentionally diverse and interfaith, could be regeneratively powerful at the local, national, and global levels.



The Tellus Institute forecasts an emergent Co-Operative CommonWealth. Some things that might emerge from Solidarity Habitat Co-Operatives:


Neighborhoods self-organize to cooperatively build solar or wind infrastructure, compost, organize Community Farm Associations, design organic, edible landscapes and gardens, open neighborhood cooperative stores and libraries to ReHabitat clothing, toys, books, tools, seeds, organic fertilizers, mulch.

Neighborhood cooperatives could fulfill multiple functions: child and elder care, employment support groups, homeschooling (maybe even with a “school nurse”), food banks, tax assistance, classes in nonviolent communication, writing, entrepreneurial development, natural construction and crafts, permaculture design, interfaith dialogue, cooking, yoga, Tai Chi, meditation.

With Habitat support, neighborhood cooperative centers might facilitate the formation of residential cooperative ownership in partnership with interested (and often absentee) property owners.


Faith communities might help individuals invest in CDFIs, cooperative loan funds, and do so themselves, if they have not already committed any investments in this direction (although many have been global leaders in disinvestment from sociopathology and reinvestment in sociotherapeutic economies).


Faith communities could work within their neighborhoods to convert lawns to beautiful and edible landscape designs that are self-regenerating and require no long-term care.  The plants provide shade to each other so watering is seldom needed, if ever.  They cross-pollinate and bring balanced nutrients into the soil.  They self-mulch.  Then the faithful may learn to see that, with sufficient diversity and some re-sourcing ingenuity, we can often take care of each other in ways that are analogous to the ways that our well-designed ecosystems take care of each other.


Faith communities might host the neighborhood cooperative schools and stores and libraries, as so many already do.


Faith communities might further develop our eco-justice agendas to attend more fully to public sector policies and procedures that would decrease income disparity while enriching the new cooperative, and regenerative, economy.


Habitat for Humanity is well-poised to help us move toward a more nutritious and inclusive, more affordable with less effort, regenerative interfaith journey. The Transition Network might be a useful ally, and the locally planted Habitat infrastructure and culture could help TN with some of their own sustainability concerns.  Their all-volunteer, no paid staff, model does help keep the momentum on youth leadership, but young people have a way of going off to college, transitioning to new jobs in new locations. Perhaps the combination of Habitat for Humanity and Transition Network and interfaith volunteer networks is just what we all need to cross-pollinate and regenerate ourselves into the Great Transition.